Monday, August 22, 2011

Polyvore: Last weeks of Summer 2011!

Happy Monday!

Mornings are chilly and nights are cooler -- we are now on the last few weeks of Summer 2011. However, the next couple of days for us over here in Los Angeles will be reeeaalllyyy hot -- temperature is going up to triple digits, guys!

Instead of complaining about the heat though, I thought why not plan some cute outfits to celebrate the upcoming end of Summer 2011? ;)

Out and About:

Black, Blue, and Brown
Summer is all about being out and about -- meeting up with friends for lunch or dinner, spending some time at the mall, hanging out at the beach or by the pool, running errands...

I love this outfit because it's simple, but still has a lot of character. I haven't tried using my bathing suit as a top, but I think it would look great (you just might have a bit of a hard time if you have to use the restroom, though).

But I think I will try that one of these days. Imagine how convenient that would be -- hit the mall, go to lunch, or run errands in the morning, then go to the beach after - you're already wearing your bathing suit = no problem. ;)

I would also keep a pair of flip flops in my bag so as not to wet my sandals.

It's all about the skirt:

Statement Skirt
I think it's also important to own skirts that can be styled in different ways, like this beautiful red skirt. Go girly with a floral top and wedges or go for a casual and laid back look with a white tank top, flats, a fedora hat, and feather earrings. :)

Beach BBQ:

Beach BBQ
There will surely be beach BBQ invitations left and right, especially around Labor Day.
I am more comfortable wearing a one-piece suit so I will go for something like this one -- that peekaboo hole adds a little sexiness to the look.

I probably won't feel comfortable walking around with just my bathing suit on though, so I would need a cover-up. Accessorize with sunglasses and bangles, and don't forget your flip flops and beach bag!

Dress Up:

Dress Up
If you need to be a little more formal, you can't go wrong with dresses. And the great thing about these is you can easily transition the look from summer to fall -- just add tights and a blazer!

Which of these looks did you like the most? What are your go-to summer styles? Do you have any summer outfits planned that you haven't had the chance to wear?

I wish all of you a great week ahead -- enjoy the last few weeks of summer!!! :D

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  1. Love, love, love these...well done!!! The turquoise, black and tan is such a lovely combination too! Hope you had a Wonderful Weekend!

    Liesl :)

  2. Liesl-- thank you!!! and i was really surprised by how well those three colors went with each other. :)

  3. Love them all! But my favorite one will be the second one. So pretty:) :)

  4. Super cute outfits! I am actually looking forward to the LA heat. It's about time for summer weather! (since I'll be indoors and won't have to melt outside lol)

  5. love love YOUR BLOG.

    defiantly follwoing you now.

    follow me if you like on...

    looking forward to your new posts.. x

  6. I've fallen in love with that skirt from second set ! ! !

  7. Aw great outfit ideas! Ur so lucky that ur city is still so warm. Here, is slowly declining, it's getting colder now =[ Not fair!! Lol.

    Hope u have a great last few weeks of summer!

  8. VERy nice. Love all the outfits. I saw Those Steve madden wedges in LA this weekend at Marshall's! $40 bucks!

  9. I love your collages! I'm not ready for summer to be over : (

  10. I live the yellow dress u put!!!!!! Its so pretty!

  11. I LOVE THE FIRST OUTFIT!!! the outfit is so french riveria chic!! LOVE!

  12. AnieLii-- i'm glad you loved them!

    Leeann-- haha! this summer actually wasn't as hot as last year. ;)

    Lenara-- aww, thank you!!!

    ClouDesign-- me too!

    xWHLo-- aww, on the bright side, you get to wear cute winter clothes, right? :)

    JazzyO-- oooh, that's a pretty good price! :)

    Marie a la Mode-- thanks! and yeah, i'm pretty torn about summer ending...

    Rinz-- love that too! :)

    Lisa-- aww, i love how you described it!

  13. The dress up one is my fav, I love that polka dot dress!

  14. Krysten-- that dress is cute, huh? i need one like it. :)

  15. Awesome line up! So want the purple wedges!

  16. meg-- thanks! and i want that too. ;)

  17. I love the yellow and blue dresses! I just bought a bunch of stuff today and I'm seeing 70s style all over the place- Especially F21 and H&M... I also love all of the aviators all over your outfits!

  18. Meri-- haha, i loooove aviators! ;) and i hope you do a haul on your blog - i would love to see the stuff you got! :)

  19. Girl, that bathing suit as a top idea is genius! I shall try that! :]

    I heard about the weather here in Cali. Get ready to sweat. ugh!

    I honestly like all of them! ;)

    Especially the skirt outfits!

    By the way, I’m having an international Pura Vida bracelets giveaway so come check it out! :]

    xoxo, Bree

  20. i love all these outfits! taylor swift just posted pictures on her message board of her in south carolina, and she was wearing a swimsuit just like in the first picture! :)


  21. P.S. did you get a new banner? so pretty!

  22. Bree-- let me know how the bathing suit as top works for you, okay? :)

    SWEATshirtDRESSshirt-- oh really?? haha, i didn't know that. ;) and yup, i changed my banner, i'm glad you think it's pretty!

