Monday, August 15, 2011

What did you last daydream about? :)

Hey, guys! :D

I hope you all had a great start to your week!

Whenever I find myself with nothing to do, I always end up spending hours on Pinterest -- it's so addicting! The other day I was daydreaming about what my future home would look like, so of course I had to look through beautiful photos of rooms on Pinterest. ;)

I love how airy and spacious this room is -- and how awesome is that bed?!
I can imagine having sleepovers in this room -- it would be so much fun to cuddle up with your sisters and/or friends in one huge bed and chat the night away. ;)

I love how cozy and clean this is. :)

How great would it be to wake up to a beautiful view every morning?

Look at how plush that blankie strewn over the ottoman is!

I would love to come home to this room everyday... plus, I am loving the hat!

I would probably have that many books waiting to be read by my bedside. ;)

Perfect for an afternoon nap!
Just gotta make sure it's securely hanging, I wouldn't want to fall off, haha! ;P

I think it's important to have a comfy couch where you can just hang out without having to worry about messing it up. I love how there's a lamp on that corner of the couch -- I can totally see myself curling up with a good book on that spot. ;)

This one has a very laidback and beachy feel. I love it!
It kinda reminds me of Justin Timberlake's character's Los Angeles home in Friends With Benefits.

I would also love love love to have a room that I can turn into a mini library. I've loved reading ever since I was a little girl, and having a library (a la Belle in Beauty and the Beast) has always been on my list when it comes to dream homes. ;)

While I probably can't have my own library just yet though, I would be happy even with just a shelf to house my book collection.

A comfy couch by my books is also a must!

I like bright and airy spaces, and when I have my own place in the future, I think it'd look something like this... but with a little more me in it, of course. :)

What would your dream home look like? Is there a specific room or thing you really want to have when you buy or build your dream home?

***photos from Pinterest***

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  1. I have been loving the light, bright and airy rooms lately...I like how clean and fresh they are! Thanks for stopping by my blog too! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. oh my god... that first bed... stuff my friends and family and girlfriends or whatever... I want that entire space alllll to myself ... just me and my puppy. Id put a bar fridge in the corner and never would I need to leave that place hahaha.

    What an awesome site. What awesome living spaces. I should do something about my room like this... lol!

  3. Liesl-- yes, i love how clean and fresh they are! :D

    Jess-- hahaha, i'd probably never leave home if my rooms looked anything like these. ;)

  4. oh yesss!! I love it too :) just that I would never be able to keep my house so clean :p but this is definately the best inspiration for when you want to change your home!!


  5. Emilie-- haha, if i had a house that beautiful, i will try my hardest to keep it clean everyday. ;)

  6. That hammock bed is seriously cool!

  7. Woah, the bed in the first picture is HUGE! I would really want to own that bed.

    When I get my dream house, I want it to have a gym, a library, a game room, a home theater, oh and much much more. my dream room would probably be extremely girly! full of pinks and whites and a lot for frilly things. :D

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  8. Carrie-- that sounds like a pretty sweet house! i want a home theater too! :D

  9. Absolutely! I also daydream often about my future apartment. And it's something like on your photos. It's not forbidden to dream, right? I love first photo- slumber party, indeed! And I wish for that hanging nest right now... :)
    p.s.: I love your new blog look.


  10. The space with the hammock is my dream - I so love it! :)

  11. Beautiful! Perfect! Great blog! :)

  12. ML-- definitely not! dreaming is absolutely free! :D oh, and thanks, i'm glad you like the new look!

    Erika-- it's so cute! ;)

    Liberty Walk Sara-- thank you!!!

  13. Addicting indeed!!! Those rooms are awesome ...gahhh I spend a lot of time daydreaming about how I can decorate future homes too :o)

  14. ridiculously lush interiors! i love them.

  15. Sonja-- haha, same here! ;)

    nyanzi report-- :D

  16. Hi Mimi :) how are you? lol

    I always daydream about my future home/place!
    I like bright and airy spaces as well.
    I would have a mainly white space with a bit of
    black statement pieces and pops of colour :)
    I love a mix of vintage and modern :)

  17. oops forgot to mention that I love the rooms
    you posted! especially the 4th and 8th :)

  18. Wow, these rooms are all so dreamy!

    P.S. Like the new layout, Mimi.

    candid phobic

  19. Peiji-- i am doing well! it's always great to hear from you! :) your dream space sounds beautiful! :D

  20. Dianne-- they really are! and thanks, glad you like it! :)

  21. these rooms look really neat and cozy. you have a very beautiful blog too!

