Friday, August 27, 2010

Essence Kajal Pencil Eyeliner Review

Happy Friday, dear friends! I am happy to share that even though today is still hot, it is definitely milder than yesterday. Yay!

It was a busy day - I went to school to fix some things and then I went to the Camarillo outlet with my parents and brother! I took photos, of course! I can't wait to share them with all of you this weekend or next week. :D

Anyways, have you guys tried the Essence Kajal Pencil Eyeliner?


The classic Essence Eye Pencil gives your eyes irresistible depth. (, $0.99)

- It's very creamy
- Glides on easily
- Has a fine tip, but is definitely not sharp
- The color is defined
- Only 99 cents!

There are 8 colors available:
Black 01, White 04, Teddy 08, Cool Breeze 11, Nightfever 13, Hola, Chica! 14, Behind the Scenes 15, Neon Sweetie 17
Check them out here.

- One little tear = smear, smear, smear!!!

The first time I used this, I got teary-eyed, and the eyeliner smeared all over. I fixed it by using a Q-tip, and applying some more concealer. The good news is it was easily fixable.

Any eyeliner recommendations?

I would also like to thank everyone who checked out my guest post!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! :D


  1. I love Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners, but I'll have to check this one out!

  2. Haha me too =D i love urban decay 24/7 eyeliners! Always will!! <3 xx

  3. Cupcake-- thanks for the recommendation!

    xWHLo-- ooh, that makes two of you! i'm thinking i should try that!

  4. great review Mimi-I might try this!

  5. thanks for the review!!!! it's 99 cents?? sooo cheap :)

  6. Oh, how I wish I could go to Camarillo :( ... was supposed to go to LA this summer but didn't quite make it down .. hopefully next year! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  7. i'm not much of an eyeliner "wearer." haha. i hate how it always smears for me:D But this one sounds really good! Great review.


  8. Thanks for the review! I was pleasantly surprised with the Physician's Formula eyeliner from their organic line. It's not too shabby:) Have a great weekend, Mimi!

  9. I was actually thinking of buying one since I run out of stock. I heard (or read) from Tieka's blog--Selective Potential that she uses a Maybelline Line Stiletto and she does look great with it. I love her portrait shots where you can really inspect the eyeliner (I love eyeliners lol) so maybe it really is worth trying.

  10. Lovely review - wishing you a wonderful weekend, too!;-)

  11. my fav is avon glimmerstick. they are great and very cheap :). I like the brown the best. xx

  12. Do you know what? .... You are so darling!!! I just wanna Say THANK YOU so much!!! I really appreciate your kind words/ wishes :) Lets see if it works ... ;D


  13. My friend actually just tried this, and I couldn't believe that when she walked outside sneezed and her eyes watered a little bit that she looked like a complete mess.

    xo enjoy your weekend!

  14. I have never used pencil eyeliner before - I'm quite fond of CoverGirl's Line Exact myself. It's long-lasting and gorg! Great review, my love!! :)

  15. I'd definitely check it out for 99 cents! Well my favourite is probably by Chanel - post coming sooooon :-)

  16. i use ysl black eyeliner and one from estee lauder.


  17. Hi Mimi! I actually am in the process of some make-up favorites and eyeliner will be a fave topic of minue. For everyday pencil, I use MAC engraved. With my allergies and constant eye rubbing, this is one I find doesn't budge. I hear Nars and Urban Decay also are very good. Stay tuned for my favorite beauty product posts!

    xx Vivian @

  18. I will have to try that! I usually get Clinique's waterproof eyeliner. It's like $20 but it's SO worth it!

  19. I love Camarillo! <3

    awww I hate it when it smears! :/

  20. Sounds like a good product!! thanks for the review :)

  21. naina-- hope you like it!

    mimi-- no prob. and yup, 99 cents!

    Miss*Kimmy-- aw, i hope you get to go next time!

    Carrie-- same here, but i tried it cuz it's a gift from my sister.

    The Owl's Closet-- hope you're having a great weekend!

    Dianne-- ooh, that sounds like a good product!

    Fashion, Art and other fancies-- thanks!

    Georgia's simplyprettythings-- that sounds good, i might try it. thanks!

    Susi-- heeeyyy! glad to hear from you again. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, dear!

    Fashion Meets Food-- haha, yeah, good thing when it happened to me, i was still at home.

    Erika-- thank you!

    Cafe Bellini-- oooh, looking forward to it!

    Anya-- those sound great too!

    Vivian-- cool! i am definitely going to look out for that!

    Sunshine and Summertime-- i think that's exactly what i need. ;)

    Bree-- Camarillo is great!

    Helena-- you're welcome!

    shari-- haha, you can't go wrong for 99cents huh? ;)

  22. Sounds great and I'm loving the price!

  23. mac kajal liners work better for than UD 24/7..but for 99 cents these can ot be passed down!

    BTW I nominated u for a few awards on my blog!

  24. This sounds good! And it’s .99!
    My favorite liners would be Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencils, they have so many differ colors and there the best liners I’ve tried so far! The price of them kinda sucks tho, but if you wait for there friends and family sale or there sets at a x-mas, you can get them for a really good deal 8D

  25. Katie-- yup, the price is fantastic!

    Dizzy-- ooh, thanks for the tip!

  26. hey! :D

    I gave you an award! check it out!

  27. icosmeticRN-- aww, thank you so much! this makes me so happy!

  28. MAC, Avon, and Chanel... those are the ones I use.:D

    Thanks for the review, Mimi!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  29. Marie-- no prob! i'm thinking i'm gonna practice putting on eyeliner more before i buy those brands, haha.

  30. i use essence's make up and i got to say that is super cool. Great stuff for a low price ;)

  31. B.Gossip-- yeah, they are great for the price! :D