Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Happy Monday!

The MTV Video Music Awards was held here in Los Angeles yesterday.
It was extremely hot, so they had to move the red carpet -- or, I should really say black carpet -- inside. There weren't a lot of showstopping looks (after all, it's not the Oscars), but nevertheless, let's have a quick VMAs fashion recap. :)

Beyonce -- She looked beautiful and absolutely glowing in her one-shouldered orange Lanvin dress. Dripping Lorraine Schwartz jewels and a side ponytail completed her flawless look.

And she's pregnant!!! :D

Beyoncé photographed on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

I am so so so happy for Beyonce.
It seems that this is the perfect time for her and Jay-Z to have a baby. She's had a very successful career and she's accomplished so much - I think she is going to be a great mom.

Zoe Saldana -- She is totally rocking this leather Barbara Bui dress!
She paired her LBD with Barbara Bui sandals, Lanvin clutch, and Ofira jewelry.

Adele -- I love love love Adele! :)
This custom Barbara Tfank dress is not something you'll see most celebrities wear, but this is so Adele. I love how she has her own unique style and I admire how she doesn't feel the need to conform to "Hollywood standards".

Her performance of Someone Like You was amazing! Wow!
She is so incredibly talented. And she has gorgeous hair! ;)

Demi Lovato -- Demi looked va-va-voom in her sparkling Mandalay mini-dress and Christian Louboutin shoes.

I don't really like the term "va-va-voom", but I think that's the best word to describe Demi's look, don't you think so?

Victoria Justice -- I think she looked pretty in this sparkly Theia mini-dress.
Although I gotta say that it feels like I've seen this look many times before.

Katie Holmes -- I love her outfit! I think her lace-up booties complement her Azzedine Alaia halter dress really well.

Maria Menounos -- I think she looked smashing in her Amanda Wakeley dress and Giusseppi Zanotti heels. She completed her look with a Lana Marks clutch and XIV Karats Beverly Hills jewelry.

Britney Spears -- Oh man, Britney! I love Britney Spears, but I wish she wore something else!

She was given a tribute, surely she could've worn something better than this sequined Moschino romper. And oh my, those black Gina shoes? So wrong. :(

Jojo -- Same... I wish she wore something else too! The upper part of this Marco Marco dress looks good, but the lower part kinda looks like a trash bag. :/

Kim Kardashian -- Mrs. Humphries wore a silver Kaufmanfranco dress.
Not her best... she's definitely looked better. And is it just me, or is there no newlywed glow in her?

Miley Cyrus -- She wore a Roberto Cavalli gown, Azzedine Alaia shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

Ummmm, not my favorite.

Selena Gomez -- The 19-year old wore a Julien MacDonald gown, Brian Atwood heels, Ofira jewelry, and a Judith Leiber clutch.

I think this is better than her Teen Choice Awards dress, but I'm not sure if I actually like it.

And she has this fascination with dresses that have a long back/short front thing going on... I don't get it. I think this dress would've looked better if it was just plain short.

Katy Perry -- She sported this Atelier Versace mini, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewels as she walked down the black carpet with her husband Russell Brand.

She is known for her eccentric (but not overly-weird) looks, so there's really nothing much to say except this is so Katy Perry. ;)

Jessie J -- She wore a bedazzled corset, mirrored leggings, and crystal-adorned crutches.

I'm not sure what to say about this, but kudos to her for walking the black carpet with her crutches. :)

Nicki Minaj -- Amato Couture pink corset, Shojotomo Japan shorts, thigh highs and critter socks, Tsimori Chisato stockings, Onch Movement ice cream necklace, Fifi and Romeo plastic cuffs, and Duepunti rings.

I'm confused.

And I think one Lady Gaga is enough, thank you very much.

Justin Bieber -- I just added him on this recap because I want that YSL brooch he's wearing, haha! ;)

Did you guys watch the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards? Whose look did you like and whose did you not like at all?

