Saturday, June 5, 2010

99cents only... pretty good deals.

Many of my Mom's friends have been telling her to go and visit a 99cents only store to check out what they have. My Mom (and basically the rest of the family) has this typical thinking that if it's sold at a 99cents store it's probably not any good. While it may be true for some of their products (like their lotion, body wash, and other stuff like that), it is also true that other products they sell are in pretty good shape and quality.

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What I've noticed here in Los Angeles is that the 99cents store reflects the place where it is located. So we always go to the ones in nicer areas because you can be sure that their products are in pretty good shape. And often, their branches are bigger, therefore, they most probably have more items in their inventory.

The one we go to has the softest and best tasting bread ever! I love it. Too bad I didn't take a picture of it. But here are some of the items I got from the last time we went to a 99cents store:

Air fresheners-- same as those we get from Walmart

Cotton-- great for everyday use (500 cotton puffs for 99cents?!)

Sunsilk hair treatment-- The pump is broken, but the important thing is what's inside the bottle, right?

Softsoap antibacterial handsoap-- I love buying these from 99cents. They are exactly the same as the ones sold in groceries and other stores. Why pay $2-$3 for one when you can get them for 99cents each?

Hair elastics and ouchless hair ties-- You can never have enough elastics, and those ouchless hair ties come in handy all the time.

I was also able to buy Snickers bars. I've noticed that the wrapper is kinda flimsy, it opens at a single tug, but the actual chocolate bar is like any other Snickers bar. Yummy. :)

I've learned that you'll find great deals at places like 99cents. I now look at 99cents stores as bargain heaven as opposed to what I thought of it before. If you learn how to look carefully, you'll really see great buys like the ones I found. I can't wait to go back and look for other great items they have on stock. :D

Have you ever bought anything from a 99cents store?

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! :D


  1. i've heard of that store. i think i've been there a couple of times too:D i must agree that they have pretty good deals. have you tried the dollar store too?

  2. I have never seen one in Iowa! I like to go to the Dollar Tree, I find some fun stuff there! Do you have a Dollar Tree near you?

  3. I'm always iffy about .99 cent stores or dollar stores, I agree though, it definitely depends on the area!

  4. I typically have the same logic that things in dollar stores aren't very good -- however there are a few things I get there that I don't even know were to find elsewhere, such as zippered mesh bags for washing delicate laundry.

    Some of the things in the dollar store are actually a complete rip off, hard as it may be to imagine, but it's true!

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Carrie-- yup, i've tried going there too. pretty much the same deals, only a penny more. ;)

    g e o r g i a-- yup, we have one too! :D

    Emilyanne-- yup, the better the area, the better the store. :)

    Island Gal-- aww, hopefully they'll open one near there. :)

  6. LyddieGal-- i know, they have some things that other stores don't, it's really weird. and yup, it's true, i guess you just really have to pick the ones that have good quality and value. :)

  7. great bargain.. unfo, the dollar store here sells old items eeew

  8. wow. 99c :O
    thanks for the gorgeous comment :)

  9. I've only been to a 99cents store once, and they're aren't many around where I live. But there are a lot of $1 stores, and you can find some great items that don't even look a $1.

  10. I lovee that sort of shop, cool post :-) thanks for the comments again :) Love the blog and what a great way to shop right ? ...Saraaah 0x

  11. Good deals! I have co-workers who live near one that has milk and vegetables, socks, and even plants all for $0.99! It's too much of a drive though for me.

    xx Vivian @

  12. we also have those stores in Holland, but they hace other names.. like so low.
    I think you can find good stuff there, but not all the times..

  13. I LOVE finding a good bargin! In Nebraska we have the Dollar Tree. I love going there for containers or gift bags.

  14. Waouh so cool place ! I must go here :p

  15. 99 cents stores are amazing! agreed that they reflect the area they are located in!

  16. Aw! I didn't know a 99 cents shop is available in the universe!! 100yen shop(in Japan) is my wallet's best friend tho:P

  17. maki-- aww, sorry about that. :(

    Margaret-- you're welcome! :)

    Kelly-- yes, dollar stores are great too! :D

    Sarahhh.Fashion-- yup, you're right! thanks too! :)

    DiamondsandTulle-- the one we go to has fresh fruits and vegetables too! :)

    Malissa-- yeah, not all the time. :(

    Kristin-- yup, they have great containers. :)

    Le pepite modeuse-- :D

    Kakes-- yup, they really do. :)

    yuri-- how much is a hundred yen in dollars? haha, i think i should google that. :)

  18. ooohhh i love dollar stores here as well!! i frequent it whenever i go travelling, because they have some practical small versions of things and stuff! :D

    Animated Confessions

  19. libys11-- yes, they do have those stuff that we can never find in larger stores. :)

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  21. you know what, thats so true especially about what area the store is in. I notice with Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx, the nicer the area the better the store is!!

  22. MsHark-- yup, it's true with those stores too! it took me quite a while to figure that out. haha. :)

  23. thank you so much for being my first bridal blog follower!!!


  24. There are 50 cent stores at my town. They sell really cool and interesting stuff there.

  25. thanks for stopping by at my blog. I checked yours and I loved it! will follow you! specially like this post. I have this thing for American products we all don't have here in Holland :( those snickers almond for example and reeses nutrageous and m&m peanutbutter, you know those? i adore them haha. we have store like the 99c but they hardly ever have something cool. his one also has bread???? wtf haha, never seen that before! but you scored some cool things!

  26. We live in hard times, so why not? I buy from this kind of stores quite often!

  27. Thankuu for the comments, I love marc jacobs to :) keep checking me blog :) Sarah 0x

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  30. Jenn-- you're welcome! i am excited to read your posts! :D

    random rawr-- wow, 50 cents?! that's even better! :)

    Bunny Ears-- you're welcome and thanks! and yup, those chocolates you named are yummy! :D

    meraldia-- exactly. i totally agree. :)

    Sarahhh.Fashion-- i will! :)

    edk.dolce-- thanks for checking out my blog. :)

    Coco-- really? yay! thanks! :D

  31. Oh really? Here (Portugal), if you want you pay 10eur (a little less than 10dollars) a month and you have all free! You can text, call, send photos, go on to msn all the time for free!

    Thanks for following me! xo

  32. Joana Malagueira-- wow, that's cool too! :D

  33. 99cent stores are great for the types of purchases you made. I love getting things so cheap!

    Great buys.
    :) Marcie

  34. Nice blog, I love 99 cent shops, you always buy something

  35. Marcie-- me too! thanks! :D

  36. IsauraQuevedo-- thank you! :D

  37. So it is like the TJ Maxx or Ross for airfreshner? =) I like it. I don't think I am near one, but we do have the dollar tree and dollar general.

  38. Lisa Lisa Lisa-- hmmm, they don't really have clothes like tj maxx or ross does. it's more of grocery/cleaning items. :)

  39. Post-its!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  40. Marie-- they have those too! :)