Thursday, August 5, 2010

Emma Watson: New hair and a Polyvore outfit :)

I hope everyone had a good Thursday. TGIF, right?! I still really can't wrap my head around how fast time goes by. It's the weekend again, really???!!! Not that I'm complaining, but woah, that was fast! Where did summer go? :O

I wanted to do a beach Polyvore outfit to celebrate the last few weeks to be spent at the beach, but then I decided to do an Emma Watson-inspired outfit instead because I went to Yahoo! and I saw this:

Emma Watson's new hair.
What do you guys think? Opinions?

When I saw this, I was like "Woah, really?!" I'm not sure if I love it, or like it, or don't like it. All I know is she has guts! That is such a drastic change. I know it's just hair, but to cut your hair that short? Wow, this girl has guts and self-confidence. We're the same age, but I don't know if I can ever get the courage to cut my hair like that.

If not for a new role, I'm thinking she did that to free herself from being seen as Hermione Granger. I don't know, but as a big Harry Potter fan, I'm kinda sad because this is like a big reminder, that yes, Harry Potter is on its last two movies. *sniff, sniff*

But anyways, if she feels good about it and if it works well for her, then I'm all for it. It is her hair, after all. ;)

Now, on to the Polyvore outfit inspired by this:


It was fun seeing these 3 colors in one outfit. I don't know if I can pull this off, but I sure know there are a lot who can. Maybe I'll wear something like this when I'm a little older. :)

I think because the colors are really bright and loud, simple gold stud earrings would do (if we have these Chanel ones, even better!).

I've started using red lipstick, and I am loving it. It makes me feel grown-up, fabulous, and more out there. I've always loved how clean and polished red nails look. And I've also been wearing my yellow wedges, now if only I can find pumps like this. :D

Anyways, I think I should go sleep now. I wish everyone a wonderful Friday and an even more wonderful weekend! :D


  1. In that picture (with the new hair) she looks like another celebrity which I can't recall who. but she's always fantastic! :)

  2. Wynne Prasetyo-- she looks like carey mulligan! and yup, she's beautiful anyways. ;)

  3. Oh I think this haircut was a mistake. Very brave, true, but I preferred her older style. She is very pretty though and I like her style.

  4. I dont know if i like the haircut =/ but she is gorgeous. I love the outfit you put together, but i dont think i can pull it is so sofisticated! I like it ;)

  5. Hello! It is similar to the first Twiggy mannequin )))

  6. I mean... she is beautiful, but, I really, really hate the short hair. I actually don't like really short hair on women in general, so I am a bad person to ask!!


  7. Hmm I don't really know if I like it but I do like the polyvore outfit :) haha xxx

  8. Woaaahhh what?! Ummm... I liked her the way she was. I'm generally not such a fan of short hair but I have to admit that she looks good because she has such a pretty face. I used to know a girl who had short hair like that and she was the sexiest thing ever, I don't know why or how?!! I just know that I will never cut my hair that short, unless I have to...

  9. She looks like Mia Farrow or Twiggy - I think she looks great but personally preferred her longer locks. Aw well, it'll grow back!

  10. wow! she looks amazing! i could never ever cut my hair that exteme :D she kinda looks like natalie portman in this picture :)

  11. I think she looks amazing. More sophisticated somehow. And she can def. wear her hair that short because she has delicate features.

    Loving the polyvore set. You've chosen a brilliant color scheme. Wow, yellow and red! I love!!!


  12. She reminded me of Natalie Portman when she had her short haircut. I like the bold choice! And I love the red and purple color combination too.

  13. I really don't like it. Reminds me of middle-aged woman hair.
    But it was a really brave move.

  14. I like the longer hair better.. I'm not a fan of the short short haircut on any female. Either way she still looks beautiful! I am also sad about Harry Potter coming to an end =( lol.. Hogwarts forever!

  15. I like her hair. She looks kinda like Twiggy...I could never do it, but she looks great. I like those 3 colors together too. Gorgeous

  16. Other comments mentioned Twiggy and I totally agree. Her longer hair was just gorgeous...color and all. I adore Emma. I wonder how it will effect her Burberry ads...

  17. i feel the same way about the new do. not sure at all.. she has guts indeed

  18. Laura-- yeah, i think i do prefer her old hair, but true, she's pretty. :)

    Aranza-- thanks! and i don't know if i can pull it off either. haha.

    AnnaMoon-- hi! i actually googles twiggy, and i must say she does look like it.

    MsHark-- yeah, i think it was a little too much. maybe a bob would do?

    Ariel-- thanks, i'm glad you like it!

    Cafe Bellini-- yup, i guess short hair fits other people well. but i don't think i can ever cut mine that short. ;)

    Lisa-- true, it will grow back anyways! :)

    mimi-- me either. and yeah, she does have a natalie portman thing going on.

