Monday, November 7, 2011

Hair: Hot Bobs

Hi, everyone! :D

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

I may have mentioned many times before that I have a fear of cutting my hair short -- primarily because my Mom had my hair cut reeeeeeaaaalllllyyy short when I was young = me being scared of haircuts since then. ;)

But now, I appreciate short hairstyles more and more -- specifically chic bobs.


All About Bobs:

1. Which style is for you? -

Face shape determines length -- the smaller your face, the shorter you can go.

2. Layers make it modern -

A few layers can make a big difference, they give hair movement and keep the style looking natural and not too triangular on the bottom.

3. Play with shape -

Flat iron = sleekness
Curling iron = dressy curls

Here are some celebrity bobs for inspiration:

Hairstyles Bob

***images from Google***

Are you sporting a chic bob right now? Have you? Any tips on managing a bob?

I wish all of you a wonderful week ahead! :D

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  1. Are you gonna try a bob soon? :D I don't have a bob. My hair is currently slightly pass my shoulders in crazy curls :P or it might be longer but I love the bobs on these celebs. :) Have a wonderful week!


  2. a!k0-- i don't know... i kinda want to, but i'm not sure if i can pull it off. ;)

  3. I used to have a bob when I was younger, after seeing all these celebs who've sported the "bob" I think I might want to do the bob again too. I love Nicole Ritchie's hair! =)

  4. This spring I had a chic bob - something similar as on your last pic, but now I want long hair again :P

  5. Have you been reading my mind? Because I was totally looking at bobs yesterday thinking about getting my haircut! I think it must be a sign :)

  6. I used to have a bob a few years back, and I loved it, but now, I kinda miss having long locks so I'm trying to grow my hair long. I have been a fan, and always will be a fan of Victoria Beckham's bob.


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  7. Oh my gosh! We have exactly the same traumatic experience! My mom used to cut my hair like a boy's when I was young and I got teased a lot because of it :( But now I'm growing mine waist-deep.. Just like I wanted.. hahahaha

    IZZY <3

  8. I think the bob looks great on people but I you have to be sure that you really want it cause growing your hair back out takes FOREVER!

  9. I've always thought of having a bob but I don't think I've got the right shape face for it. I've recently had to have around 14 inches off my hair and its seriously short now. I never thought it would suit me even though I really wanted it like it. It does actually look really good and shows off my face a lot more. I used to tie half of my hair up loosely to see what it looked like as a bob. Definitely try Label M Sea Salt Spray it is amazing a great for adding texture to hair.XxxX

  10. I do love me some bobs and have sported that look throughout my life - so cute! Right now, I'm crazy busy so sticking to long hair - easy to tie back!

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  11. ChinkyGirLMel-- nicole richie has a really good haircut!

    Miss L-- haha, that's the weird thing, when we get a haircut we end up missing our long hair -- i guess we always want what we don't have. ;)

    Marisa-- haha, i might've? just kidding, but yeah perhaps this is a sign? ;)

    Wi-- when people say celebrity bob hairstyles, victoria beckham is always one celeb that pops into my mind!

    IZZY-- yes! exactly! that's what i went through too. ;)

    Amber Blue Bird-- yes, that's so true!

    Second Hand Rose-- thanks for that tip, i will check it out. :) and i used to do that too, haha!

    Marie-- haha, yeah, sometimes it's just easier to let our hair grow. ;)

  12. I love Katie Holmes bob! So chic!

  13. I'm scared to cut my hair really short too, but now I'm sporting a shorter haircut and I'm loving it! It's not a bob, but it's pretty short. I don't think I can pull off a bob though. These celebs looked fab with this haircut! <3

    Lots of love, B
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  14. Bree-- they do look fab, don't they? i guess it has a lot to do with the way hair is styled? ;)

  15. I loved having a bob though it's hard work keeping it neat and in shape

  16. Kavery-- yup, it is hard work to keep a bob in good shape and condition. ;)

  17. I just bobbed my hair a few weeks ago, and I LOVE it. I have a lot of hair, and am a pretty small person, so I try to keep my hair in proportion... I mostly do the "sleek" style, because my hair is pretty naturally straight and the wavy thing hasn't stuck very long when I've tried it unless I shellac it in hairspray, which I hate.

  18. I like short haircuts :) aw I know how you feel!
    I think my mom used to cut my hair real short too :(
    I would always have straight cut bangs lol but when
    my hair grew out, I looked so much like Boo from
    Monsters inc. XD

    I usually get my hair cut up to my shoulders during the spring/summer season.

    It feels refreshing and light!

  19. Meri-- i hate using too much hairspray too, so i think sleek is the better choice. ;)

    Peiji-- yeah, it does feel so refreshing to have a haircut, and i think shoulder-length is just the right length. :)

  20. I am sporting a short bob now. But am thinking of growing hair long again. Going through that between the hair stage which is a pain.

  21. Savvy Gal-- i knoooow, i hate that stage! ;)

  22. I've been sporting an A-line bob for about a year and a half now, and I have to say I love having short hair versus long hair. I don't know about anybody else, but for me, having a bob is really easy to manage. I use Tresemme heat tamer before I blow dry, and for after, I use Tresemme anti-frizz smoothing creme. I usually wait about 2-3 months before I get trim.

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  23. Lorraine-- thanks for the hair tips! and tresemme is a really amazing brand when it comes to hair care. :)

  24. Lol this is totally making me want to cut my hair short!!

  25. ThemuseViola-- i think short hair would look fab on you anyway. :)

  26. I hope you'll find the courage to really experiment with bobs, Mimi.:D

    I am comfortable with short hair but right now I am enjoying my long black hair. I used to have Nicole's style in Katie's length.:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  27. Marie-- i really hope so too! and i'm sure you looked great with that hairstyle! :)

  28. I wish I could pull off the bob... but unfortunately I have finally gotten the hint that mid to long length hair suits me best. :)

  29. All these images make me want to cut my hair short. SO cute! If I knew for sure I could pull it off I would go for it.

  30. Rose Penelope-- yeah, me too, i think mid to long hair is the right length for me. ;)

    Lilly's Style-- haha, same here! :)

  31. I actually have a bob right now. Well at least I did. I cut my hair right towards the end of the summer. (and I have to admit that I miss my long hair.)

    I think Nicole Richie has the best bob ever! She carries it so well and it just looks so good on her. She makes me jealous. :P


  32. Carrie-- i agree, nicole richie has the best haircut! i've always wanted to cut my hair like hers. ;)