Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Movie and Book: Something Borrowed

Hey, guys!

I was able to relax a little bit today, yay!
I watched some of the shows I TiVoed and I also watched Something Borrowed!

I didn't watch it when it came out because I wanted to read the book first... and after I read the book, I didn't have the time to actually go see it, so I decided to wait for it to come out on DVD.

Rachel is a talented attorney at a top New York law firm, a generous and loyal friend and, unhappily, still single as her engaged best friend Darcy is constantly reminding her. But after one drink too many at her 30th birthday party, perpetual good girl Rachel unexpectedly ends up in bed with the guy she's had a crush on since law school, Dex, who just happens to be Darcy's fiance. When Rachel and Darcy's lifelong friendship collides with true love, it leads to unexpected complications and potentially explosive romantic revelations. Meanwhile, Ethan, who has been Rachel's constant confidante and sometimes conscience, has been harboring a secret of his own, and Marcus, an irrepressible womanizer, can't keep his mind out of the gutter or his hands off any girl within reach.

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Critics gave it a C- and Yahoo! users gave it a B+.

First thing I want to say... I think the actors they picked were all perfect! Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, and John Krasinski were excellent choices!

Ginnifer Goodwin - Rachel White

I love how Ginnifer is so low-key
(meaning I don't see her in gossip magazines and websites that often...),
but can definitely make an impact when she wants to -- whether fashion-wise or as an actress.

She plays the role of Rachel perfectly!
She's got that smart, generous, caring, and giving (somewhat to a fault) thing down to a T.

Her character is a little bit like Anne Hathaway's Emma in Bride Wars (who incidentally was best friends with Kate Hudson too!), but Ginnifer did a good job in making Rachel a solid character.

Rachel is the perfect best friend, but she is also flawed. And it's really interesting to read/see her battle with herself and with what she is doing. It felt like Rachel can be anyone's friend, and although what she did was wrong, I can't help but cheer her on... which brings us to Kate's Darcy...

Kate Hudson - Darcy Rhone

I guess what makes people sympathize with Rachel (even though technically it was wrong for her to carry on an affair with her best friend's fiance) is Darcy herself.

Darcy is a selfish person, she is so full of herself, and she takes advantage of and always tries to one-up Rachel. But on the other hand, she can also be a good friend... and from both the book and the movie, we can see that Rachel and Darcy's friendship was deep-rooted and that it meant a lot to both of them.

Even though she doesn't really match Emily Giffin's description of Darcy, I think Kate Hudson played Darcy excellently -- she has the capability to be totally annoying one second, and really charming and funny the next.

Colin Egglesfield - Dex Thaler

Okay, why is this the first major role he's had in rom-coms? He is so rom-com material!

He is the perfect Dex!
I honestly can't think of anyone else playing the role.

John Krasinski - Ethan ...
arrgggh, I can't remember Ethan's last name! I know it starts with an A, though. Do you guys remember? ;)

But anyways, love love love him!

Although I am a little disappointed with how they handled Ethan's character and story line in the movie, I still loved seeing John Krasinski play Ethan.

The story... Something Borrowed is a beautiful story of friendship and love, and what happens when those two things conflict with each other. While you will definitely find yourself siding with Rachel and hating Darcy, it is still sad to see their friendship hit this ugly point.

There's a lot of history behind Rachel and Darcy's 25-year friendship that the book covers. The way I see it is the book gives us the background story, while the movie gives us the visual in such a way that Rachel and Darcy's friendship feels more tangible.

There is also a lot behind Dex and Rachel's relationship -- the movie did show them, but the book covered more of it, of course.

And while Dex is seemingly perfect, he's really not THAT perfect... I'm not gonna say why though just in case you haven't read and/or seen the book/movie.

As I said above, I am a little disappointed about the whole Ethan thing. I don't want to say more about it either because I really don't want to spoil anything, but yeah, if you read the book, you probably know what I mean... at least I hope, haha! ;)

I think Something Borrowed (the movie) had a lot to live up to because the book is a massive success and is widely loved, and that's probably the main reason why it wasn't as warmly received. Another thing is, I wish they followed the book more closely... and instead of adding unnecessary characters (Dex's parents), I wish they didn't take out an important character (Rachel's friend, Hillary).

