Monday, June 27, 2011

What's your biggest beauty fear?

Happy Monday! :D

I hope you are all having a great start to your week!

This weekend was a busy one: I went to IMATS on Saturday -- it was definitely a new experience and it was very fun! I learned a lot of new things, and I am excited to share my photos and IMATS experience with you guys! :)

Yesterday, my sister and brother-in-law took me out for my birthday -- I can't believe my birthday is in a week! Time really flies... just a few years ago, I didn't know a thing about makeup and stuff, all I cared about was playing with my friends at lunch, haha!

Speaking of time flying by, now that I am getting older I am getting more and more paranoid about stuff like crow's feet, stretch marks, and hair loss! I know it's superficial compared to more serious problems out there, but of course, as women it's important to care about those stuff, right?

What's your biggest beauty fear? And what do you do to deal with it?

Out of those three, I think my biggest fear is hair loss. When I was younger, my Mom would always have my hair cut really short -- and I wanted long hair as a kid! I think that's what started this fear of mine -- thanks, Mom! ;P

And to add to that, I've always had thin, stick straight hair... I didn't have long, shiny, luxurious hair like the ones I saw on shampoo ads. ;)

Aaaannnd, there was a time when I would lose so much hair and I got paranoid that I'm going to end up with bald spots. :(

Fortunately, there are so many solutions and alternatives out there. And I know it's not just women suffering from hair loss -- a lot of men out there would also probably want to have an answer to this problem. I found out about the Gabel Center -- they offer hair restoration services: eyebrows and eyelash transplant and hair transplant in Boise, Portland, and Seattle. Check out for more information. :D

While my biggest fear is still hair loss, I gradually got over it, yay! :) Now I have long hair, it's still on the thin side and still stick straight, but I love it, and I've learned to try different hairstyles to change up my look from time to time. :)

Do you have any tips to keep our hair healthy and beautiful?

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I wish you all a happy week! :D


  1. I really like your posts! :)
    before reading your answer, I was thinking
    to myself.. hair loss and then you said the same =p

    I've always had a lot of hair but as I'm getting
    older, I notice that I'm losing a lot every day ><
    and I know it's normal to lose hair daily, but I
    feel like I'm losing more than I should and my mom
    notices it too =\

    I think hair is important to everyone because it
    can really frame the face and make you look who
    you are :)

  2. That was really sweet of your sister and brother-in-law! I'm so jealous. Haha. As for my biggest beauty fear, I've never really thought of that... =\

  3. I wish i had some tips but i don't :( my hair is all over the place. I do agree with you saying that the older we get the more we start to worry about certain things. My biggest worry is getting wrinkles at 30 lol.

  4. ha ha love your picture selections! :) I'm also worried about hair loss. I am somehow developing baby hairs around my hairline which i never had before! So that's scares the shit out of me! lol But I am definitely going to start the the "no heat challenge" because I am sure that's a big part of why I'm getting them. :(

  5. mmm yeah, I'm paying a lot more attention to anti wrinkles cream and moisturizing my feet and neck etc!

  6. Peiji-- we are a lot alike! :) and yeah, definitely, hair is very important.

    D.Sadie-- yup, they're really sweet! :D

    Keira-- i think in a few years, i'd start worrying about that too. ;)

    Diana-- yeah, as much as possible, i try not to blowdry, curl, or flat iron my hair. ;)

    Pop Champagne-- yes, moisturizing! ;)

  7. Oh well, same with me! :D

    I'm with you on the thin side - but hey, we know that we can have curls in our hair f-o-r-e-v-e-r and a day :D ...

  8. My brother is in his mid 20's and he's going gray! Something else to worry about. I've always heard vinegar or beer is good for you hair.

  9. My biggest beauty fears are aging and cellulite! But you can't really stop those, you can use tools to help reduce the signs. And to keep my hair healthy and soft I use morrocanoil, it's the best!

  10. I have thin hair too but never really feared it falling out until now, thanks :)

  11. OMG! I have been complaining lately about how I fear that I am going to go bald. I don't really think I have anything to worry about (at least not at the moment). I have just been having a few weird hair days when my hair wants to lay weird and it just doesn't look right to me. *sigh* Hopefully that will be over now.

  12. Massaging some warm oil an hour before washing you hair should make it grow a bit thicker. It worked for me so hope it does for you!

  13. my biggest beauty fears would be having bad skin tone, and droopy eyelids, they appear to run on my moms side of the family, so I'm hoping I get left out on that one lol.
    once i bleached my hair so much a patch fell out, now that was scary. lol if I can get through that I think ill be okay with most things i just hope! i dont get droopy lids.

  14. Susi-- haha, true! :D

    ellie-- oh, never heard of that! really?!

    Marie-- omg, cellulite, yeah same here! and i've been wanting to try moroccan oil!

    Amber Blue Bird-- aww, nooo, sorry!

    Sunny&Star-- yes, hopefully! and i have those days too! ;)

    Kavery-- wow, thanks for the tip!

    Noelle Marie-- aaaah, i fear droopy lids too!

  15. hey mimi, I awarded you a blog award for being creative =] (


  16. my hair is my biggest beauty fear too hahah i will never cut my hair ever!

  17. You have plenty of time to worry about all these things (honestly I am 49 and then you really do have to worry about crows feet) You look stunning and with glorious hair _ that's a picture of you on the right - right? Like a model...

  18. Happy Be-lated to you! Sounds like you had fun.
    I guess aging would be a biggie. XOXO

  19. ThisIsAlx-- awww, thank you!!! :D

    Rinz-- haha, we're the same! ;)

    About Last Weekend-- thanks for the advice! and nope, i wish that was my hair though, haha. ;)

    Venus In Virgo-- my birthday is not til monday, but thanks anyway! :D

  20. This is a funny post. I'm not really at that stage yet. I guess it's because I'm still really young. I have really long hair as well. But unlike yours, mine is really thick and wavy. Lately, I've been wanting to cut it, for a change. But that's a risk i'm not sure i'll be able to take. We'll see.


  21. Carrie-- it's really difficult for me to decide to cut my hair short too! haha. ;)

  22. I get you, girl! It is scary! I have those fears too, but luckily my hair is pretty thick and I have a long one! <3

    I want to cut it short though!
    My advice would be to keep your hair as natural as possible. Don't put too much stuff in your hair lol.

    xoxo, Bree

  23. Bree-- thanks for the advice! :D

  24. Fortunately I was blissed with thick long and easy growing hair. I wish i knew what i could tell you, but as many older ladies i know, bolding was never a factor in thier life, maybe some thining of the hair, but never worse than that.

    My beauty fear would be sagging. The only way I know to help with that is to keep fit and ... lotion?

  25. Dizzy-- oh gosh, sagging! that scares me too!