  23. I like those purple wedges!
    I have been seeing celebs wearing boots already in L.A. , no fair!


  24. Lynnette-- hahaha, i know! ;)

  25. Everything is so adorable! I love that full red skirt! =)

  26. LOVE That yellow dress and that blue tank top! So cute. I wish I could pull off big sunglasses, alas, I cannot. Not even CLOSE.

  27. These are all wonderful! The dresses are just amazing :) Oh how you have made me long for summer!

  28. Hope-- isn't that skirt just perfect?! ;)

    Deidre-- aww, really? i used to think i can't pull them off either, but now i love them. :)

    Many Colours-- aww, sorry! ;) save these outfits for the next hot day you'll get. :)

  29. very good have great taste.

  30. I love the third one
    but from the second outfit I love this pink bag:)

  31. These are fantastic sets, Mimi!:D

    I like the first and third -- summery, sexy, and comfy.:D

    I love maxi dresses, a good summer staple.;D

    ***** Marie ******

  32. Great looks :)

  33. Some super cute pieces there! The weather in England is hit and miss but I hope the next few weeks see off the summer in style :)

    Rosie x

  34. I love the green board! XOXO

  35. I love your thinking here. Great collections. Xxxx

  36. A great combination of outfits. I'm loving all the turquoise and yellow

  37. The Out and About look is my favorite - love! :)

  38. super cute collection. i am almost ready for summer to end. it's been really hot these days.

  39. i love all the pieces in this post... the sunglasses are the best!

  40. I love that black swimsuit in the first set! Stunning!

  41. Love your pics. That top swinsuit looks really flattering, will look into that!

  42. Oh seeing your post got me even more summer nostalgic just now! Today it was absolutely freezing in London. I ventured out wearing sheep-lined doc martens, black head to toe, and a stella mccartney winter jacket... :( i'm jealous of your outfits!


  43. I am loving the outfit ideas!! and your new header since i've been here last!!

  44. Love the dress up outfits the most x

  45. I just adore the 1st Polyvore!

    Aww Man I'm going to miss summer 8( don't remind me Mimi LOL JK

  46. Those sets are amazing. I seriously need to go shopping.

  47. nyanzi report-- aww, thank you!

    caise-- isn't that bag so cute?!

    Marie-- that's true! maxi dresses are perfect for summer! :)

    Luciana-- :D

    Miss L-- aww, thanks!

    Rosie-- i wish you guys a couple more days of sun! :)

    Sia-- :D

    Fashionistable-- thank you!!!

    Sam-- i love turquoise too! :)

    Erika-- :D

    keishua-- some days i am ready, some not really haha!

    Punctuation Mark-- aah, i love aviator sunglasses!

    Tasha-- i loved that swimsuit too!

    About Last Weekend-- it does seem so flattering, huh? ;)

    PvdH-- awww, really?! is there any chance you might get a few more days of sun over there?

    Krystal-- thank youuu!!!

    Tessies Hearts-- :D

    Dizzy-- awww, haha! on the bright side we get to wear cute winter coats? ;)

    Venus In Virgo-- :D

    Sunny&Star-- me too!!! ;)

  48. Oooh I love pictures #2 and 4 the best. The red skirt would look perfect with the top you picked out in #2 and I'm also loving that rounded collar dress you have chose in #4!

  49. SewPetiteGal-- thanks, i'm glad you loved them! and that rounded collar dress would look great on you! :)

  50. I really love the second look and i am definitely not ready to give up summer fashion yet!

    Chic on the Cheap

  51. All of these are so lovely! I love/want them all ha xo

  52. The items I need? The bag from the first set and the oxford pumps from the last. SO perfect for all seasons.
    These all look great for summer! Too bad my summer is over :(

  53. LyddieGal-- at this moment, i'm not either. ;)

    Katie-- haha, same here! ;)

    Lisa-- aww, you can still incorporate these pieces to your fall wardrobe. i know you can make it work! :)

  54. Love all your outfits! Love the yellow dress w/ peter pan collar!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, now following you hope you return the love =)


  55. Shels415-- you're welcome and thanks for following! :D

  56. Thanks so much for your lovely comment,Sorry I havent had the chance to get back to your comment,Ive been away in Scotland and havent had any access to a computer! :D
    Gorgeous moodboards,gorgeous colours and combinations x
    Look forward to more posts <3
    Hope you have a fabulous day!

  57. Kayleigh-- aw, no problem! i hope you had a great time in scotland! :D

  58. In the last Pic
    There is a yellow dress on the right

    it's perfect.
    can you say from where ?

  59. Raghad K.-- ummmm i can check and let you know!

  60. OOHHH, i love love love love love! the first one is perfect.