Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Polyvore: Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday!

Last night, I asked you guys if you've already planned your Thanksgiving dinner menu.
Now, my next question is: Is your Thanksgiving outfit ready? ;)

Mine isn't... so I decided to make some Polyvore outfits for inspiration.

Our family plans aren't quite solid yet -- I think we're going to my sister and brother-in-law's place for Thanksgiving lunch, and then perhaps to another relative's house for dinner. Since I'm not sure, I went ahead and made two sets of "Day-to-Night" outfits that I would love to wear (and hopefully can recreate with the stuff I already have, haha!):

Mustard Pants -

Thanksgiving Day-to-Night 1

I have yellow pants, but not the perfect mustard-y shade like the one here -- for the first set, I decided to have the pants as the main piece in this Day-to-Night outfit. Although I am going comfy with a slouchy v-neck pullover and a scarf, I still think it would be nice to dress up the look with oxford platforms and those beautiful stud earrings. I would put my hair up in a high ponytail -- to showcase the earrings (and to keep hair out of my face while I eat, haha!). ;)

At night, I would go for a pretty pink blouse, change my earrings to those beautiful blue dangling ones, and then go comfy with ballet flats. For this look, I think a nice and sleek bun would be best -- show off those gorgeous earrings and pretty blouse!

I love dressing up, but of course there are days when I want to dress down a bit while still being stylish:

Sequined Tee and Black Blazer -

Thanksgiving Day-to-Night 2

A sequined tee is a good way to "stylishly dress down" -- for day, I would pair the tee and a black blazer/jacket with cropped jeans. And as with the first outfit, I would add a bit of sass with lace up booties, a bright colored bag, and pretty earrings.

For a dinner get-together, I'd keep the tee, blazer, and bag -- I would go for black skinnies and those beautiful green suede slipper loafers. Keep the flower earrings or switch to a more fancy pair.

I am quite torn between these 4 possible outfits -- help me choose?
Which of these would you wear for Thanksgiving?
What are your plans for November 24th?

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  1. Love it the outfits are so colorful but really simple and I love it!!!


  2. I want to wear something "fall"ish, but its been in the 70s this week! I'm hoping itll cool off. I had to wear short sleeves last Thanksgiving and it annoyed me lol.

  3. Fashion Kreator-- aww, yay i'm glad you love them! :)

    Katie-- haha, the weather can be soooo unpredictable! ;)

  4. ahhhh I love this. I always plan out my outfits for special events. Im not quite sure what Im wearing yet. I have 3 dinners to go to. So something with an expanding waitline! hahaha
    Your picks are gorgeous. I love the first one best!

  5. Veronica-- alright, i'll take your pick into account. ;) and yeah, i always plan my outfits in advance too. plus wow, 3 dinners?! that's amazing! :D

  6. hi dear! nice outfit choices :D love how you styled the mustard pants :)

  7. Oh wow..love the first group ...but really we are a much more casual bunch...so the second group would be more of my choosing.

  8. I am in love with those platform oxfords. I think I must have them. I have nothing planned for thanksgiving. Who knows what I'll end up wearing!

  9. Adore the first look, I would love those Tory Burch nude flats! :) xx

  10. i LOVE the first mood board the best (although the black cardigan on the second is really nice and elegant)
    I love the blue purse though... Its... gahhhh! Wonderful!

    And I'm feelin' the mustard pants!!! :)
    Whatever you wear, I think you're already safe with your "possiblities" ... you'll look great

  11. Great picks. I love that peach colored bow blouse.

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  12. Love the outfits choices (that you have to make :P) I am loving the slouchy V neck and skinny jeans with booties :D but anything you wear would totally be great.



  13. 2 thumbs up for polyvore! I love your outfit choices :) The pink blouse and boots are to die for!

    Much <3

  14. Great outfits. I especially love the second one. It looks simple and stylish!

  15. I love the oxford heels in the first pic!

  16. I'm loving that peachy blouse! So gorgeous! xx

  17. roviedear-- hi! thanks, i'm glad you loved it!

    ellie-- haha, i knooow! sometimes you just want to be casual and comfy!

    Marisa-- me too, who knoooows! i gotta get these plans straightened out. ;)

    glamour rouge-- i want them too!

    Ash Louise-- aww, thank you!

    JustPatience-- i love them too! and thanks for telling me about the giveaway!

    a!k0-- i love that combo too!

    Her Reality-- aww, thank you! and i love those two pieces too!

    Miss L-- :D

    Elle Sees-- thanks for your vote! ;)

    Marie a la Mode-- i love it too!

    Taj-- yup, it is!

