Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lakers and Kitchen 24 in Hollywood :D

Almost everyone here in Los Angeles is in a celebratory mood: the Lakers are the 2010 NBA Champions!!! Woot woot! :D
I have to catch up on reading everyone's blogs and commenting on them tomorrow. I spent the whole day with my friends. We haven't seen each other since Christmas! Crazy! We literally spent hoursssss just sitting and talking. :D

Anyways, since I started this post about the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA Championships, I want to go ahead and share with all of you a restaurant my sister and I ate at after a night of walking around in Hollywood.

Kitchen 24 is a restaurant located near the many clubs in Hollywood. No, my sister and I did not go clubbing (Haha!), but we did enjoy the food in this "clubbers" favorite spot. It is open 24 hours (I believe that's why it's called Kitchen 24), serves breakfast all day, and has a DJ. And the food? Super delicious! They are priced reasonably as well. :D

Here are the dishes we ordered:

Grilled 14oz Upper Choice New York Strip Steak, $19.95

Hash Brown Salmon Florentine, $14.25

Chocolate Chip Cakes, $8.25

Check out their website here.

It's Friday tomorrow! One more day 'til the weekend! :D


  1. Hey they won!!! Congrats =) This must be your favorite national sport in the U.S. - we only bear little relation to that - only football ;D

    Have much fun with your friends, Mimi!!! <3

  2. Edwina-- yay! :D

    Susi-- yup, they did! american football is really big here too, but i don't understand how that's played. haha. :D

  3. Wooohooo!:D So happy about the win.. but did you see the riot? A cab was on fire, crazy.. and I mean, what for?!

    I <3 Kitchen 24!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. Woo hoo Go Lakers! (Always a Cali girl at heart, you can take the girl out of Cali, but no the Cali out of the girl) && That food looks great!

  5. the lakers' victory is on almost everyone's status on facebook. hehe... congrats to them. :D

    oooh. kitchen 24 food looks very delicious. i want the steak. i'm craving steak. haven't had it since my birthday. lol. glad you and your sis had really good meals. :)

  6. I love hash browns!

  7. i have something for you at my blog! come check it out:D

  8. I'm so excited for LA! Cities are so fun when there is something to celebrate, I was jealous of all the fun tweets from California last night :)

    And those chocolate chip cakes = yum-o!!

  9. Oh man the food looks so good! I love eating hashbrowns! Mm...

  10. I hope that the Lakers win! :) and everything that you ordered looks divine, yum!

  11. I LOVE hashbrowns and those look delightful! Isn't catching up with friends the best.

    Have a great weekend and go Lakers!


  12. Ohh, you are so adorable Mimi! How do you understood what I meant? My post was in Portuguese.
    Geez, I'm hungry now! It seems so delicious!

  13. ahhh... that icecream looks delicious!!

    thankyou so much for all the comments on my blog- I really really appreciate it!

    Emilie xxx

  14. it looks so tasty!!


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  16. oh my, yummmmm! what a lovely, tasty post :) hope you have a wonderful week ♥

  17. Those pancakes look yummy (:
    Really cute blog!

    xx, Melissa

  18. Those chocolate chip cakes look delicious!!

  19. Emilyanne-- soo true! i totally agree. :)

    Jannie-- i love steak. :)

    Cafe Bellini-- yup, yum! :)

    MelisAnne-- i will definitely check that out. :)

    Ashleigh-- the parade was held last Monday. it was crazy. :D

    Leenda-- they're making me hungry now too. :)

    Caitlin-- yup, they won! :D

    Marcie-- catching up with friends is really the best. :)

    maki-- :D

    Taj Acosta-- woot woot! :)

    Joana Malagueira-- i used translator. ;D

    Emilie!-- you're very welcome! :)

    Krimly-- they were! :D

    Tere-- thanks for dropping by! i will check out your blog for sure. :)

    CHANTELLE-- i hope you're having a wonderful day! :)

    Melissa-- thanks! :D

    Tasha-- they were sooo yummy. :)