Friday, September 2, 2011

e.l.f. Studio Tone Correcting Powder

Yay for the long weekend! :D

Labor Day usually marks the unofficial end of summer -- it's September, school will start soon (if it hasn't already), and we're all gearing up for fall fashion.

In honor of the unofficial end of summer, I just wanted to share with you guys one product that has been on my summer staples list:

e.l.f. Studio Tone Correcting Powder


Create a balanced and radiant complexion that is beautiful and healthy. The lightweight formula evens out the skin tone and absorbs excess oil. The sheer formula brightens, mattes and neutralizes the skin. The colors are meant to be blended together as the Blue neutralizes orange, the Green neutralizes red, the Pink neutralizes grey and the Yellow brightens and neutralizes red.

Blend the powder over the entire face to brighten and even out the skin tone as well as neutralize any redness.

Price: $3


This has been a lifesaver especially because these past couple of weeks (months, even!), I've spent a lot of time under the sun -- by the pool, running errands, or just going on an afternoon walk. And because of that, my nose and forehead are almost always shiny and red.

This definitely helps neutralize and decrease the redness in my face. It evens out my skin tone, and I also noticed that my face doesn't get as oily as it did before.

I use it as a setting powder - I apply it on top of my foundation or tinted moisturizer. It gives my face a matte finish, and helps my foundation or tinted moisturizer stay on longer.

The packaging is very sleek! The compact comes with a good-sized mirror - definitely way better than the mirror e.l.f. eyeshadow quads have. And come on, how cool are those colors?!

Complexion Perfection

At $3, you cannot go wrong!
It is an excellent product sold at a really affordable price. :)

Have you used e.l.f. Studio Tone Correcting Powder?
How did it work for you?

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend ahead!
And for my blogger friends here in America, have a happy Labor Day weekend! :D

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  1. 3 dollars? thats amazing!!! happy labor day weekend!

  2. Miss Independent-- yup, $3! :D

  3. this looks GOOD! I am wondering how it will look on my NC 42 skin. I have tons of stuff that I havent even opened yet :(

  4. Happy Labor Day to you too! :)
    I feel ya, girl. I hate how oily my face gets during the summer. I think you can never go wrong with E.L.F. products. They work and they're affordable. The colors are pretty awesome too. <3

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  5. I have been thinking about buying it, but haven´t yet.

  6. I love e.l.f. products! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!

  7. i've never tried e.l.f. products! i really need to branch out, lol.

  8. Happy Labor Day! :)
    this looks amazing!

  9. Oh wow, looks like a great product! Now I wish I had gotten it. Lol.

  10. Hey !
    Only 3 bucks ? I want to try it :)


  11. Rinz-- haha, same here! i have a lot of stuff i haven't even used yet. ;)

    Bree-- i agree! :)

    Miss L-- you should try it. :)

    ellie-- thanks! :)

    mybeadifullife-- elf products are good and cheap. :)

    a story about M-- happy labor day! :)

    D.Sadie-- haha, you can still get it. :)

    Kimberly-- yup, only 3 bucks!!! ;)

  12. I've always like their stuff.

  13. I've seen correcting powders from many other brands,
    but have never tried any of them yet... I'm always
    looking for something to even out my skin tone without
    having to apply on any type of light foundation.

  14. these are so summer-ish
    I need some fw tips. :-)

  15. Peiji-- this could be it for you too! :)

    Dolls Factory-- :D

  16. $3! What a steal! I wou;d love to give this palette a try!


    Erin @

  17. I will definitely be purchasing this. Thanks. :)


  18. Erin-- it's definitely a steal! :)

    Jen-- let me know how you like it! :)

  19. this is so cheap! great review :)

  20. the packaging is very sleek and ya you're right for $3 it can't get better than that!!

  21. I love the fact that e.l.f. products are so affordable - I really need to try them out for myself! :)

  22. I really like this kind of posts. You write so well.


  23. I've never tried it but thanks for recommend it! I should really order it cause my skin is everything but even coloured. It kinda gets oily and it annoys me! I should definetly purchase it as soon as possible!
    Dolly, xo

  24. good by summer helloooo fall!

    whaaaat $3?!!! I dont think we could get make up for that price over here in London!

  25. I know that powder gets a bad reputation, sometimes, but it's all in the application. I use it to set my cream and foundation -- like a top coat. It really helps the makeup last longer!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  26. Sounds like a steal! Glad to hear its working well.

    Chic on the Cheap

  27. It's pretty just looking at it (^.^)

    loveeeeeeeeee your blog!
    happy september<3333

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  28. Krystal-- :D

    Steffen-- it is sooo affordable!

    Pop Champagne-- totally!

    Erika-- i love that fact too!

    Krysten-- i hope you like it!

    Belle-- aww, thanks!

    Dolly-- let me know how it works for you!

    Katie-- yup!

    PvDH-- i'm pretty sure they sell these online. :)

    Punctuation Mark-- i hope you are too!

    Bonnie-- you are so right!

    LyddieGal-- :D

    amy-- i knooow, it's so pretty to look at!

  29. love this review and I have this and love it !!!

  30. Curves ahead makeup-- yay, i'm glad to hear someone besides me loves it! :)

  31. Thanks for the review, Mimi!:D

    I like this product because it's cheap and with a good powder brush, it works great.:D I also like the huge mirror.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  32. ooh I was thinking about getting this. I recently ordered a lot of elf products that were 50% off and I can't wait til they come!

  33. Marie-- you're welcome! yes, the huge mirror is a huge plus! :)

    char-- oh wow, that is sooo exciting! can't wait to hear all about your new elf products! :)

  34. hey sweety thanks for your nice comment!! So you live in LA? Man I am jealous ;) Love Los Angeles :) And nice beauty reviews!!


  35. Luisa-- thanks! and yup, i live in la. :)

  36. Such pretty colors. And only $3! Love it.

  37. wow, thats so cheap and it looks amazing;o
    xo Elly @

  38. Sunny&Star-- :D

    Elly-- yup, it's very affordable!

  39. I really love the sounds of this, I’ll have to consider getting it.

  40. I've always wonder if it works well with Asian skins? Does it break you out? I've just started ELF products only a few days back & I love their studio line bronzer.

    Atin (