  18. Way cute!! I can't even decide which outfit I like the best! That pink top is beautiful :)

  19. Leeann-- haha, you and me both, i can't decide! ;)

  20. Veronica-- thanks! glad you think so! :)

  21. i love your polyvore sets!
    mustard color item is really a must-have for this season! and yet i havent got mine..
    and i want those dangling earrings too! <3

  22. JoaNNa-- thank you!!! i still have to find mustard pants too! ;)

  23. I don't have any plans yet as well. These are all fab outfits. Well done, girl! ;)

    My fave would be the first outfit with the blue slouchy v-neck pullover. It's comfy yet chic!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  24. Bree-- aw, thanks, girl! and thanks for your input, i'll take that into consideration! :)

  25. Both sets are really cute and perfect for Thanksgiving with the family. But I would choose the first one. I love the combination of the whole ensemble. And I also like how the mustard jeans is the main concentration in the outfit. :D


  26. Carrie-- i am still torn, but now i feel like i'm leaning more towards the first one too. thanks for your input! :D

  27. Cool sets! I love this Balenciaga in yellow!

  28. yay loving the first look! but i guess look 2 will be perfect for that event! <3

    btw, thankyou for the comment. i feel so flattered <3 take care!

  29. i don't celebrate thanksgiving but i love the blue sweater with the yellow pants :) x

  30. You always post such beautiful things!

    I love both outfits, but if I was forced to pick maybe the first? But I don't think you can go wrong with either! Loving those mustard jeans! :) xx

  31. I LOVE the second look - the sequin tee is phenom! :)

  32. i have heard about the thanks giving day!
    but unfortunately we don't have this day here in Nepal!
    but i badly wish if i can be part of this celebration!
    thanks for the comment...
    i think i am ur follower from a long time noW.

  33. Thanks so much Mimi for wishing me happy bday! Love the outfit ideas, but the first one is definitely my favorite! The color palette is amazing, love that mustard with the blue and the corals and creams. And that Jade green earring is the BOMB haha

  34. The first one but only because it has those gorgeous mustard pants ;) I know I am so mustard addicted!

  35. these are all super cute! My families Thanksgiving is super casual, although me and my sister usually are a little more dressed up.... but really anything goes (including sweats!). but my fav is the Sequined Tee and Black Blazer with the boots!


  36. Such a lovely post, I like these outfits! Great sense of style!

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    Enter the Shopkempt giveaway on my blog!

  37. I am totally crazy for that first set. I would love to wear it every single thing in that set. And such a pretty black blazer and green shoes.

  38. I am L0VING the 2nd outfit! def something i would wear :) too cute!

  39. I'd go with the first on the left!

  40. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment
    Love the second combination! The grey boots are perfect

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  41. these are great ideas!! i like :) must start thinking..

  42. They are all so cute! I love the sequined tee, it's easy to feel super cute and put together with such a great tee and blazer.

    I think I'll be going for the most practical option of loose comfy dress - no worries about over eating when there is no waist line to speak of ;)

    Chic on the Cheap

  43. love the outfit ideas!

    I'm imagining it in my head and it looks cute lol
    I love basic tops and sequined t-shirts with a blazer! :)
    Us, Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving in October, but
    my family doesn't really celebrate it, so I can't wait
    to hear about yours! =p

    I'm planning on getting myself a pair of oxford heels as well! :)

  44. THE NOMADIC FASHIONISTA-- you're very welcome! take care too! :)

    head over heels-- such a good color combination, right? :)

    Sarah-- aww, thank you! i'm glad you like the things i post!

    Erika-- it really is!

    Ihamo-- yup, i think so too, thanks for following! and hey, you can always have a thanksgiving dinner, right? :)

    Nana-- you're welcome, i hope you had a great birthday! and thank you sooo much for your input, i so appreciate it! :)

    just tututiny-- i am quite obsessed with finding the perfect mustard pants too, haha!

    jenny-- haha, same here! my parents tend to go casual, but my sisters and i always try to dress up. ;)

    Fabrizia-- thank you! and i'm pretty sure i've already followed, but i will check again! :)

    Sunny&Star-- i am really loving those green shoes too!

    Joanna-- :D

    Natalie-- you would look great in them!

    Francesca-- thanks for the vote! ;)

    Joana-- you're welcome! and thanks for stopping by!

    Krystal-- aww, thanks! i'm glad you think so!

    LyddieGal-- i totally agree with you -- a great tee and blazer are two good items to have! and you're right, we can never go wrong with wearing a dress. ;)

    Peiji-- yay for getting oxford heels! and i can't wait to share my thanksgiving celebration with you guys! :)

  45. I love the beige platform heels in the first collection. Too cute!

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  46. These are pretty sets, Mimi. I would wear the second set with the booties and I can't say no to a fab bag like that!:D

    Plans? Lots of cooking and eating.;D

    ***** Marie *****
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  47. Marie-- thank you!!! i can't say no to a fab bag either! and that sounds like the perfect plan! ;)

  48. Love the first set. Navy and mustard are a match made in heaven!

    x Marcella

  49. Marcella-- you are soooo right! it's such a beautiful combination. :)

  50. Omg I adore these outfits! You have a very good style missy! I love the yellow trousers, green earrings and the pink shoes in particular, I need them! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/

  51. Second Hand Rose-- awwww, thank you! i'm glad you liked these outfits. :)