Friday, June 24, 2011

I love Harry Potter! :D

Happy Friday!!! :D

If you've read a lot of my older posts, you probably remember me telling you guys countless times how much I love Harry Potter. Haha, and here I am again with yet another Harry Potter post. ;)

What do you guys think of Pottermore?


The last movie is almost here -- there are posters everywhere! And I can't get enough of these two trailers! ;)

I have goosebumps and I'm teary-eyed.
I think I'm seriously gonna cry! Haha. ;P

Harry Potter fans -- Are you guys excited???!!! :D


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This weekend will be a busy one as I will be attending IMATS! :)

How will you be spending your weekend?

I hope you guys have a fantastic one! :D


  1. Ahh! that looks so awesome! I love Harry Potter too :) I wish I was good at riddles... follow the owl, hmm. haha

    & I'm sooo excited for the new one!!!

  2. Yeee Harry Potter! (: Totally can't wait for it.
    Have fun at IMATS!

  3. I HEART HP! Cant wait to see the new one :) Ive been watching the older ones these past few weeks! EEEK!

  4. Marley-- so am i!!! :D

    Tiffo-- thanks! :)

    Artist by Design-- omg, me too! haha. i also started reading the books again. ;)

  5. can you believe I never watched one movie shame on me glad you really like it =)

  6. YAY Harry!!! I can't wait, but then again I am sad since it's the last one!! ^^, I have all the previous ones that I am gonna watch while waiting for this one!


  7. I am also excited about the ending but then again, it will be sad to end this incredible series of HP. I started to read books again (I am just starting the second one). Books are much more better because of all details inside (for example: Fred and George are so hilarious I keep laughing when I read their funny moments:) ). Speaking of movies, which one is your favourite of all seven?


  8. i love harry potter cant wait for it :D

  9. Yes, I'm SUPER excited, but at the same time I'm kinda sad because the movies will be over, lol.

  10. i think pottermore sounds pretty fantastic. can't wait to see the movie!

  11. I'm so excited too!!Can't wait for!!!:))
    Have a fabulous Sunday,lovely!

  12. I'm a Harry Potter fan too :) I'm excited to see the last movie, but I also can't believe it's over! Although, I am looking forward to Pottermore!

  13. I am holding my breath for the last movie!
    OMG it will be so exciting!

    Hugs and a happy Sunday :)

  14. I am a HUGE fan. Even just the title of this made me smile, and watching the trailers makes me tear up every time. At first I wasn't sure about Pottermore, but now I'm getting kind of excited for it. Anything to make this journey last, I think, haha.

    Also, I thought I was following you, but apparently I wasn't. Lame. Now I am!

  15. Curves ahead makeup-- aww, i hope you find some time to watch them. :)

    a!k0-- yes, me too, i am sad at the same time. ;)

    MK-- yep, i love fred and george!

    charmed-chick-- :D

    Arrianna-- same here!

    Cheryl-- same! :)

    Mary-- i hope you had a good sunday too!

    Audrey-- me too!

    Signe-- i totally agree!

    Mugdha-- yes, anything to make the journey last! :D and thanks for following. :D

  16. im excited! lol


  17. PART 2!!!!
    I am so excited, i can't wait XD

  18. Niko-- me too! :)

    erisha-- me either! ;)

  19. Gahhh! Like you, I cannot stop watching these trailers either. I'm so excited. 15 more days. (not counting today.) I'm also reading the whole series this summer. I'm on the fourth book now.
    I can't for the movie. It's going to be epic!


  20. Carrie-- it really is going to be epic! :D can't wait!

  21. I LOVE Harry Potter too! <3
    OMG, I can't wait for the movie and I love DR!

    xoxo, Bree

  22. Bree-- i can't wait either!!! :)

  23. I thought it would never end. So sad tho.

  24. Dizzy-- i can't believe it's over. :(