With that said though, it's not entirely a sucky movie... it's a good movie to watch and is very entertaining, just keep your expectations low, though (especially if you loved/read the book). I think it would've been a more warmly welcomed movie if it wasn't based on a widely loved novel.

So, definitely read Something Borrowed if you have the time! :)

If you haven't seen the movie, watch it too!

After that, please please please get Something Blue right away!

I loved Something Borrowed, but Something Blue is definitely a book that I will probably read over and over again. :D

I don't know if they will make Something Blue into a movie and I'm not sure how it will work (considering how they tweaked the story a bit with Something Borrowed), but if they do, I will definitely watch it -- I loved it that much! ;)

I haven't done a movie/book review in a while... I hope I was able to review both the book and the movie in a way that was clear but didn't give anything important away.

Have you seen Something Borrowed? Have you read the book?
Opinions? Thoughts?

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  1. loved the movie and loved the book!! i agree with you i thought the storyline with john krasinki's character was kinda weak in the movie.. but still loved it nonetheless!!

    and mimi yes you can still join :) just do the twitter stuff. :)

  2. Lisa-- yup, i loved it nonetheless. :) and yay, thank you!!! i will join right after this! :)

  3. This book is on my "Books I need to read before I turn 21" list :)

  4. AnieLii-- yay! i read something borrowed before i turned 21, and something blue after. ;) and the good thing is you don't have to be 30 years old to enjoy and love the story. :)

  5. I have heard about this movie/book but I have never seen/read it. :D I should look it up ^^, and glad you have a relaxing day!


  6. I have heard about this movie/book but I have never seen/read it. :D I should look it up ^^, and glad you have a relaxing day!


  7. Love this review! I agree-I hope they make something blue into a movie!


    Erin @

  8. a!k0-- let me know if you do end up reading the book or watching the movie. :D

    Erin-- aww, thanks, i'm glad you loved it! and yes, i do hope they make it into a movie. :)

  9. Didn't know that there is a book,but I'm curiouse to read it now!

  10. you should watch blue valentine ! amazing indie film.

    i posted about it on my blog


  11. Totally watching this now! :) Thank you,

    Rosie x

  12. I really like this movie.. however a bit sad in the end they are no longer friends.. :(
    lee x

  13. At first when i saw the poster for this movie, I thought I'd skip it because i didn't have confidence in it. But after reading your post, I think I'm going to give it a go and watch this movie :)

  14. I've just added both books to my to-read list. I love me a sappy romance movie/novel :)

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  15. I love me a good chick flick, will definitely be watching this

  16. I actually have this book on my wish list right now, and plan on waiting to see the film until I have read the novel. It sounds fabulous! :)

  17. I really loved the book so of course I need to get my butt in gear and see the movie!

  18. Hi, thanks for the review, I haven't watched the movies nor have I read the books but it looks interesting :)

  19. I should read and especially watch, I am big fan of Ginnifer Goodwin :)

  20. I was not impressed with the movie, but I bet the book was way better. great post and breakdown of the movie.

    xoxo navy & orange

  21. I loved both books, but I have yet to watch the movie. I can't wait to see it.

  22. I didn't even know it was a book! I saw the movie though, i thought it was good but not my favorite, i hope they make a second movie for the other book!

  23. I want to see and read this! I need to add it to my Netflix queue :)

  24. I dont think I have seen this but will keep it on my radar. I love the new floral background, very pretty. XOXO

  25. Ugh! I keep forgetting to read/ watch this book/film. I haven't read any books by this author and hear they are pretty good! But I want to read it first and then see it!

