Friday, September 30, 2011

Polyvore: Fall Must-Have -- Tailored Blazer

Happy Friday!

First off, I want to share with you guys my excitement over reaching 1,004 followers!
I wasn't having the best day yesterday, but when I saw that I've reached such a huge milestone here on Blogger, it definitely brought a smile to my face. Thanks to everyone who follow my blog and who always stops by no matter how busy life gets. :D

When I went around to visit blogs the other day, I couldn't help but feel the buzz and excitement over Fall 2011. Even though it's still quite hot here in California, I am definitely looking forward to fall fashion. I was looking through my clothes and I realized that I am lacking one must-have piece: a tailored blazer.

I really really want and need to get one!

While I still have to actually go out there and find one that fits me perfectly, I made three different outfits featuring one blazer. :)

Look #1: Cool for School

Cool for School

I love wearing blazers to school, perhaps because I wore one as part of my high school uniform -- and I always thought it was so cool! What's even cooler now is that I can wear it however I want to wear it. ;)

The first ensemble is a typical outfit I would wear to school now -- stylish, preppy, and comfy.
In my opinion, ballet flats are the perfect shoes to wear when you're spending a long day in school. They are comfortable and cute. A watch is very important because I hate being late! A big bag is a must for books and stuff. I always add a bit of fun to my outfits by incorporating unexpected pops of color like the feather earrings above. :)

Look #2: Casual Cool

Casual Cool

The thing I love the most about college is my schedule! Last semester, I only had one class on Fridays. That was my day to wear something I wouldn't normally wear on a full day of school.

This outfit is a "Friday" outfit for me.
I reserve my not-so-comfy shoes for days when I only have one class because I won't be walking around so much. I would use the thin scarf kinda like a necktie, or if you prefer, you can tie it around your bag.

I love how there is still a preppy and collegiate vibe to this look, but it is also perfect for hitting the mall or meeting your friends for lunch after class.

P.S. I really really want lace shorts as well. Thankfully, I can still probably get away with wearing shorts since I live in California. ;)

Look #3: Date Night

Date Night

So, it's Friday, and some of you are probably gonna go out on a date. I hope you didn't keep your dresses just yet!

I would wear a sweetheart neckline tube dress with a blazer. If it's too cold to bare your legs, my go-to answer would be to wear tights! Always keep black tights handy because they make wearing dresses when it's cold possible. Plus, they go well with either black high-heeled pumps or simple ballet flats.

Since the outfit itself is kinda on the neutral side with black and gold as the two main colors, I think it's always fun to wear colored statement earrings (and carry a statement clutch!). :)

I can think of many other ways to wear a tailored blazer, but this post would be super long if I made one Polyvore for each, haha. ;)

Which of these three looks is your favorite? How would you wear a tailored blazer?
Any outfit tips?

I wish all of you a fabulous weekend!


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  1. i don't think i can live without a rockin' blazer!

  2. Femme Virtue-- yeah, you've been rocking some lately. :)

  3. I love blazers! I'd def wear all 3 looks :) soo cute!!!

  4. Natalie-- i think they would all look great on you! :)

  5. Cool! Love those autumn high heels! Wow!

  6. ellie-- don't they look great?! :)

  7. Love your roundups! A fitted blazer is the perfect fall/winter piece!

    Happy weekend to you :) xx

  8. I like all three looks. They are very pretty :)

  9. Miss L-- thanks, glad you liked them all! :)

  10. Love them all :D especially the feather earrings, pump in pic 2 and 3 and blazer of course! :D I tried wearing blazer with maxi dress and I think it turned out ok, altho I am no fashion guru ;) Yay for one class on friday!!


  11. I loveee the earrings in the date night set! :) x

  12. I love this outfits ~

  13. These are all such beautiful looks! I love blazers - they are so classic & chic! thanks for sharing love! xox

  14. a!k0-- yes, i do think that would work well, especially if the blazer is a bit tight. :)

    menina-- i love that one too!

    Sia-- thanks!

    Mery-- yay, glad you love them!

    Mary and Dyer-- yes, i totally agree!

  15. the first look and the date night look are both awesome. you can't go wrong with a tailored/structured blazer. it's a piece that every girl should have!

    congrats on getting over 1,000!

    Enter my Canvas Print giveaway!

  16. Congrats on reaching that huge milestone!

    I love your looks for Fall. They are amazing. I love blazers paired with girly dresses.

  17. Oh gosh, you are so right! ;)

    A tailored blazer is definitely a fall must-have. I need to get me one too. I just bought a beige blazer, but I need a black one. <3

    All of these Polyvore outfits are perfection. My fave is the Date Night look.

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  18. Yay for 1,004 followers! I am happy to be one of them.:D

    These are great sets, Mimi. I love the 3rd one, I love wearing tights for fall and winter.

    I would wear a blazer with a dress like the 3rd set. I also think it will be great with a camisole, shorts, and high heels!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  19. Cheryl-- thanks! and i agree, every girl should have one blazer. :)

    Krystal-- yay, thanks!

    Sunny&Star-- thank you!!!

    Bree-- thanks! and i need a black one too, i currently have a navy blue one. :)

    Marie-- awww, thanks, marie! ooooh, that outfit looks great too!

    Misseblog-- thanks!

  20. Beautiful! Great post. :)

  21. You've a lovely blog..following you now :D

  22. I like what you post here. If you have some time i´d like you check out my blog and follow me if you really want to.

  23. CONGRATULATIONS! 1000 followers?! That's exciting. :D

    I'm really loving the first outfit. It's super duper cute. Absolutely perfect for school. :D
    I really need to go buy myself a blazer.


  24. Jelisaveta-- thank you!

    Gauri-- aww, thanks for following!

    Clara-- thanks! and i'll definitely stop by your blog too!

    Carrie-- thank you, it really is exciting! and yes, that first outfit is perfect for school. :)

    a story about M-- yay, glad you love all of them!

  25. Wow! Nice outfits :)



  26. congrats!

    love the shorts and the shoes in the second outfit!

  27. CeCe & NuNu-- thank you!

    Clara-- thanks!

  28. Hi lovely,
    how are you?
    I'm just back from Milan Fashion Week:fab!!;)
    I am now very tired but very happy to have been there:)
    I love especially the date night look!So cute!!
    See you soon

  29. Mary-- hi! i'm glad you're back, and can't wait to hear all about milan fashion week! :)

  30. Lovely collages ! Very inspiring :) Thanks SO much for stopping by, comments mean a lot to me ^^ <3


  31. great collections! I love the oxford heels! so chic!


  32. I like the first look, great post!

  33. indie by heart-- you're welcome and thanks for stopping by too!

    Babi-- i love it too! :)

    Chilly Chick-- thanks!

  34. congrats on 1000 followers! That's awesome. I love blazers. I have a grey one, black one, brown one and now a beige/pinkish one. Gorgeous! They go with pretty much everything. OH- and you are great at putting outfits together! I would wear all of these =)

  35. ThemuseViola-- thank you! and it sounds like you have an awesome blazer collection! :)

  36. Blazer is the must!!! =)

  37. Jo and Sue-- i totally agree! :)

  38. YAY congrats on 1,004 well its 1,053 now! But still congrats, that’s just awesome! I so happy for you!

    Loving all the looks you have created BTW!

  39. Dizzy-- awww, thank you!!! :D

  40. I love these outfits b'coz these are really good !!!

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  41. Nixon-- aww, thanks! i'm glad you love them! :)