Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tagged by Candid Phobic :)

I was tagged by the lovely Candid Phobic to do this tag. She gave me 8 questions to answer. I will then make up my own 8 questions to be answered by 8 bloggers whom I will tag. Pretty fun huh? :D

Here are my answers to Candid Phobic's questions:

1. What do you do for a living?
- I actually don't and have never worked a day in my entire life. But I am studying to be an event planner and I hope to eventually open a business with my sisters.

2. Aside from blogging, what is it that you do during your spare time?
- During my spare time, when I am not studying, I read, watch my favorite TV shows/ movies, go on Facebook to catch up with friends, and spend time with my family (we go to the beach or the mall and other fun stuff like that).

3. How often do you wear make-up?
- Whenever I have time before I leave the house to go out.

4. Do you have a favorite book?
- Hmmm, I love to read so I have a lot of favorites. But just to name some, I love Sarah Dessen books, the Shopaholic Series, Harry Potter...

5. What is your purpose for starting a blog?
- I wanted to expand my horizon, and this is one way to do it. I learn a lot from my fellow bloggers from all over the world. I also have a lot of ideas/topics that I would like to share with other people. :)

6. If you could have the power to be invisible for just one hour, where would you like to be?
- This is a bit hard to answer... I was gonna say on a plane to somewhere nice, but one hour wouldn't be enough. Haha. So, I don't really know, the movie theater, maybe, so I can watch a free movie?

7. If asked, "how will you describe a rainbow to a person who's blind since birth?" what will your
response be?
- I would say that a rainbow is something that brings a smile to anyone who sees it, so whatever makes him/her smile, that would be comparable to a rainbow.

8. What is/are the best thing about blogging? What is/are the worst?
- The best thing about blogging is being able to share your ideas and thoughts, and learning new things from other bloggers in return. The worst? Hmmm, it gets addicting? Haha.

I tag these 8 wonderful ladies:

A La Moda
Kelly Lauren

Here are my 8 questions:

1. If you were stuck on an island or an elevator or something like that, what are the top 5 beauty items that are sure to be inside your bag?

2. Which female celebrity's style do you admire the most and why?

3. Do you think it is possible for one single person to change the world?

4. What is/are your favorite movie/s?

5. Have you seen the movie Avatar? If yes, do you think it should've won the Oscar for best picture and best director?

6. What do you look forward to the most this coming summer?

7. If you were to choose, computer or cellphone?

8. If you were given an all expense paid vacation to one place only, where would you go?

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Have a lovely week!


  1. This is a fun read, Mimi!:D Thanks for tagging me!:D

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  4. nice! i enjoyed reading this:D

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  7. that seems like fun!!:)

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  8. Veery nice haha I like that Idea of the questions *-* Pretty Nice
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  9. Great getting to you know you a little better. :)

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  12. What a fun post! I'm the events manager for a local magazine and it's incredibly fun, yet hard work. Just make sure you're incredibly organized!

  13. Jessica-- thanks for the advice! :D

  14. i love reading these :) i totally agree with you on question #8, i love blogging although it's SO addicting!

  15. CHANTELLE-- haha, it really is. thanks! :D

  16. love your answers and your questions! so creative!

  17. Thank you for the tag! Will be doing this soon! :P

  18. Emilyanne-- you're welcome! and looking forward to it! :D

  19. I love that we get to "listen in" on your journey to living your dreams!!!

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