Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 American Music Awards

Hey, guys! :)

I just finished watching the 2011 American Music Awards.
Awards = Red Carpet.

Ready? ;)

There weren't very many jaw-dropping looks tonight, if anything it was pretty blah with almost everyone wearing metallic colors... and that is why number one on my list is:

Sara Ramirez -

Sara Ramirez AMA s

I can't find the details of this look, but all I know is she looks beautiful!
Her hair, makeup, earrings, and dress = perfect!

And I think it was pretty smart of her to wear a long-sleeved dress... it is freezing over here (well, according to L.A. standards, haha!) -- it's raining and it's soooo cold!

Jenny McCarthy -

Jenny Mc Carthy AMA s

Yay for color!
I love this eggplant-colored Victoria Beckham sheath.
Her black booties give this look a fun and edgy vibe.

Okay, here we go with a medley of short and metallic dresses:

Julie Bowen -

Julie Bowen AMA s

I think she looks pretty.
And I've already explained why I like this dress before... remember this dress from my Dress Up: 5 Trends to Love post? It's the same dress Camila Alves wore. ;)

Heidi Klum -

Heidi Klum AMA s

I am not crazy about this metallic Giles Deacon mini-dress.
I'm not sure if I like the cut-out details, either.
But nevertheless, Heidi Klum is beautiful!

Jennifer Hudson -

Jennifer Hudson AMA s

It's not extraordinary or anything, but she looks good in this metallic jersey drape front Jenny Packham cocktail dress.

Sarah Hyland -

Sarah Hyland AMA s

This Amen cocktail dress is fun with its stone and sequin detail, but Sarah, what happened to your hair?

Vanessa Minnillo... oh, I mean Vanessa Lachey -

Vanessa Minnillo AMA s

She looks good in this embellished ivory mini-dress paired with suede Jimmy Choo platform heels.
Not the best, but not too bad either.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber -

Gomez Bieber AMA s

Sorry, not a fan of this pewter Giorgio Armani gown... I feel like she is one tug away from a wardrobe malfunction. And is it just me or does she seem to ALWAYS wear dresses like this?

And ummm, why does Justin Bieber look like a girl? And what's up with the velvet suit?!

Taylor Swift -

Golden Girl: Taylor Swift donned a floor-length golden gown covered in sequinsGolden Girl: Taylor Swift donned a floor-length golden gown covered in sequins

Her sequined Reem Acra gown is beautiful... but at this point, what's new? It's pretty standard -- Taylor Swift = sparkly dresses. I like her jade Lorraine Schwartz earrings, though. And yay for straight hair!

***I also just have to say, I know Taylor Swift has accomplished a lot and yeah she is talented, but I think Katy Perry or Adele should've won Artist of the Year because come on, I think everyone had Last Friday Night or Someone Like You stuck in their head at least once. What do you guys think?***

Lady Antebellum -

Lady Antebellum AMA s

Love these three! :)
Hillary Scott looks beautiful in her Swarovski-studded Rani Zakhem strapless column gown.

Jennifer Morrison -

Jennifer Morrison AMA s

She looks so pretty!
I love how well her loose waves and braids go with her Temperley London dress.

Katy Perry -

Katy Perry AMA s

A classic Katy Perry look.
I won't ever wear this Vivienne Westwood couture dress, but that is because only Katy Perry can pull this look off. ;)

Sarah Drew -

Sara Drew AMA s

I don't know whether or not I like this lacy floral dress - but hey, she's pregnant, radiant, and beautiful!
And I am liking Dr. April Kepner more and more each episode! ;)

Alanis Morissette -

Alanis Morissette AMA s

I think this belted black gown would've been better without that weird slit.
And I love her fishtail braid, but I just hate how her hair is on her face. :/

Audrina Patridge -

Audrina Patridge AMA s

She looks great, but perhaps a dress a size bigger would've been better?
I think her Boulee mini-dress is a tad too "mini", especially at the top.
Plus, I am not a fan of her platform shoes.

That is it for my American Music Awards fashion recap.

Whose look did you like the best? Whose look did you not like at all?

***images from Yahoo! and Google***

I wish all of you a wonderful week!!!

