Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Staples: Neutrogena Wet Skin SPF30 Sunblock Spray and Hawaiian Tropic Golden Tanning Dry Oil

Happy Thursday!

I know everyone's talking about how summer is almost at an end... and while I am excited for fall and cooler weather, I will definitely miss the days I spent by the pool this past summer. In the meantime however, while the days are still hot here in Los Angeles (it's gonna be in the 100s this week, I think), I want to share with you guys two of my summer staples:

Neutrogena Wet Skin SPF30 Sunblock Spray


Conditions at the pool, beach or in humid climates make skin wet and can make sunblock application difficult. Neutrogena® Wet Skin Sunblock Spray with Helioplex® is specially formulated to be applied to wet skin for sun protection. When applied to wet skin, ordinary sunblock can whiten and slide off. Neutrogena® Wet Skin Sunblock Spray instantly cuts through water to form a protective barrier.

This product features Helioplex®, a breadth of stabilized sunscreen technologies that delivers superior protection from the sun.

- Applies to wet or dry skin
- Sweatproof, Waterproof
- Oil-free, PABA-free
- Continuous spray

For best results, spray liberally and spread evenly by hand 15 minutes before sun exposure. Hold the container 4-6 inches from the skin to apply, then rub into skin. Do not spray directly into the face; spray product into hands and then apply to face and rub into skin. Reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying, and at least every 2 hours. Can be applied directly to wet skin. Apply in a well-ventilated area. Do not apply in windy conditions.

I haven't tried that many sunblock brands, so I didn't really know what to expect from Neutrogena's sunblock spray.

It smells just like what a sunblock smells like, but has somewhat of a perfume-y undertone. My brother puts this on before he goes to school -- he sprays body spray over it, and he said that way you can't really tell that he's wearing sunblock.

I love how it is sweatproof and waterproof -- putting on sunblock in the summer heat, you are sure to get sweaty in a matter of minutes. And with other sunblocks, I can literally feel the lotion/spray slide off with my sweat. Not with this one, though. It blends in easily, doesn't leave white streaks, and I can jump in the pool without having to worry that my sunblock got wiped away with sweat or washed out by water.

I usually stay by the pool for about 2 hours, and in that time period I don't feel the need to reapply. Neutrogena suggests that you reapply this sunblock after 80 minutes and at least every 2 hours. I guess it depends mainly on how easily your skin burns -- I don't get sunburned easily, so I feel like one application is enough for 2 hours. And another thing that I think matters is what time you're gonna be under the sun. If the sun is way up high, I reapply; but when it's just about to go down (around 6pm), I normally don't.

And the face... you can use this for your face, but I have a separate sunblock especially for that. ;)

I've read some reviews from Neutrogena's website - some loved it, and others didn't. It works okay for me, but it may not work well for other people. With that said, I do think it's worth a try, especially if you're still looking for the perfect sunblock for you - who knows, this might be it.

Price: $8.99 at Target

My other summer staple is

Hawaiian Tropic Golden Tanning Dry Oil
(with moisturizer SPF6)


Indulge your skin with this Hawaiian blend of rich tanning oils. Enriched with aloe vera, this quick absorbing, alcohol-free dry oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin to promote a golden "tan of the islands."

- 8 fl oz
- Moisturizing
- SPF 6
- Aloe vera
- PABA-free

This is like summer in a bottle! It has a coconut smell -- it never fails to remind me of SUMMER. I am not too fond of coconut scented stuff, but this one is an exception: I love it. :)

It is greasy because after all, it is oil. Descriptions say it's waterproof, but I don't swim when I have this on because our pool guy told us not to. He said the oil clogs the pool filter -- and hey, he takes care of our pool and I believe him. ;P

It's a spray bottle which makes it easy to apply -- just spray and spread.

Using this tanning oil leaves me with evenly tanned skin -- not patchy.

