Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How do you keep yourself fit?

Happy Tuesday! :D

Sooooo, Thanksgiving is only two days away... actually, technically one day away since it's almost Wednesday, haha!

I am going to be eating quite a lot on Thursday, I'm sure... and Christmas is just around the corner.
That can only mean one thing = more food!

I don't obsess so much over my weight and although I could lose a couple pounds here and there, I'm pretty happy with my weight (plus, I love food too much to say no to it!). ;)

With that said, I do try to keep an active lifestyle -- I would love to be one of those people who can stick to an exercise routine, but it's just not working for me, I get bored and lazy. So now, what I do is I go walking (sometimes when I'm feeling really energized, I run... sometimes, haha!).

Here is a photo I took a couple of weeks ago while out walking:


It was such a beautiful California day!
Clear blue sky, sunny but not sweltering hot. :)

How do you keep yourself fit?
Any tips for me and other bloggers who don't like to go to the gym or follow an exercise routine?

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  1. That picture is so beautiful, looks like a really nice walk! I'm like that too, I'm always trying to lose a few pounds. I hate treadmills so I just take 3 classes a week at my gym cause they make me work like spinning and kickboxing and then it switches it up. Kinda a boring answer though, I try to walk a lot too. :)

  2. Dale-- that actually sounds good to me, i think i can handle 3 classes a week. i'm gonna have to look into that, thanks for the tip! and thanks, i'm glad you like the picture! it was such a beautiful day and place. :)

  3. Such beautiful picture :)
    I love the treadmill, I am a bit shock as well.lol. Well I love it only when I have my ipod. hahaha

  4. That's a really pretty picture. It definitely captures the real California. :D I try to stick to an exercise routine but like you said, it's really hard. haha. I walk to and from school though, if that counts.


  5. AnieLii-- haha, so true! having an ipod helps a loooot! ;)

    Carrie-- of course, that counts! i actually think it's great you have that chance to exercise your legs everyday -- and keep yourself healthy too! :)

  6. Gorgeous photo! If this was what my neighborhood looked like I would probably walk a lot more. I also love fitness DVDs and have reviewed some favorites on my blog. Since you're working out in your own living room there's really no excuses when it comes to taking time for yourself. And with the huge selection of DVDs available today there is literally something for everyone! Keep us updated with your journey!


  7. Lilly-- i've tried the cardio max dvd and i did enjoy it... maybe i should go ahead and give it another try. and i agree, having a nice place to walk/run is a good motivator. :D

    Amber Blue Bird-- just dance looks soooo fun! :)

  8. Lovely photo! California looks awesome~
    Hmm, do random activities that are considered as exercise.. aka swimming, vacuuming, walking, bike riding etc.. all the little things that you use to do as a kid or something

  9. I've been to California once to visit family and
    loved it there! would definitely like to go again :)

    hmm I personally like hot yoga, swimming, running,
    dancing, and hula hooping! hula hopping is fun and
    can really tone your abs if you do it 2-3 times a week :)
    but you have to hula hoop before going to sleep for
    at least 15-25 minutes to see some results =p

  10. Jen-- thanks! days like that are really beautiful. :) thanks for the tips, i'll do more vacuuming, haha! ;)

    Peiji-- when you do come visit, let me know! :) and ohmygosh, really?! i didn't know hula hooping can do that! :)

  11. thats such a beautiful picture! who wouldn't love to walk there haha! i need to start walking too, need to watch my weight once in a while:/
    great post :) x


  12. Looks gorgeous, I'd love to go there someday!! Shopping is my cardio honey ;-) XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/

  13. Rakhshan-- haha, i knoooow, i love walking along that road! :)

    Second Hand Rose-- i'd love for you to come visit california! i would also loooove to visit the uk someday soon. :) oh and hey, shopping is a good form of exercise, haha. ;)

  14. Playing soccer, jogging, and healthy diet!

  15. Tabby-- i wish i knew how to play soccer. ;)

  16. Running is the best exercise for me. Gotta love beautiful California days! ;)

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  17. Bree-- yup! and i do try to turn my walking into running, haha! ;)