P.S. If you weren't able to catch it, I hope you can find Adele's performance on YouTube or something. And watch Beyonce's as well! She's amazing as always, and she showed her baby bump in the end -- so cute! :)

I wish all of you a great week ahead! :D

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  1. I didn't watch the awards ><
    but doesn't seem like most of them passed your
    fashion test! lol but I agree with most of them.
    I actually like short front/long back dresses =p
    and I do not like that dress Miley Cyrus is wearing...
    I think it looks horrible and distorts her body ><
    I haven't seen or heard anything from JoJo in years!
    nice post! I like how you mentioned the brands ;p

  2. Peiji-- thanks, glad you liked it! and yeah, i wish miley wore something else. :/

  3. i love the dressed up crutches, that is awesome!

  4. Krystal-- yup, it's pretty awesome! ;)

  5. Great post! wow I didn't even recognise Demi Lovato! And Oh My! I'm confused about Nicki Minaj too. I forgot JoJo even existed to be honest lol

    Alice x

  6. Alice-- haha, it's kinda sad that jojo went completely under the radar. and yes, i'm so confused about nicki minaj's ensemble.

  7. I loved anything that was sparkly :)

    No clue what the deal was with Nicki. She's always a bit out there but this was far, even for her.

    And Lady

  8. i don't get what's the deal with nicki minaj.. it's like.. we've seen lady gaga do this kind of stuff already... it's not original.. or creative. beyonce however def has a pregnancy glow!! :)

  9. Leeann-- yes! this is totally way too far for nicki minaj! and yeah, i don't even want to comment about lady gaga. ;)

    Lisa-- yes, definitely. i wish she stops being lady gaga 2.0. and beyonce looks beautiful! :)

  10. I hate Nikki Minaj. I don't even care if I spelled her name correctly. She's worthless. And a giant freak.
    I love Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato's fashions.
    Britney Spears really wasn't at her best last night, even though she was being honored. I was disappointed. :(
    Kim Kardashian has no newlywed glow because, come on, who cares? It was probably just for publicity, anyway. I mean, she got married last week but had to be back in time for the VMAs.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. LOL. i loved your comment at Demi Lovato. When she came on stage I had to stop and think for a sec. She looks different now but in a good way. And I'm so happy for Beyonce. I loved how she showed her belly after her performance.

  12. Beyonce's tangerine one shoulder gown is amazing!! SOOO gorgeous and goddess-like!

  13. I don't know that I love Demi's dress but Adele is so cute, I love her! :)

  14. Bonnie-- i was disappointed with britney's ensemble too. and you have a really good point about kim kardashian! she was on her honeymoon and she hurried home for the vmas. why right? it's not like she was an integral part of the awards show...

    Dinah-- yes, i loved that part too! and jay-z's reaction was priceless!

    cecylia-- i agree!!!

    Katie-- yes, adele is so cute! love her!

  15. awww adele adele adele!!!!
    She's amazing!!! ANd she looks so beautiful, and classy.

  16. Its kind of funny thinking of Justin trying to be a nerd. I like Katy Perry's outfit.

  17. Sonja-- i agree, 100%!

    ellie-- hahaha, it is! ;)

  18. I'm very excited for Beyonce and JayZ! As far as Selena Gomez's dress, I saw it on yahoo news and I immediately thought vampires! Before I read your comment about Lady Gaga, I was thinking in my head sorry Nicki, there's only room for one Lady Gaga. And Justin and I have matching YSL brooches! haha Great recap!


    Erin @

  19. Erin-- hahahaha, yes vampires, exactly!!! and honestly, the world can only handle one lady gaga. ;)

  20. Gotta love beoncey!
    and demi, i wished i watched this! i misssed it sadly D:

  21. I like Katie Holmes! she's very pretty in her dress! love it!

  22. TiasaurusRex-- i'm sure you can watch it online... maybe or youtube of course. ;)

    BABI-- she does look pretty! :)

  23. I didn't watch the VMA's but, I really love your commentary on their outfits. I agree completely. <3


  24. Is it bad to say that Beiber looks the best? Okay okay, Beyonce. Gorgeous as always, the rest is sort of freaking me out!

  25. Jen-- :D

    Nikki-- haha, i think justin bieber is dressed pretty well, actually. ;)

  26. I'm in Sydney, so we didnt get to watch it here, but KUDOS to Jesse J! So brave!! great post <3


  27. Great post!
    I totally agree that Britney, Jojo and Miley would have looked better if they wore something else.

  28. Adele was awesome! So was Beyonce, I think that might be one of my favorite performances from her.

    I don't care much for Britney's outfit but her legs look great. Nicky Minaj, not a fan. I noticed that brooch Justin Beiber had on right away too!