This tanning oil is great when I actually want to lay under the sun and tan because it helps me get some color faster (I like to use tanning lotion when it's not summer, as I mentioned in an older post). ;)

Oh and of course, don't forget to put some sunblock on! This only has SPF6 -- definitely not enough.

I bought mine from Big Lots for about $6 to $8. And I'm pretty sure mine is an older packaging, I think they look like this now:

Hawaiian Tropic Golden Tanning Dry Oil Continuous Spray

Have you used any of these two products? How did they work for you?

What is your favorite sunblock and tanning lotion? What are your summer staples?

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  1. Hey Mimi,

    I like the smell of the coconut tanning oil but, it really ends up just making me burn despite the amount of sunblock I'm wearing. They draw the heat and the sun and can be a bit dangerous. I will be happy to hold the bottle smelling it haha. Its still winter in Australia at the moment and I have the heater blasting and am freezing cold... I am really hanging out for that beautiful summer sun!

    Might check out the nutrogena sunspray... I always forget to apply and end up with a tan that looks silly.

  2. hi jess! i'm so sorry to hear that it ends up making you burn! and yup, i know it can be dangerous that's why i try to really keep the hours i lay under the sun to an absolute minimum. hang in there, your summer is almost there. ;)

  3. Love your blog!!!!!

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  4. I have never used tanning lotion cause I always get tan which is crazy...I don't like getting tan ;) I hope you enjoy your rest of the summer! or whats left of it :D Oh my staple is lip balm :D


  5. I just never go out to tan..I'm afraid. But I loved your reviews.

  6. Hmm, the wet skin sunblock sounds interesting... though I'm especially interested to learn if it actually works. I actually don't burn easily, but I like to stay out of the sun... premature aging and melanoma and all that. Can't wait for winter! lol

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  7. i've seen so many commercials for that neutrogena sunblock--thanks for the review. good thing i don't need tanning oil, lol.

  8. zizi-- thanks! and yes, let's follow each other!

    a!k0-- thanks! and yeah, lip balm is always essential. ;)

    ellie-- i am too! that's why i did it gradually, and not too much. :)

    Melanie-- haha, yeah, i think about that too!

    Cheryl-- you're welcome! and yes, your skin tone is perfect! :)

  9. I have Hawaiian Tropic oil and it works perfectly for me (and smells amazing!). I usually use Neutrogena for skin care (face) but it should be great to try it for sunblocks :)


  10. I really do love the scent of coconut tanning oil but it does nothing to protect my skin so I usually spray some on more as a perfume :)

  11. Thanks for sharing, and thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really love yours, and i am following you now.

    would appreciate if you'd follow me back :)

  12. ML-- yeah, i think it's good to try different products from time to time just to see if it would work well for you. :)

    Amber Blue Bird-- that's a great idea! :)

    Alexandria-- thanks for following, and no problem, i'll definitely follow your blog too! :)

  13. I've never used any of these products. I need to get better applying sunblock. I got so burnt at the lake over the weekend because I didn't put any on. Not smart :(

  14. i need to be better at applying sunblock.. i have like 4 or 5 bottles in my medicine cabinet from my attempts at "wanting" to protect my skin and then i forget to actually use it hahahah

  15. I've heard a lot of good things about the Neutrogena one. : )

  16. Leeann-- oh yeah, i remember your post about that! next time, i know you'll definitely put some sunblock on. :)

    Lisa-- hahaha, i used to forget all the time too! ;)

    Marie a la Mode-- :D

  17. Thanks for your comment,the pic is off my sister,I just did the styling and make up,bless her.
    My skin is so pale,and I dont seem to ever tan,so ive accepted that im never gona have glowing tanned skin,so I just use any sun cream with a highfactor! :D Plus an everyday moisturiser with UV protection!

    Hope your having a fab day x

  18. Kayleigh-- ohhh, i totally didn't see that you put it was your sister, sorry! but still the eye makeup is fierce and you did a great job! :D everyday uv protection is important! ;)

    Andela and nyanzi report-- thanks! :)

  19. I've never heard of Hawaiian Tropic products before, but the Golden Tanning Dry Oil sounds nice, but only being an SPF of 6 ... IDK?