    Susi-- thanks, glad you love it! and true, she has a beautiful face.

    I'maNolaGirl-- yup, definitely kinda like natalie portman. glad you like the color combo!

    Julie-- haha, it's funny how you described it. ;)

    JillieCat-- haha, yes, hogwarts forever!

    Tayebug-- kudos to her for being so brave, right? haha, glad you like the colors in my polyvore set.

    Kristin W-- yeah, i wonder that too.

    maki-- haha, yeah, definitely. :)

  19. It's really brave of her to cut off tht long locks. I prefer her with long hair though..She looks like someone else with that new hair cut

  20. Gutsy! I think I like it longer...

  21. Charming Vanity-- yup, very brave.

    Hannah-- i think almost everyone prefers her old hair. ;)

  22. im really not a fan of the hair.. actually im not a fan of her full stop. But her hair was pretty nice before!

  23. WOW! Ema is a woman now.
    so beautiful!

  24. I saw this photo yesterday and now that I am looking at it again.. something hit me:

    "The hills are alive with the sound of music. With songs they have sung for a thousand years."

    What do you think? She does look like Maria, right?!:D

    Excellent choices, I think this color combination can be really sophisticated when worn right.:D

    I want Chanel studs. Random, I know.:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  25. Thanks for stopping by and following! Now following you as well :)

    xo Lynzy

  26. Emma Jade-- yeah, her hair was good as it was before.

    Clara-- yup, she is. haha.

    Marie-- yes!!!! you're totally right, she does look like maria. haha. :D

    Lynzy-- you're welcome and thanks to you too! :D

  27. I liked it long :)
    but, I commend her for doing it...I mean after all it is just hair and it grows why not try something different right?
    have a good weekend,

  28. Emma looks great with either hairstyles! she can pull it off well!

  29. Wow! I can't believe she cut all her hair off. She can definitely pull it off... she kind of has a Natalie Portman thing going on.


  30. Really not keen on her haircut, looks really dated!
    Love the last picture with the milkshake, love the styling.

  31. omg I saw this too! wow! that is brave! I don't think I can do this! I love my hair too much!

    cute polyvore! I like wearing bright clothes, but not flashy and gaudy ones.

  32. She can pull it off really well. She looks great either way.

  33. LOVE the yellow shoes:-) And I am a huge long hair fan, but she's cute regardless!

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  35. Beautiful!!!

    LOVE minnja

  36. Emma Watson is so pretty that I think she can definitely pull off that look. It's not my personal choice for a haircut, although I am in the mood for one, but I think she's gonna work it well.

    And that outfit is gorgeous. I think those colors actually complement each other really well.

  37. Hey Mimi Girl! Ya, liked her hair long! She is still cute tho'!
    I bet you look gorgeous in your red lipstick ;)
    Have a great weekend!
    gi gi

  38. style'n-- yup, i agree, she's a gutsy girl. :)

    Lily-- i think so too. ;)

    Melanie-- yup, there's definitely natalie portman thing going on. haha.

    Jaymie-- thanks, glad you liked it!

    Breee-- yup, most definitely a brave move. :)

    Ansa-- yeah, i think as long as you can pull it off, why not huh?

    Tamara Nicole-- those yellow shoes are fab! :)

    CGBlogger-- thanks for letting me know about that!

    minnja-- :D

    Hannah-- i love the colors too! and yeah, i think she can pull it off. :)

  39. gigi-- thank you!!! you're always so sweet. and yup, she still looks great anyways. ;)

  40. Haha, I reacted the very same way!! But she looks like someone iconic.. like twiggy or something.
    I still need 2 invest in a red lipstick!! :D

    <3 Kelly

  41. wow emma watson's hair!!!! i think she rocks it nonetheless :D

  42. LOVE her hair! I wish I had the cajones to do that!

  43. Wow - Emma's channeling Twiggy! Love it!

  44. The hair cut looks very good on her! + I love the Polyvore 8D

  45. Kelly-- i'm sure you are gonna look great with red lipstick!

    Edwina-- yup, true!

    Morgan-- same here!

    The Backseat Stylers-- yup!

    Dizzy-- :D

  46. I love her new hair! It's daring,... but she has this cute face that the pixie haircut looks great on her!
    The polyvore outfit is great too... i love all the bold colours!

  47. She looks like Twiggy or Michelle Williams. I think she and Carey Mulligan have very different facial features. I do love the cut! I think short hair is very chic and wish more women would give it a try!

  48. HELLOCATHERINE-- yeah, that's true, her features go well with a pixie cut.

    La Historiada de Moda-- i always say that i will try cutting my hair short, but i never do. :/

  49. i saw this at yahoo too. when i saw it, i was really shocked. But then i kinda like it. I love her confidence:D


  50. Carrie-- yup, she's definitely confident and brave!