Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fashion: Denim Vest

Happy Wednesday, my dear friends! I hope we're all having a fabulous week! :D

One of my favorite items in my closet is my dark wash denim vest. I think a denim vest is a very wise fashion investment. Like our basic white tees and jeans, vests can be worn in many ways, with a lot of items already in our closet, as seen here:


Since I love my dark wash denim vest very much, I also want to buy a light wash one. I didn't really find one as I surfed the internet, but here are cute vests I found:

Denim Cadet Vest (Forever21, $24.80)

Opt Hood Denim Vest (Forever21 Heritage 1981, $24.90)

Studded Biker Babe Denim (Forever21, $19.90)

Roxy "Cut Off" Denim Vest (Nordstrom, $46)

Michael Kors light wash vest ($99.50)

Do you have suggestions as to where I can find a light-wash denim vest at an affordable price?

Here are how some celebrities wear their denim vests:

I also made two Polyvore outfits showing how I like to wear mine.

shirt and vest

White dress with denim vest

Any tips on how else I could wear my vest? Do you like wearing vests?

*images from,,, and Google*


  1. Yah denim vests are great, could match any outfit.


  2. i like the military style one, as well as the hooded one. both look really cute and versatile. i think denim vests are nice, but denim jackets are a bit too 80's! i see them popping up a lot now. we should stick to the leather jacket trend, imo.

  3. I haven't tried to wear a vest since they've come back in style, but your post makes me realize I've been missing out! I love the first vest!!!

  4. Have you tried thrifting for one? Or you could buy a denim jacket and cut off the sleeves...Good luck on your hunt!

  5. Happy Wednesday, Mimi!Ü

    I love this post, I was just thinking of where to get a light denim vest. I have a dark wash denim vest but my sister has it right now -- I'm not sure if she plans on returning it.

    I would wear it with a nice fitting plain white tee, leggings/jeans and boots. Love love love that second set you did.Ü

    ***** Marie *****

  6. i have a couple denim vests and love them. one i got for a steal of a deal at a sample sale that almost claimed my life!! i just throw it on over a black jersey strappy sundress and it looks soooo cool. i hope you find your dream vest. if i see any out there i will most def let you know ASAP.


  7. Omg yes there so in right now. When i was in HK everyone had one on lol. I got alo from there, u shuld jst go to HK and get some, very affordable ^__^ lol


  8. oh you found some cute ones. I love that military one and I love the way Kim (I think that's kim ) is wearing hers. That's how i would wear it!

  9. shineyglam-- definitely!

    Liza-- haha, yeah, i agree that denim jackets aren't as cool as denim vests, but i've seen some people rock it.

    I'maNolaGirl-- i'm sure you'll look great in one!

    Marie Z.-- ooh, those are great ideas! thanks!

    Marie-- haha, does your sister remember that she borrowed your vest? lol! and thanks for that outfit tip!

    carrie-- thank you!!! and i totally agree that they make simple dresses look so cool!

    xWHLo-- aahhh, i really wanna go shop in hong kong. if only money is in surplus. haha. ;)

    style'n-- yeah, kim wore the vest well!

  10. ive been looking around forever {!!} for denim vests. thanks for the post! i wear mine with a green flowery shirt tank top thats super cute.
    ~btw~ i {LOVE} the bag in your lkast polyvore <3

  11. these are cute, I never wear denim vests though :x
    But I'd pair them with a long shirt & leggings and killer heels haha


  12. They're cute... I like how you showed ones with different prices!!! Thanks for following

  13. I feel like it's a pretty hard piece to pull off, but I like the two looks you put together for the denim vest.


  14. megan chloe-- that sounds like a great outfit too! :D

    Lily-- ooh yeah, that sounds fashionably fierce! :)

    Hannah-- you're welcome! and i'm glad you liked it. :)

  15. Love the military inspired one! Can't rock the acid wash though...been there done that & thankfully made it through the late 80's & 90's ;)

  16. I don't know if I could ever pull off a denim vest but I do like the military one!! It's super cute!!!

  17. Love the Forever 21 ones-those prices help too!

  18. I agree, makes every outfit hip! Great Polyvore, and of course I like the MK the best! XX!

  19. I love the looks you put together, I think the denim jacket pairs so perfectly with the white dress!

    Chic on the Cheap

  20. i love the 2nd outfit. i like how you played around with clothes and how you used the denim vest:D


  21. I want one. I think I'm going to cut of the sleeves of a jean jacket.. : )

  22. Hey Mimi girl! Thank you for your sweet blog love! I just adore you :)
    Good luck on your quest for a vest, he he!
    gi gi

  23. I like the Denim Cadet Vest from F21!

  24. Yeah I really really like we heart it too! Great post, I love denim vest's! HUGS

    Ps. Thank you for following, I'll check in here later today so I can follow you too, that ''follow button'' doesn't work right now...

  25. So now it works, I'm your new follower!:D

  26. These vests are fabulous! My favourite is the "studded biker babe"... Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the gorgeous comments!! I'm now following your amazing blog. Pruxxx

  27. Thank you for the nice comment :)
    i'll follow you blog ;)

    xoxo marlene

  28. Lovee the studded vest, I need one of these they go with everything :)


  29. I love Gucci's shoes in the polyvore set!!The yellow cousin saw those in MIlan and she wants to buy those shoes but they are too expensive for a simple pair of shoes in plastic!! Something like 100 euros!!

    visit mine


  30. Hey. I love your Blog (: Thanks for following! <3 Sophie

  31. I love vests! The denim vest looks quite nice, and it never really goes out of style either

  32. I am still on a hunt for the perfect denim vest - no luck so far!! :(

  33. Ooohh! I love the first vest...the military one! So cute! I must find it! LOL!

  34. Good Girls Studio-- haha, me either, but i think it's worth a shot. haha.

    Really Petite-- i'm sure you can pull it off!

    MarchMusings-- oh yeah, they're totally affordable.

    shari-- thanks! and i love the michael kors one as well. haha.

    LyddieGal-- thanks, i'm glad you liked them!

    Carrie-- aww, thanks!

    AnieLii-- yup, that's a really great idea!

    gigi-- aww, thank you! i really appreciate it!

    Candid Phobic-- me too!

    AGNES STYLE-- thank you so much for following me too! and yeah, blogger has problems sometimes.

    Flotsam Friends-- thanks and you're welcome! and me too, i am really liking the biker babe vest.

    Marlene-- you're welcome and thank you!

    Charly-- yup! hope you find one too!

    Christine Lilwood-- omg, yes! i really want it too but i agree, they're so simple for that price!

    Sophie-- you're welcome and thanks, i'm glad you like my blog!

    Pop Champagne-- yup, i agree!

    Erika-- aww, i'm sure we'll find one!

    Jackee-- haha, it's from forever21. :)

  35. aww me too! I still have to find the perfect denim vest.

    You should definitely check H&M, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, or Old Navy :D

  36. LOVE the styles you created!

  37. Breee-- i will definitely check those stores out! thanks!

    Lilly-- thanks, glad you loved them!

  38. I love the look of the denim vest, especially ones with a hood or studs!

  39. Denim vest look rocking on a lot of people... its a look that I seriously cannot pull off though.


  40. Dizzy-- yup, those are great vests!

    Fashion Meets Food-- aww, i'm sure you can pull it off!

  41. I like the first outfit you put together!

    -Shoeless Simone

  42. shoeless simone-- thanks! :)

  43. Hmm. I am seeing denim vests in a new light here. Cool! Maybe you could find a light wash jean jacket and do a little DIY?

  44. WildBirdVintage-- yeah, i was thinking about that too! :)