Thursday, June 3, 2010

Polyvore: out and about this summer. :D

The weather is starting to hit the 90s. Eventhough it is not yet officially summer, summer is definitely in the air! :D

This is something I will wear while out these days. Light scarves are a favorite this season. You can never go wrong with LV. And I want one of those watches. :D

It's sooo hot, it's time to bust out those shorts and dresses. :)


  1. Lucky! We're still in the cloudy-rainy-gray 50s-60s! I love those sandals, and the pink shorts.

  2. oooooh I love those coloured watches too :)

    Its pretty warm here in the UK too!


  3. Today was so hot here in England! Love the pink colour scheme (:

  4. Your blog is very nice ! Thanks for your visit :) Your spot are very interesting ! I love this selection, perfect for the summer :)

  5. the weather here in Norway is still unstable.. last week was sunny but still a bit cold. and now it´s gray and rainy x) ..

    and ahh refreshing outfiit :D nice watch too!

  6. Mimi I am sure you will look fabulous!

  7. Mmmm, I love those yummy summer shades!
    I wonder if I could pull off pink shorts....

    Chic on the Cheap

  8. its 90 every day here! cute shoes and watch! xo

  9. I was LONGING for a new polyvore post, Mimi!!! :D I'm loving this outfit, esp. the pop of pink. This is really a hot summer outfit!!!

  10. Love the colors!!! I want a new scarf in these popsicle colors now!

    xx Vivian @

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    Have a great weekend!

  12. Great selections! I especially love the scarf. The colors are all perfect for the summer =)

  13. Carina-- aww, really? i'm sure summer will show up soon. :)

    beautyandthebeast-- i want one of those watches. enjoy the warm weather! :)

    rebecca-- i like pops of color in everyday outfits. :D

    Le petite modeuse-- thank you and you're welcome! :D

    Abby M.-- thanks! i've always wondered how the weather is like over there in norway. thanks for sharing! :)

    g e o r g i a-- awww, thanks! :D

    LyddieGal-- i'm sure you can! :)

    Kakes-- over here it's like in the 80s, but this weekend it will be 90s. yikes. hot! :/

    Susi-- thanks! i noticed that i haven't made a polyvore outfit in weeks! :D

    DiamondsandTulle-- me too! :D

    Ashley-- hi! thanks so much for stopping by and following! :D

    Lisa Lisa Lisa-- thanks! i love these colors! :D

  14. i love summer scarves :) i just stocked up at my fave thrift shop a few weeks ago.

  15. nyc lu-- they are a really nice addition to an outfit. i want to go get some too. :)

  16. love the colour scheme here
    so summery

    great blog :)

  17. umbrella-in-the-sun-- thanks! :D

  18. hi mimi!
    oh these are all soooo perfect and summery, much like your blog page i seem to notcie!
    thank you ever so much for the award, i swear i will pass it on within the next couple of days, have just been extremely busy with exams and such recently!
    lots of lvoe and as ever, thanks for your comments

  19. we're from england, and the weather here is GREAT! which is really strange considering england is usually cold and wet, haha.

    love love love the sandals!!
    you're blog is great - its so colourful and great to look/read through.

    check our blog out if you have the chance:

    lily and sophie x x

  20. I love LV. Love that purse! It's 90's here as well. :)

  21. Lovee your blog, thankyouu for following me and the comments, Im also following you, keep up the good work...Saraaaah..0x

  22. hay Mimi, love the blog !!! I just found you through Sarah's page ...glad I did :)
    It's very pretty. I love your randomness, as I am too. Have a fab weekend hunni x

  23. Suyinsays-- you're very welcome! good luck with exams! :D

    Influential Drive-- thanks! i will definitely visit your blog. :D

    Ansa-- i loooove LV too! :D

    Sarahhh.Fashion-- you're welcome and thanks! :D

    Vintage and Cake-- awww, thank you soo much! :D

  24. this is so cute :)
    loving the blog
    great posts
    stop by some time :) xx

  25. Margaret-- awww, thanks! :)

  26. i really really love this whole outfit. i am crazy for pink so this is something that i would definitely wear:D

  27. Carrie-- awww, i'm sure you can find something in your closet that will look like this outfit. :D

  28. i love big, colorful watches!!! I bought an orange one just like that one from target and I wear it with EVERYTHING :)

  29. Marie-- i saw one in target before too. :)

  30. behindblueeyes-- i know, right? :)

  31. loooooooooooooove the sandals!

  32. Fun Los Angeles summer outfit, Mimi!:D

    Love the bag and watch!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  33. Marie-- they're great. i want them! :D