Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Out And About: MUJJO Fisheye Pro Lens + Pictures

Happy Wednesday!

This past June, I received an email from a company based in the Netherlands called MUJJO and they offered to send me an item to review. Because I didn't have my iPad yet at the time, I couldn't really go for one of their sleeves collection.... so I ended up getting their Fisheye Pro Lens:

Fisheye Pro For Your Mobile

Simply stick your Mujjo fisheye lens on your mobile phone and you are ready to go and play! Take it with you everywhere so you’re always ready to record the greatest moments in life with the special fisheye effect! Each lens is outfitted with a sticky magnet ring (which need to be placed on the phone) so you can easily attach or remove it from your phone! The Mujjo Fisheye PRO lens comes with a phone strap so you can always carry it with you.

Play Around! 

Go around and share your life. with the Mujjo fisheye lens your pics will always look original and reactive. So if your phone is always there to capture life's most precious kodak moments -- why not outfit it with this great Mujjo accessory.

Easily Attach To Your Mobile Device

The Mujjo Fisheye PRO lens comes with a small magnet ring that should be attached on your phone. Using this magnet, you can easily attach or remove the lens from your phone. The Mujjo Fisheye PRO lens also includes a little bungee cord so that you can always carry this lens with you! Works well on lenses that are not bigger than 1cm in diameter.

Universal use on many phones! 

The Mujjo Fisheye Lens can easily be adapted on any mobile phone (with camera) using its sticky adapter. So extend your HTC, iPad, Blackberry, iPhone, LG, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung or whatever phone or tablet you got with the Mujjo Fisheye l.

With all your friends on the same webcam! 

With the Mujjo Fisheye PRO lens your webcam experience will never be as before. From now on you won’t be limited to filming only yourself. Birthday party? Why not use the cam with all of you guys?

I remember when Fisheye Cameras from Urban Outfitters were all the rage, so I was super excited to see this particular product on MUJJO's website!

It's a great product to have if you want to give your pictures a different feel and look.
It totally upgraded my iPhone camera, haha! Now I get to have cool fisheye photos! :)

The lens come with magnetic rings (pictured above) that stick to the camera part of you iPhone or other gadgets. 
It's good that they give a few of the magnetic rings because that way we can use the Fisheye lens on things other than our iPhone.

I just wish they'd include a little carrying case, but they have the little bungee cord -- that works out okay. :)

Price: €39.95 (or $53.15 for us over here in America)
A little pricey, so I guess ultimately it depends on whether or not you really want it and if you're gonna get a lot of use out of it.

To help you decide, here are some photos I took using my MUJJO Fisheye Pro Lens:

My outfit = will be featured on a separate post! ;)

American Flag = Picture taken a week before the Fourth of July. ;)

Whole Foods Pizza = THE best!

Wine and Cheese!

More cheese...

More wine and cheese...

Candy!!! ;)

Gorgeous flowers...

Street Lamp ;)

Check out more of MUJJO's products here.
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What do you think of Fisheye Lens photos?
Is this something you might like to buy?

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! And Happy August! :)


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