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  1. My 2 favorites would be Jenny McCarthy and Taylor Swift. I like Jenny's look because it's a nice combination with an edgy side to it. She looks great especially with those leather booties. Taylor Swify did play it safe but c'mon, that dress is really pretty! I'm also loving her jade earrings.


  2. Carrie-- yes, i agree, that's why i like jenny mccarthy's look too! and yeah, i gotta admit taylor's dress is really pretty, and so are her jade earrings! :)

  3. taylor is mostly seen in golden sparkly dresses,but i have to agree she looks perfect!
    hahah soo agree with you,justin looks 'beautiful' :D

  4. Glamorous Barbie-- hahahahaha, justin being 'beautiful' made me laugh!

  5. i'm lovin selena gomez's heels and clutch! hating beiber's velvet suit lols! nice post!xx

  6. cute pics!love lady antebellum!<3


  7. i will be dreaming of the Victoria Beckham dress. so beautiful. thanks for sharing, love. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I've got a new outfit post inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Love to hear what you think. xo

  8. I love Taylor's dress, but when I saw her I had a brief "hang on, hasn't she worn this before?" moment because, as you say, it's all she seems to wear! Never the less, she looks beautiful! I guess she is sticking to what works, and it definitely does!

    I was a little disappointed in Katy Perry's outfit. I love her, she's stunning and has such an amazing figure and I just felt like the dress swamped her a little and didn't do anything for her.

    :) xxx


  9. I think she looks gorgeous too! I love that colour! I love Jenny's dress and Heidi's is lovely too ,but I think its the same as what we are always seeing now! Katy Perry looks gorgeous as ever and so does Taylor, she always looks amazing! Thanks for all the comments and for reading my blog, I really appreciate it! Huge fan of your blog too! XxxX

  10. not a fan of miss. taylor. but she's look great on that gorgeous dress :))

  11. Justin Bieber looks like a girl more and more every day... most of them looked fantastic!

    Have a great week!

  12. Silver and white were the colours of the night! XOXO

  13. that's exactly how i felt about taylor swift. she always wears dresses like this. and i have no idea what justin is doing--his hair looks awful.

    i do like jenny mccarthy though!

  14. I loved Taylor Swift's dress! I wasn't a fan of Jennifer Hudson's dress, she looked like she was going clubbing!

  15. Haha I've been asking that question too, Mimi. Why does Bieber look like a freakin' girl?!

    another day to wander

  16. I think Sara Ramirez looks stunning, easily the best-dressed lady there. I also like Taylor Swift's dress :-)

  17. such a lovely post dear and great blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  18. They all look pretty. But whats up with Audrina? And Bieber is still a douche LOL! XOXO

  19. Oh my goodness, Beiber and Gomez look like babies. I guess that's a good thing though.

  20. absolutely love Jenny McCarthy's dress!!

  21. Love Julie Bowen's dress!


  22. Rakhshan-- haha, i haaaate the velvet suit too!

    Valerie-- love them too!

    Fash Boulevard-- i love that dress too! and i will definitely check out your post!

    Sarah-- yeah, that's true, i guess we should stick to what works best for us. ;) and yeah, i see your point about katy perry's dress although i do tend to stop critiquing her looks cuz that's just her style, haha. ;)

    Second Hand Rose-- aww, thanks! that means a lot to me! :)

    dunia-- i agree with you -- i'm not a big fan but she does look great!

    Punctuation Mark-- haha, he really does!

    Sia-- hahaha, i knooow!

    Cheryl-- we are on the same page on these ensembles! justin's hair looks soooo bad!

    Marie a la Mode-- now that you mentioned it, i totally see it! she does look like she's going clubbing!

    Dianne-- hahaha, riiiigghtt?!

    Laura-- totally agree! and yeah taylor's dress is pretty. :)

    Marella-- thanks for following!!!

    Venus Loves Virgo-- haha, he so is!

    Nikki-- hahaha! ;)

    Krystal-- she does look good. :)

    Maribel-- love it too!

