Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wishlist: Cotton On

Hey, guys! :)

I mentioned a few months ago that my friends and I checked out the newest store at the mall: Cotton On.

Cotton On originated from Australia, and they now have 800 stores in seven countries -- really impressive!

The Cotton On Group is a retail powerhouse renowned for its winning combination of globally relevant fashion at affordable prices. It all began back in 1991 with one store in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. From modest beginnings, Cotton On has quickly evolved into a bona fide fashion destination.


While at the store, I was able to snap some photos using my phone:




And, of course I visited their website and I found some pieces to compile my Cotton On Wishlist! ;)

Margie Playsuit -
sleeveless scoop neck playsuit with button front detail

Nancy Burnout Tee -

Bench Oversize Tee -

Daisy Crochet Lace -
crop lace tee with scalloped lace hem

Rock your look with style and comfort in a Cotton jersey blend t-shirt dress. Add a statement belt for the perfect hourglass silhouette. Featuring shoulder pads and a small chest pocket.

Orca Maxi Dress -
shirred bust maxi dress with frill detail

Leina Belted Shorts ONLINE EXCLUSIVE -
Up your style cred with these playful stretch cotton sateen shorts to add instant punch to your wardrobe. Featuring front pockets, neat pleats and a contrast belt for colour blocking perfection. In these exclusive shorts you're sure to make a statement.

Inga High Waist Jeans -
high waist button detail skinny leg jean

I love how they have a lot of basic pieces that are versatile. You can definitely wear many of these in different ways. If you want something that will make a statement, they also have those. I feel like we can all find something we'll like from Cotton On.

About the price... in store, they are really affordable.

I saw dresses being sold for $7.99, the Toms-like shoes I took photos of were around $15, and the shirts I saw were around $7.

I also gotta mention that I was looking at one section of the store only, so I'm pretty sure that not everything is in that price range. If anything, it's most likely in between Forever 21 and H&M's prices.

Online, prices range from AUD $10 to AUD $49.95 -- that's Australian dollars though, so we have to add about USD $3... if I'm doing the conversion correctly.

Anyways, they have shipping and delivery information on their website, if you wanna check that out. And they ship free worldwide until September 30th! Check out their site for more information. :)

Have you shopped at Cotton On? Thoughts? Opinions?


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  1. they got some cute stuff!!! i might wanna get some :)

  2. Oh...they have some awesome stuff. I wonder if they have a branch here where I live? would totally get some of the cute tops :D


  3. oohh the playsuits are gorgeous :)
    going to have to check out their site asap!! x

  4. Umm... LOVE. Everything is so cute! I love your new header, btw!

  5. Love the Toms like shoes. I love TOMS. Great selection of Tees, too. Wow. I love cotton.

  6. Rinz-- if you do buy something from them, let me know. :)

    a!k0-- hmm, i'm not sure but i hope they do! :)

    Radiant Makeup-- they are! ;)

    Miss Independent-- it would look great on you. :)

    Dree-- heeeey, how are you?! :D and thanks, glad you like it. :)

    ellie-- yes, the tees are amazing. :)

  7. They do have some great stuff! Elin T-Shirt dress looks fabulous!

  8. Love everything the Australians do. Those high waisted jeans are so cool, but don't think I could get away with those

  9. These clothes are so cute! :)
    I don't know if you saw my comment on your last post, but just to remind you that I gave you a "blog award", you can see the post on my most recent blog post so be sure to look! :)

  10. i like ur pics a lot! i would never have thought about checking it out but now i may! i have passed by it, but never seemed that interesting to me before.

  11. Looks like they have some great items! I'm really digging them :)

  12. I've never been in this store but have wanted to check it out! xo -Taj

  13. I've shopped at Cotton On when I was in Aussie, I love their selection of clothes and they're reasonably priced which is a major consideration for me ;)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  14. There's a Cotton On store at one of my nearby malls. It's always crowded! I like the price points and the quality isn't too shabby either.

    I'm attending New York Fashion Week and would love for you to check out my coverage (lots of insider exclusives and fashion moments)
    An asian fashion lawyer living and playing in LA, giving you an insider's peek into life in the fab lane

  15. Love this store as well! I got a few basic tees there last fall. Must go again! xx

  16. amazing things, super cute blog!!


  17. I've heard about Cotton On from my friends, but I haven't visited the store yet. They all told me Cotton On sells amazing stuff. I so have to check it out and go shopping there. ;)

    I like the Nancy Burnout Tee and the Daisy Crochet Lace top! <3

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  18. i went there with my friends too!
    it's really similar with Forever 21 and H&M.
    but i love that their sale section is only $5 and below. now that's a good deal. :D


  19. hi everyone! thanks for stopping by and leaving me comments! i will be around soon. :)

  20. Nice picks!:D

    I bought a couple of tops from them and quality is pretty good.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  21. Marie-- it's good to hear that the quality is good. :)

  22. Never shoped at cotton on, but they have some lovely clothing. I'll will check them out soon!

  23. Dizzy-- they have some really good stuff. :)