  26. I want to read these books, I've heard such great things! xo

  27. I haven't read the book nor seen the movie, but thanks to your recommendation and this trailer(which ive btw seen for the first time).
    i love how you write about various themes!
    i have new post and outfit photos so stop by and leave a comment what do you think about it!.
    Until readin' ;)
    Dolly, xo

  28. Laura-- it's a beautiful story, i think you're gonna like the book. :)

    Sarah-- i heard it's amazing! i think i'll check it out. :)

    Rosie-- you're welcome! i hope you like it!

    Lee-- yeah, that's sad. :/

    erisha-- yeah, it's a pretty good movie... just not as good as the book, of course. ;)

    Melanie-- you are gonna love both books!

    Tessies Hearts-- i hope you like it!

    Erika-- good plan!

    Krysten-- gotta warn you though, even though it's a good movie, it's not as excellent as the book...

    Diana-- you're welcome!

    Lidiya-- you're gonna love her in this movie!

    navy and orange-- yeah, the book is way better, definitely.

    nyanzi report-- yup!

    D.Sadie-- let me know how you like it!

    SassyAgapi-- yeah, i hope so too!

    Leeann-- let me know what you think of the books and the movie! :)

    Venus In Virgo-- thanks! glad you love the new layout!

    Meri-- yes, emily giffin is a talented writer! :)

  29. Katie-- yes, both books are amazing! :)

    Dolly-- thanks! i really try to keep things interesting, glad you like it. :D

  30. I loved how the movie was so close to the book in dialogue. Ive read both books and I think they are both relaly good. Great post!

  31. I really want to see 'Something Borrowed,' it looks like a cute film!

  32. Ivonne-- thanks! :)

    Marie a la Mode-- i hope you like it! :)

  33. Ooh I want to read these books now! Great review dear! xo -Taj

  34. I really liked the movie. And I love Gennifer Goodwin.

    I definitely want to read this book as soon as I have time. The books are always better than the movie.

  35. Taj-- thanks, glad you think so! :)

    Sunny&Star-- yeah, that's true! i think the only movie that was better than the book, at least in my opinion, is the devil wears prada. but anyway, let me know how you like the book! :)

  36. Nice review! I'll have to give this a go :) Though I have to say, I hate it when movies give the impression that it is ok to cheat in someone if they're just not that's never okay! though from your review, it sounds like they handled it really well, and showed the good and bad sides of each character :)

  37. Many Colours-- yeah, i gotta agree, it is never okay! but yes, they did handle it quite well. let me know how you like it. :)

  38. I've read a couple of books by Emily G but haven't read this. Hope Kate Hudson's role is different from her usual ones

  39. Kavery-- ummm, it's kinda similar to her bride wars character... just a little bit.

  40. Sweet! The book is soundin’ really good! Thx for the review Mimi.

  41. Oh gosh, I loved Something Borrowed the movie! :] It was such a good story about love and friendship.

    Nice review, girl! I'm about to read the book so I'm super excited to see how it was different from the film.

    I love John Krasinski as Ethan. Too cute and sweet. I also have a crush on Colin Egglesfield. He needs more movies!

    XoXo, Bree
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  42. Bree-- i agree with everything! ;)

  43. i loved it nonetheless. :) and yay, thank you!!! i will join right after this! :)

    Tera gold
    Tera Item

  44. I saw the end of the movie... lol pathetic, I know. I walked in when my Mum was finishing ...

    I really like the girl who plays the main character and I have a hot crush on Jim. (I know his name isnt really Jim, but thats his character on The Office, and so I dont remember what his real name is lol!)


  45. I totally agree with you when you said they should have carried out Hilary's character as oppose to Dex's parents, instead they put Ethan in to play both parts (pretty much). I liked that she had two different friends that knew and where talking her her about everything. I think Hilary was a very important part of the book and shouldn't have been left out! I would have loved to see how they character-ed her.

  46. Jess-- hahaha, yes, jim!!! ;)

    mwilson86-- yes! there was a lot missing without hillary, and it affected ethan's character in many ways. :/

  47. i've never read the book and i haven't seen the movie either. stupid school. taking up all of my time. :(

    but my sisters told me that it was really good. not to mention how cute Colin Egglesfield is.


  48. Carrie-- aww, that's okay, school comes first. ;)