    Bad Joan-- it's a really nice dress. :)

  23. the eggplant coloured sheath is lovely, but there's
    something off about the dress, it looks a tiny bit
    tight around the bust area ><

    Heidi's metallic dress is... verging on not age appropriate lol
    I know she's a model, but you can see her underwear?
    although Taylor sticks with sparkly dresses, I still really like it :)
    I'm not a fan of Audrina's platforms either!

    great post! :)

  24. Peiji-- haha, true, it does seem a bit tight. and you got it! that's what i'm trying to pinpoint about heidi's dress, it's too "young" for her. :/

  25. I LOVE Jenny McCarthy and Julie Bowen's dresses, they're so pretty and feminine. I'm not really a fan of the super mini-dresses, they're a bit tacky

  26. I really love the colourful dresses, like Sara Ramirez and Jenny McCarthy, such beautiful tones! I also love Julie Bowen's dress, I want IT!!

  27. Many Colours-- yeah, i like mini-dresses, but those micro mini ones make me cringe. :/

    Sheri-- i knooow, sara and jenny's dresses are so pretty. and julie bowen's dress is too. :)

  28. Sara Ramirez<3<3 that is all I got to say :)

  29. AnieLii-- i think that's more than enough! haha, and we can all see she looks beautiful! :D

  30. I missed the awards, but this is the only part I care about anyway- the dresses! Thanks!

  31. Meri-- haha, true, it's really the part i am most interested in too. you're welcome! :)

  32. No one really pushed the boat out did they? Glad to see you put Sara Ramirez first though, she's great! I didn't get to see these awards so thanks for posting this, I love seeing people's dresses the most anyway!

    Emma x


  33. Emma-- yeah, no one really did. ;) and you are very welcome! :D

  34. I liked Taylor Swift's look, even though it was somewhat predictable of her lol. And I agree, I thought Adele should've won too. My fave look of the night was Jennifer Hudson's 2nd dress :)

  35. I truly love all the dresses. Love two trends mostly seen now: berry hues and silver shades. And tho I'm not the bggest fan of Mr. Bieber I must admit that his Old Hollywood look is beyond awesome



  36. New follower!!
    I loved Jennie McCarthy's look... I thought it was fun, edgy, and totally appropriate for the event!!
    Can't wait to catch up with the rest of your blog! :)

  37. pretty selection ! Taylor is gorgeous !

  38. Wow... Some of them are killing it.. and Then there are a few misses.
    Honestly I like Selena's dress. I think what I like about it is that it is effortlessly precarious... But I think if it were in a more neutral color it would have really been incredible. Nude or cream or beige.. Right now? Too shiny.

  39. Audrey Allure-- i remember liking jennifer hudson's second dress too, but i can't remember what it looked like, haha!

    Alexandra-- i am loving berry colors too!

    yiqin-- :D

    Lena-- aw, thanks for following! :)

    DailyGlamour-- yeah, she is. :)

    Lisa-- haha, yeah definitely a few misses. ;) and yeah, perhaps it would be better if selena's dress was a different color.

  40. Julie Bowen looks fabulous, I love her in Modern Family! though.. she is looking rather skinny isn't she?.. I hope she's not getting into the "anorexic club" from L.A... anyway.. cool choices, Selena Gomez looks gorgeous like a 50s glam diva.. and Audrina I have to say looks sluty to me, especially with those heels and almost topless dress...
    thanks so much for your comment on my blog, I appreciate the good thoughts and hope to end this heart suffering soon... I'll keep in touch, cool blog! take care!

  41. Even though her dress is kind of predictable, I think Taylor Swift always looks immaculate! Love your blog too :) So jealous you live in LA love it there! x

  42. little moon lover-- i knooow, she is looking a bit on the thin side. :/ and yes, i agree, audrina looks slutty, it's sad. :/ you are very welcome, btw! i wish you well and take care too! :)

    Gillian Brown-- yeah, i agree, she does look fantastic! and i hope you can come visit california sometime! :)

  43. Great fashion recap, girlie! My faves are Sara Ramirez, Jennifer Morrison, and Hillary Scott. Gorgeous ladies!

    I am also loving Dr. April Kepner now. She's beautiful!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  44. Bree-- thank you!!! haha, yup, i've grown to love dr. kepner. ;)

  45. I actually really love Jenny McCarthy and Julie Bowen's dresses. The AMAs are usually a little more "fun" and less dressy than some awards shows, so I think they look great and really appropriate!

  46. Meagan-- yeah, that's true. i think it's cool that it's more casual. i just wish there's more color though. ;)

  47. Oh god, Justin. Don't do that. He's lucky to stand next to Selena.