Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Makeup: Pink Lips and Cheeks

Happy Tuesday! :D

Official first day of Summer -- wooooohoooooo!!! :)

Nothing epic has happened to my Summer yet, but I'm always hoping that a fun adventure is just around the corner. Oh, and Sephora has already emailed me that I can go pick up my birthday gift -- my 21st birthday is in two weeks?! :O

Speaking of Sephora (and my birthday, haha), I really want to get myself a bright pink lipstick. I think it's time for me to give it a try. :)


I love the way it looks! I love red lipstick too, but I think a bright pink lip color would bring out everyone's fun side! And it's such a summer color - very vibrant, youthful, and fun. :D

Besides bright pink lipstick, I also want to try a bright pink blush like the one they have above.

Do you guys have any suggestions -- what lipstick and blush should I try?

Here are some celebrities sporting pink lips and cheeks:

Rihanna and Kate Bosworth

Alexis Bledel (She's so pretty!)

Gwen Stefani

Emma Stone

Lauren Conrad

What do you think of pink lips and cheeks?

Have a fantastic week, everyone! :)


  1. I wish I could pull of wearing that shade. Alexis and LC looks great with the pink lips. =)


  2. Dinah-- i'm sure you can pull it off! :D

  3. I hardly recognized Emma Stone...Perhaps a soft pink would go better. I guess test all those summer shades out there at the drugstore.

  4. I love Sephora - might be spending a bit too much there actually! ;) Love the hot pink!


  5. I've never gotten the courage to wear bright pink lip colors & probably wouldn't be able to pull it off anyway. Sorry can't give you any suggestions. Lauren Conrad looks gorgeous with those lips!

  6. I think it's pretty :)
    and I love Alexis Bledel :)
    I only have one bright pink lip stick but I love it <3
    it's Cover girl's Lip perfection in 'enchantress'
    but I personally like to have a light peachy/pink blush and a bright lip =p

  7. Have suddenly got into pink and love it. As usual Lauren Conrad gets it right!

  8. there's nothing like a pink lip love this post !!!

  9. very beautiful color and beautiful combination of color and gloss to make the lips come across as pure sensuous.organic makeup

  10. Amazing blog! What about following each other?:D kisses <3 <3

  11. I love bright pink lips. I used to have this really great MAC color that I wore all the time. I need to go back and get it again!


  12. I love bright pink lips more than red lips! I think it's very feminine

  13. I love bright pink lips dont know if im brave enough to wear it out though, saying that i have just recently discovered a love for red lips so theres still hope for me lol :)


  14. Wow how gorgeous! I love bright pink lipstick, especially on these beautiful ladies! I have always longed to wear brigh pink lipstick, but I feel like it enhances my smaller upper lip and makes me look unattractive. :( So sad.

    Oh, and I hardly recognized Emma Stone in that photo! The lipstick and blonde hair really drastically altered her appearance! She looks fab regardless though. xo

  15. I want to try bright pink lipstick but I'm scared I'll look like a clown! : (

  16. oh and when exactly is your birthday?
    July 3/4?

  17. ellie-- yeah, that's a great idea!

    K.-- haha, me too!

    Tiffo-- yeah, lauren looks great!

    Peiji-- oooh, i'm gonna try that! and my birthday is on july 4th. :)

    About Last Weekend-- yep, she does!

    Primp and Giggle-- :D

    Curves ahead makeup-- :D

    Afterglow Cosmetics-- great assessment!

    Nonszalancka-- sure!

    Lynnette-- mac really does have a lot of beautiful colors!

    Annettee-- i agree! it really is very feminine!

    charmed-chick-- yes, i'm sure you can rock pink lips!

    Jennifer-- she does! i think emma stone looks great no matter her hair color. :)

    Marie-- noo, i'm sure you'll look great! :)

  18. Ooh! I love pink lipstick!! It looks reallllly tacky on my skin tone, but it's so fun that I always wish I could pull it off!

  19. I LOVE rockin the bright fuchsia lips and bold pink cheeks, it's been my go to look pretty much every day this summer.

  20. I'm a red lipstick kind of girl but I do enjoy wearing a bright pink lipstick whenever I want to tone it down.:D

    I love Girl About Town by M.A.C..:D

    ***** Marie *****

  21. Mughda-- aw, i'm sure you'll find a color that will suit you well. :)

    Dizzy-- yay! i really want to try it out. :)

    Marie-- i'm gonna check out that color! :)

  22. I like it...just don't think it'd work on me. I'd look like a clown :(

  23. i'm loving 'up the amp' pink lipstick from mac!


  24. Leeann-- awww, i'm sure you'll find the perfect shade for you. :)

    oomph.-- ooh, i think i'll check that out! :D

  25. I totally agree! Bright pink lips would bring out the crazy and fun side out of everyone! I'd like to try it as well.

    Oh and Advanced Happy Birthday! 21? That's crazyyy.


  26. Carrie-- hahaha, thanks! it really is crazy. ;)

  27. Love your pics Amy. And I totally think Alexis Bledel Emma Stone are fab!

  28. I love this trend :) Purple lips are cool too - but I don't think I could ever pull them off haha

  29. reese-- they are! :D

    Marley-- yeah, i'm not too sure about purple lips. ;)

  30. I love pink lips! :) I have two! I agree. I love how vibrant it is and so much fun!

    xoxo, Bree


  31. Bree-- it is, isn't it? :)