  20. Dizzy-- yeah, it's only spf6 so you must put on sunblock!

  21. Interested in the Neutrogena! Does it feel sticky at all during application? I got a Coppertone (?) one for my son and it just feels grossly sticky after I spray it on him :(

  22. SewPetiteGal-- nope, it's not sticky. :)

  23. I'll have to try the sunblock out, it sounds great! The Australian sun is a bit too harsh for tanning oil, at least for those as pale as me, unfortunately. I'm liking the sound of the coconut smell!

  24. I love tanning oil, especially the kind with SPF in it. I always get so much tanner!

  25. An SPF30 sunblock spray is a must for the kind of weather here in Cali! :]

    I gotta tell ya, I went walking the other day wearing a tank top and now I have a little bit of a tank top tan mark! Ugh!

    Yeah, tanning oil doesn't really work for me.

    By the way, I’m having an international Pura Vida bracelets giveaway so come check it out! :]

    xoxo, Bree

  26. I have not used either of these products myself; but I would love to try the Neutrogena, as I always have success with their line! :)

  27. I really like the first product i find it is great!

  28. That first product is so cheap! I bought some cheap stuff at Walgreens and I think the stuff you're featuring is cheaper still!

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway today, you should come check it out!

  29. I use the sunblock. I like it for outdoors stuff, but not for everyday use. It makes my skin really shiney and I don't like looking so greasy at the office. It is perfect for when going for a run or to swim.

  30. Firstly I lOVE your new masthead, but would a treat to see a headshot of you! I am the fake tan Queen and think the last one is awesome but so is the jergens one. However I can't find one that does not smell that smell so am up for advice on that.

  31. I love that Neutrogena spray!

  32. Love the suggestions - Hawaiian Tropic has always been a huge favorite of mine, it's my go to brand for tanning. Not a big fan of the spray on sunblocks, so sticky!
    I'll be a new follower for sure :).
    I've got 2 blogs - and feel free to follow both of them!


  33. Many Colours-- yup, the coconut smell is perfect!

    DesFruitsRouges-- i agree, i want to try one with higher spf though. ;)

    Bree-- aww, sorry about that! next time you should put some sunblock on. ;P

    Erika-- neutrogena is a good brand. :)

    Limasim-- i'm glad to hear it works great for you!

    Krysten-- i am always on the lookout for bargains. and thanks for the giveaway invite!

    Lisa-- oh yeah, definitely! that's why i don't normally use it on my face. ;)

    About Last Weekend-- aww, thanks! and maybe sometime soon i'll start posting photos of myself. ;) and i haven't really tried tanning products that don't smell like how they usually do...

    Katie-- i'm glad to hear that!

    Amy-- thanks for following! i'll stop by yours too! :)

  34. I've used both of these products. The problem I have with the Hawaiian tanner is that it's sooo greasy and gets all over stuff. It spilled in my beach bag and turned it orange, yuck. But I did get pretty tan with it haha.

  35. Maddie-- aww, haha, but yeah, it's definitely greasy!

  36. Sunblock is definitely a must for the summer.
    Neutrogena Wet Skin sounds awesome. I love how it won't get washed away even if you start to sweat. You don't find that very easily among ordinary sunscreens.

    The Hawaiian Tanning Oil sounds great as well. I don't really tan that easy so this could help. Thanks for sharing. :)


  37. Carrie-- yes, this might help. doesn't hurt to try, right? make sure to put sunblock on too though! :)

  38. Thanks for sharing, Mimi!

    I don't really use tanning products since I am naturally tan but I like Jergens Natural Glow.

    I know about the oil clogging the filter and I think people tan better if they just let the oil sit on their skin under the sun.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  39. Marie-- awww, it must be awesome to be naturally tan! :)

  40. Wow! I have to try it on!
    Im your new follower!)


  41. Deniz-- :D

    Yelena-- thanks for following! :)