  29. wow I didn't even recognise Demi Lovato! And Oh My! I'm confused about Nicki Minaj too.
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    buy Runescape gold

  30. Natalie-- thank you! :)

    Miss L-- i honestly think so too. i wish they wore something else!

    Lynnette-- hahaha, i gotta say, justin bieber's brooch is awesome! ;)

    Rosie-- agreed!

    teragoldd-- hahaha, nicki's look is sooo confusing!

  31. I watched some of it but I felt really old half way through it because I didn't even know who half of the people were! My favourite look was Katie Holmes - those booties are adorable!

  32. nyanzi report-- :D

    Meghan-- hahaha, i didn't know the other people too! and yes, i love katie's booties! :)

  33. I dont watch award shows anymore, I'm from the time when music award shows weren't about controversy or outfits but rather just the music... But it was nice to see the dresses here... I actually really like Miley's dress.

    I love Nicki Minaj... but gosh... its almost like people like to look ridiculous. I couldnt avoid watching at least part of the cringey moments of Lady Gaga dressed as Fonzie... and for some reason it made me angry. I cant stand her, she makes me cringe and I always feel second hand embarrassment for her lol.

    My favourite part was watching my beautiful Bruno Mars :D

  34. I thought Snooki looked adorbs! :)

  35. my only questions is, what was miley cirrus wearing??? haha!

  36. I didn't watch but I'm thankful for this little recap. And yay for Beyonce, she looks amazing and so happy!

  37. I'm so pleased for Beyonce and Jay Z. Beyonce will make a great mam - and she's so beautiful! Plus I love the colour of her dress and how she showed her baby bump :)

  38. Thanks for this post!
    There are so many celebs I haven't heard of here lol.
    I didn't think any of the outfits were particularly fabulous but oh dear, Britney, JoJo and Miley's choices were awful!

  39. Zoe and Maria had beautiful dresses. Selena's dress was absolutely amazingggg! I liked how Brit looked quite normal (in comparison to previous stunts). And for real, that's Demi?? I'm sorry, you're a Disney star to me...why are you wearing that, there are children! haha


  40. I agree Beyonce is going to be a great mom.
    Adele performance was just spectacular! Her voice is so amazing.
    I really like Britney’s tribute, it was very cool.

  41. OH boy I feel so bad for Jessie J... She has gained so much weight since being on crutches (I'm also on crutches right now and I know how hard it is to maintain a normal weight since you cant move!). How unfortunate that she chose such a revealing outfit! And britney... yikes... she looked like a hooker!

    I loved Beyonce though... fantastic!!!


  42. I didn't watch it, but some beautiful dresses. I saw Beyonce's performance, so happy for them both! xx

  43. I like this post... very nice pictures... check me out, I have a new post

  44. Jess-- i looove bruno mars too!

    Erika-- i should look up what snooki wore. ;)

    Punctuation Mark-- hahaha! ;)

    Krysten-- yup, yay for beyonce!

    Rebecca-- i think she picked the perfect moment to announce her pregnancy! :)

    Laura-- haha, i agree!

    Sabrina-- haha, true true, i gotta admit it's a little too old for her. :/

    Dizzy-- yeah, it was cool!

    PvDH-- i agree! i wish she wore something else.

    Misseblog-- :D

    L M-- i'll check out your blog, thanks for dropping by!

  45. I like Zoe's - edgy, polished, and not boring. I thought Lady Gaga made a mistake doing the Joe thing, it kinda ruined her image.

    ***** Marie *****
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  46. Marie-- hahaha, i thought it was kinda funny, but you're right it did ruin her image.

  47. I don't how many times I've said this, but Beyonce looks stunning! I also like what Zoe Saldana is wearing.


  48. Carrie-- she is stunning! they both are. :)

  49. Nice fashion recap, girl. :)
    My faves are Beyonce's, Zoe's, and Katie's.
    Demi looked sexy! I agree with you, Adele's performance was amazing. <3
    I also want JB's YSL brooch!

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  50. Bree-- thanks, glad you like it! :D