Friday, June 25, 2010

Travel Destination: Las Vegas

Hi, my dear blogger friends! I am so sorry I have been away from the blogging world for tooooo looooong. My last post was a week ago: crazy! Haha. But anyways, I have just been quite busy with so many things like errands, catching up with friends, and actually trying to work out (haha). I also have to take a test tomorrow. Booo. But I promise to really catch up with all of your blogs next week. I actually miss you all!

Here are some pictures from my last Las Vegas trip with my family:

the Venetian hotel where we stayed

the Wynn where we ate dinner (really yummy buffet!)

Serendipity 3

Paris hotel


dancing fountain at the Bellagio

I hope everyone had a fantastic week! :D

*photo editing done by my sister*
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  1. Great photos. i hope to go to Vegas one day... need to save first.

    Don't forget to enter my little giveaway everyone

  2. Awesome pictures! They turned out so great. =]

  3. Nice pictures!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. how did you like the venetian?! thats where i want to stay next time we go!

  5. I love Vegas =) It has amazing shops

  6. Welcome back!!! :)

    <3 Kelly

  7. Ahh Vegas!!! <3 Looks as if they've recreated Europe in Vegas!!!

    Don't mind the blogger absence - real life first!!!

    Have a nice weekend =)

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  9. Hello! I am glad that you travel to different cities))) This is a fun and interesting

  10. hey girl! beautiful place. i have a lot of relatives in vegas and behind the flashy hotels and casinos, they say it really feels like a small town.

  11. i just love las vegas + awesome hotel btw. Did you ride the gondola?

    check out my blog <3

  12. Hope you had a amazing time! I love to go to vegas one day =D xx

  13. Mimi, glad to hear from you :)
    Love the Vegas pics!
    Hey, when you get a chance you'll have to check out my new blog

  14. Kelly-- hi! it would be so much fun! and yup, you're right, gotta save first. :)

    Leenda-- thanks! :D

    Marie-- thanks! kudos to my sister. :)

    Tara-- the venetian was awesome! i loved it there! :)

    Jesa-- :D

    Ansa-- i totally agree! :)

    Kelly-- thanks! :)

    Susi-- haha, yes they did. :)

    AnnaMoon-- :D

    maki-- yup, i've also been to parts of vegas away from the strip. :)

    Lena Cleff-- nope, sadly i was not able to ride the gondola. i want to try it though. :)

    xWHLo-- i'm sure you'd be able to go sometime soon. :)

    g e o r g i a ~ g i g i-- i will definitely check that out. :D

  15. Vegas is such a wonderful and memorizing place! I just love it. I was there in May and I already want to go back!

  16. Paula-- aww, i'm glad you had fun there! i do want to go back too! :D