Monday, June 14, 2010

Movie: Julie & Julia

Last week, I watched the movie Julie&Julia. I originally wanted to watch it when it came out in the theaters last year, but I just wasn't able to, and then it took me months to actually watch it on DVD.

The main reason why I wanted to watch it is, of course, because it is about cooking and food. And in that aspect, the movie did not disappoint. It feels like I took a crash course on cooking. Yes, I cannot cook those dishes they had in the movie, but I'm happy I added a few French cooking/food terms to my vocabulary. :D

Meryl Streep as Julia Child is brilliant, as always. What else do I have to say? She's Meryl Streep, it's a given. :D

Amy Adams as Julie Powell is good too. I just miss her gorgeous long, red hair (like the one she had in Enchanted). In this movie, she blogged about her challenge to cook 524 recipes from Julia Child's cookbook in 365 days. As a blogger, of course, I was excited by the fact that she had a blog. :)

One thing I have to say, though, is that her character is not as lovable as Giselle in Enchanted (haha, can you tell that I love that movie?). But nevertheless, she delivered, definitely. :)

Stanley Tucci as Paul Child

Stanley Tucci is basically like Meryl Streep. He's good, as always. :)

Halfway through the movie, I was getting a bit restless and bored. But then, Jane Lynch, aka Glee's Sue Sylvester showed up as Julia's sister, Dorothy. :D

The actors in the movie were all brilliant, I guess it's just the storyline that got me bored and looking forward to the ending. Don't get me wrong, though; it's a good movie - there were quite a few funny moments. It's just that after seeing it once, I don't think I'm gonna watch it a second or third time, unless I'm at home and I see it on HBO or something.

Have you seen Julie&Julia? Opinions? Thoughts? :D

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  1. I agree! It is such a good movie. I really enjoyed watching it, but especially loved the parts of julia.


  2. I didn't see it yet. But I have too !!

  3. I saw this at the cinema and thought pretty much the same thing as you. It was good enough but I didn't really care about the ending and I wouldn't watch it again. Totally missed the fact that Julia's sister was played by Jane Lynch!

  4. Haven't seen it yet. I read that Meryl Streep trained at the famous cookery school in Paris? It's a bit like Catherine Zeta-Jones in her restaurant film (which I haven't seen) - apparently she couldn't cook at all in real life so she got the opportunity to train with the top chefs in NYC. These lucky actors and actresses, eh...

  5. Same here. Julia (Meryl Streep) made the movie. On another note, it's funny how hair can make you look so different. Amy looks lovely either way but she looks amazing with long hair. :)

  6. I loved it but I'm obsessed with all things French. I liked how it was tied together from past to current.

  7. Le pepite modeuse-- hope you get to see it! :)

    Laura-- if i watched it in the theaters i probably wouldn't catch it either. ;)

    Cafe Bellini-- i think she did. and i saw Catherine Zeta-Jones' movie. i know, they're so lucky! :)

    Ansa-- i love her long hair. :)

    Ashleigh-- yup, i agree that part was cool. :)

  8. I have to see it,looks great!

  9. I loved it! Meryl is the best and I love Julia Child ;)xoxo

  10. Taj Acosta-- true, Meryl Streep is truly the best! :)

  11. My Grandma and I went when it came out! We laughed and had a good time!

  12. I haven't seen this movie yet, but I've been wanting to for the longest time! Just no time...I will prob rent it whenever I get the chance. =]

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  14. Totally agreed - Jane Lynch saved this movie for me. The entire time she was on screen all i could thing of was "I'll often yell at homeless people: 'Hey, how is that homelessness working out for you? Try not being homeless for once.'"

  15. i actually wanted to watch this too. but then i kinda changed my mine cause i knew it was gonna be boring-ish;D maybe i'll check it out sometime when i don't have anything to do. lol.

  16. I enjoyed watching it but yeah, there were boring parts. Won't watch it again for sure.
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  17. It has a few enjoyable moments, but does drag a bit and doesn't have a typical plot line with a specific climax and endpoint. The book was a bit more enjoyable though.

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. I saw this for the first time a month ago! I like it :) Kind of inspired me to cook more as well as blog more :P

  19. i thought it was okay i really hated the ending but i love to cook so i really wanted to see the movie lol wont watch it again but i wont say its the worse movie ive seen. :)

  20. If you'd like to check out my review of this film and others pop over to my film review blog called "A Choc Top and Me" at
    I found this movie totally inspiring! Wendy xx

  21. yes, i already that film :)
    so great film. i love the meaning of pearl in that movie :)

  22. I thought the movie was adorable, but I also got a little sleepy toward the end. I thought they could have made it a little shorter.

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  23. I've really been wanting to see this movie. I love cooking and blogging so its my kind of movie right? I've heard it is a bit long and can boring in some parts. I'm prepared for it!

  24. g e o r g i a-- there were funny moments, definitely. :)

    Leenda-- let me know what you think about it. :)

    Island Gal and Kakes-- :D

    B.Gossip-- aww thanks! :)

    Ally-- hahaha, omg, she's just so funny. :)

    Carrie-- yeah, it's definitely something to watch whenever you have free time.

    Marie-- same here. :)

    LyddieGal-- i actually haven't read the book. but i'll check that out.

    Susie-- yup, it is inspiring in that way.

    brittany's_dolce_vita-- yeah it's definitely not the worst movie.

    The Sice Family-- thanks for letting me know. i'll check that out.

    LIZ-- oh yeah, the pearl necklace. :)

    Jessica-- i agree, they could've made it shorter. and thanks for telling me abt your giveaway!

    Lisa Lisa Lisa-- yup, it does seem like your kinda movie. :)

  25. I've wanted to see this forever now, I love Meryl Streep, and it looks so cute.

  26. i haven't seen this yet, so thanks for the review. i didn't know stanley tucci and jane lynch were in the movie! that's great. oh, and i loved Enchanted too.

  27. Kimberlee-- meryl streep is the best. :)

    Cheryl-- you're welcome! i didn't know it either until i saw the movie. :)

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