Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wedding: Barbie and Ken

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

For today's post, I thought it'd be fun for us to take a peek into Barbie and Ken's wedding album.
Of course, this is not exactly a real wedding, but judging from these photos, it might as well be! ;)

Some Barbie and Ken fun facts:
- Barbara Millicent Roberts and Ken Carson started dating in 1961.
- They broke up in 2004.
- Barbie started a brief relationship with an Aussie surfer named Blaine.
- Barbie got tired of waiting for Ken, so she asked him to marry her.
- Barbie and Ken got back together and finally tied the knot.
- If I'm doing the math right, Barbie and Ken would have been dating for 50 years and they should both be around 67 years old (assuming they started dating at 17)!

They don't look anything like their age, but moving on...

Beatrice de Guigne, a French photographer, decided to shoot Barbie and Ken's wedding the same way she would shoot a real wedding -- and she did a great job!

Let's take a look at Barbie and Ken's wedding photos:

Barbie bought her dress from The Fairy Godmother Shop.

Ken bought his suit from The Prince Charming Emporium.

Barbie's wedding shoes are from the Cinderella Store.

bridesmaid fixing Barbie's train

I don't know... I am not liking what the Groomsmen are wearing. I am not too sure about Ken's suit either!

I love Barbie's dress and hat, though!

Are you ready to see some classic wedding photos?!
These are the kind of photos I always see featured in wedding websites/posts. ;)

Barbie and Ken tied the knot at Faraway Castle in Plasticity.

Their wedding was very intimate -- only 4 people were invited! ;)

And of course, a wedding album isn't complete without first dance photos:

Aren't these amazing?!
What did you think of the photos? Which of these did you like the most?

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  1. Very interesting post. I can´t believe that someone has taken photos of this. Anyway they do look like real :) I like the 9th pic and the first dance photo. And Barbie´s dress is cute, too!

  2. omg this is amazing brought back memories when I would play with my dolls ~!! of course wasn't anything like this wow barbie dress is to die for

  3. Miss L-- i couldn't believe it either! it's amazing! :)

    Curves ahead makeup-- i knooow! barbie's wedding dresses before were nothing like that! ;)

  4. So cute! Love that wedding haha!!!

  5. Me Like ^^, so beautiful! and yeah talk about the dresses :o

  6. Cafe Moka-- hahah, glad you love it! ;)

    abby-- ;)

    DailyGlamour-- yup!

  7. OMG this is awesome!! What a clever idea! I never thought anyone could make me want to play with Barbies again, but I kinda admit, now I do! Haha! Love this post, Mimi. Thanks for sharing this cool photoshoot. :)

  8. Oh my... the love story of Barbie and Ken hahaha I reckon every girl had a Barbie at one point in their childhood. I love this post!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a generous comment. Following you now, I'd love for you to follow my blog as well.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  9. Jennifer Fabulous-- you and me both, hahaha! i want to go buy a barbie. ;) and thanks, glad you loved it!

    Wi-- i think so too! you're welcome and thanks for following! :)

  10. Oh my dear gracious!! Those pictures so awesome!!!

  11. this is so cute... just like when we were kids!

  12. LOL What a cute post! Barbie looks beautiful ; )

  13. Punctuation Mark-- you bet! except barbie has better clothes now, haha! ;)

  14. Marie a la Mode-- she does!!! :D

  15. these are so funny! but i do like her dress...


  16. This is too adorable! Kudos to Beatrice de Guigne. :]

    My favorites are the dancing photos and the kissing photo. The wedding pictures look so real!

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  17. Btw, you're welcome! I'm glad you liked the award. ;)

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  18. Thanks for posting the entire set of pictures! They're so cute and takes me back to my Barbie playing days...
    style and musings of a LA fashion lawyer

  19. hehe..SO cute!!

    XOXO, CC

  20. this is too cute! i think Barbie's dress is better than mine! luv it! thanks for the lovely comments on my Oh to be a Muse feature!!! I can't get over these Barbie pictures. It reminds me of Toy Story 3 with Barbie and
    @PhysicalCanvas (twitter)

  21. Sia-- :D

    Misseblog-- it is! :)

    taylor-- yes, her dress is beautiful. :)

    Bree-- yes, kudos to her! :)

    goodbadnfab-- you're welcome! :)

    CC-- :D

    Miss Independent-- they are! :)

    Lisa-Bisa-- you're welcome! and yeah, it reminds me of toy story 3 too. ;)

  22. haha these photos are actually really adorable and pretty at that
    it looks like a fairy tale
    p.s i dont like kens suit either looks like jeans

  23. This is so cute and I like how you put the back story to ken and barbie too. This makes me wish I had a wedding dress for barbie when I played as a little girl.

    Thanks so much for your nice comment

  24. Dale-- i just thought it'd be nice to give some fun facts about them, i'm glad you liked it! :)

  25. Krysten-- i love it too!

    Ruby and Siel-- :D

  26. Oh my gosh! This was an awesome post!

    I love where they got that clothes from: The Fairy Godmother Shop, The Prince Charming Emporium, and the Cinderella Store. HAHA so cute!!

  27. wowww!! lovely post :) following ur blog :)


  28. Dizzy-- thanks! and haha, yeah the store names are cool! ;)

    Rekha-- thanks for following! :)

  29. lol this was sooo cute! I loved the one shoe off pic of her! she's the best! xo -Taj

  30. Taj-- haha, i love that one too. ;)

  31. These shots are crazy cute!:D I like the 8th photo.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  32. Marie-- you described it perfectly! :)

  33. OMG mimi these are so cute and adorable and reminds me of Shrek :P but adorable. Totally can relate to real wedding pictures :D Love this!


  34. a!k0-- yay, glad you love it! i think it's awesome! :)

  35. Awwwww i love this post! beautiful! thanks Mimi

  36. lol aw this is so adorable and funny.
    I used to make my barbie and ken get married all the time! XD
    I think I was a bit spoiled though ><
    I even had a house and a car for my barbie dolls lol

  37. Peiji-- hahahah, you and me both!!! i had that too. i even had a barbie laptop, a barbie cashier's desk, and all that other good stuff. ;)

  38. awh, how cute is this! i love it.
    my fave photo would be the last one.
    it looks so real.


  39. Carrie-- hahaha, they all look so real, don't they?! ;)