Monday, June 28, 2010

Lush: New! Solid Shampoo

This isn't our newest shampoo bar, we call it New because it's full of stimulating essential oils to encourage healthy hair growth. We put in refreshing peppermint and cinnamon infusions for a healthy scalp and stimulating rosemary and nettle absolutes for shine. If you're losing your mane because of hormones or age, you could go out and buy a new toupee, but first try New shampoo and see if it doesn't do the trick. Use it with The Hair Doctor for a major scalp stimulating experience. ($9.95)

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I've always had some issues with my hair. I have super straight hair (something my friends always said they'd kill for). It takes sooooo looooong to grow, and I shed more hair than is normal. Thankfully, these past few years, my hair and I have become better and better friends. I learned to just ignore the over shedding, and began to love my hair.

My sister (who is a Lush lover) bought me the New! solid shampoo. She said it would make my hair grow faster. At first I was like, "Are you sure? How do you use this? Will it produce lather like normal shampoo does?". She said just try it and so I did.

The first thing I noticed is that it does produce lather - more than you would expect from a solid shampoo. The cinnamon and peppermint smell will fill your bathroom and stay there for quite a while. So, if you love the smell of cinnamon and peppermint, you might like this. :)

How do you use it?: You just scrub/swipe it against your hair, and when you get enough lather, you knead/scrub your hair like normal. (I'm not sure about the correct words to use. Sorry!)

After a few weeks, I did start to feel new hair growing. It's a bit weird at first because you'd go and touch your scalp and you'd feel baby hair growing. Haha. But it goes to show that it really does make new hair grow. Just a word of caution, be careful when you scrub it against your hair/scalp. The first few times I did, I forgot there were cinnamon sticks within the shampoo, and mine were sticking out... I scratched my scalp with those sticks. So yeah, be careful. :D

Have you tried it? What did you think of it?

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead of you! We are approaching the 4th of July weekend here! I'm so excited because it's also my 20th birthday on Sunday! :D


  1. I have never tried any of the lush shampoos. Happy early birthday! Check out my blog when you can. You've been awarded. =)

  2. OOooo.. This sounds like a miracle haha ^^ xx

  3. Ansa-- thank you! and i will for sure check out your blog right now. :)

    xWHLo-- haha, it kinda is. lol. ;)

  4. I have used the New shampoo. I loved it! It takes my hair forever to grow too and this really worked! Great post:)

  5. Trista-- it really does work. thanks! :D

  6. I love everything Lush.:D I'm really glad it worked for you!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  7. Oo i've got to go try this! I love LUSH!!

  8. Marie-- lush is great. :D

    Jesa-- i hope it works well for you too! :)

  9. Thanks for the heads up, I am constantly on the lookout for anything to grow my hair longer! I will defo be giving this a go :)


  10. Charly-- you're welcome! :)

  11. Oh I really want to try this now! It looks great! x

  12. I use this too! :D
    It's amazing! I hate cinnamon, but I actually love the smell of this solid shampoo!

    ooh how exciting! The big 20!