  22. these are brilliant rooms, very airy and relaxing. Have your ever browsed Crazy addicting.

  23. These are all so dreamy! :]
    Especially, the first one! How fun is that?!

    My dream home definitely needs a gym in it lol and I would love to have a beach house, actually.

    A modern house with a few old-fashioned touches. :]

    By the way, I’m having a Pura Vida bracelets giveaway so come check it out! :]

    xoxo, Bree

  24. Alexandria-- aww, thank you so much! :)

    Amber Blue Bird-- nope, but thank you for that, i will check it out (and will probably get addicted to it, hahaha!). ;)

    Bree-- a beach house sounds fantastic! and i already joined your giveaway, keeping my fingers crossed. :D

  25. We are so on the same wavelength! I've prepped a post for Thursday that features beautiful bedrooms that I've pinned on Pinterest :)

  26. Leeann-- i looove how we almost always post about the same topics! i can't wait to check out the bedrooms you've pinned! :)

  27. omgosh i would die for the first room!! it's so pretty!! :) i would LOVE double bunkbeds to spread across the entire room haha

  28. Lisa-- i think the first room is sooo cool! :)

  29. Such lovely rooms. A room wouldn't last me for a this I'm afraid. I'd have crap everywhere in no time. I'd love it if I could have my room totally neat. but I have stuff everywhere. I can only daydream of a place like these.

  30. I love all white beds, I definitely feel like you sleep the best in them!

  31. ellie-- aww, haha! me too, but i'd make sure to try and keep it clean. ;)

    DesFruitsRouges-- yeah! there's just something so comfy about white beds! :)

  32. aw thanks a lot dear! I really like those room inspirations :)

  33. I wish to have like, spacious appartment for me to live there while I'm like still working, travelling and just living life, maybe living with boyfriend. Anyway, I'd like to have huge bookshelf, huge and clean bed and bedroom with like, normal windows, appartment in general with normal windows cause I don't like too opened spaces :/
    I'd paint it by myself and it would totally be me in it. I wish to accomplish that one day, but still keep daydreaming.
    thanks for your comment, tho.
    Dolly, xo

  34. Babe Jane-- you're welcome! :)

    Dolly-- a huge bookshelf and a huge bed are definitely on my list too! and there's no harm in dreaming, it's free. ;)

  35. That first bed is awesome!! Love all of these rooms.


  36. Thank you for your comment darling :) You're so sweety :)
    I love this post and the pictures...We could follow each other,want you? :)

  37. This post makes me want to curl up in each of these beds. That or go shopping to Ikea!

  38. Have I mentioned how much I love your new layout? It's very beautiful. :)

    These photos are lovely. I cannot wait until I own my very own home and I can start redecorating. I'm afraid my apartment complex is very strict about decorating. It's like living in a mental institution...white bare walls. No curtains allowed (only blinds). Ugh.

    I do love pinterest. It's very addictive!

  39. Filh-- yes, of course, let's follow each other! :)

    Marie a la Mode-- hahaha, me too, i want to go to ikea! ;)

    Jennifer-- awww, thank you!!! :) i'm sure your home will be beautiful when you get the chance to decorate it yourself. :)

  40. whoa those are gorgeous pictures
    I'm in love with light spaces
    and I don't know why but my room is purple :D

  41. love these pictures my daydream was redoing my restroom and I'm almost finished dream came true =)

  42. Curves ahead makeup-- oooh, i'd love to see the finished project! :)

  43. Gorgeous pictures, been really into looking up home decor inspiration lately xx

  44. Misseblog-- pinterest has a loooot of decor inspiration. :D

  45. The 1st pic with the bed, WOW amazing! it's just so perfect for a slumber party.

    I really like the color combo of the 4th pic.

    Thx Mimi for sharing these pics!

  46. Oh gosh I love every single one of those rooms, makes me want to decorate so badly!

  47. I like the 4th and last, so cozy and clean.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  48. Ahhh the dream home. I can't wait for it. I have it in my head and I decorate it everyday! What amazing pics, literally love all of them. I love that hanging bed type thing! I also LOVE the second to the top one. Clean with those shutters behind! The most important thing is my bed. Big, puffy, white, cloud-like and filled with my hubby, kids and happiness! Newest follower. :)

  49. Marie-- :D

    Kris-- awwww, that's a really beautiful image! :)
    and thanks for following!