Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Fall TV Shows! :)

The end of the Summer beckons the beginning of Fall - back to classes, busy schedules are gonna be in full swing. But, another thing that I am looking forward to this coming Fall, besides a whole new wardrobe for the season, are the comeback of my favorite TV shows: Grey's Anatomy, The Mentalist, and many others to mention.

With that said, there are also new shows to look forward to - Teen Vogue shares 5 "Must-see TV" in their latest issue:

1. Hellcats (the CW) -

When pre-law student Marti Perkins (Aly Michalka) finds her financial aid in jeopardy, it's make it or break it for a spot on the Lancer University Hellcats competitive cheer squad - and for the attendant athletic scholarship. Despite her views on those "football groupies who jump up and down screaming adulation for masculine fantasy figures", she pops in a DVD of Bring It On, and hits tryouts.

Ashley Tisdale also stars as team captain Savannah Monroe, who shows Marti (Michalka) that the line between law and locker rooms isn't so distinct after all.

For fans of: Bring It On and Legally Blonde

I think this is going to be a fun show to watch. It's been a while since I watched both Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale on TV (Where did their Disney Channel days go?), so I'm really hoping this is going to be good. And come on, who didn't watch Bring It On, right? And who didn't love Elle Woods? I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. :)

2. My Generation (ABC) -

A lot can happen in ten years: That's the premise of this cheeky new mockumentary, a "where are they now" that follows nine Greenbelt High Class of 2000 alumni. From failed most-likely-to-succeeds to punks who married jocks and became army wives, who in the Slim Shady generation could have imagined the effects of 9/11, the global financial crisis, iPods, or The Hills?

For fans of: The Office and Modern Family

Just from the description alone, I think I am definitely going to check this show out! It sounds very promising. And I think all of us who've been through or still going through high school can certainly relate to this. I'm still mad at ABC for cancelling FlashForward, but I might forgive them just a bit if this show does turn out to be a hit. Haha. ;P

3. World Of Jenks (MTV) -

Reality TV is about to get a whole lot realer. At nineteen, filmmaker Andrew Jenks moved into a Florida retirement community for the summer to document what makes the sunset generation tick. Now the wunderkind will bring his cinema verite to MTV's new docu-series, where he'll spend each week with a new subject, ranging from a homeless girl to a mixed-martial arts fighter.

For fans of: Made and The Buried Life

Sounds interesting, but I think I'm gonna pass on this one. The only MTV "reality" show I ever really kept tabs on was The Hills (but not after Lauren Conrad left). Yeah, I know this new show has wayyy more substance than The Hills, but forgive me, the latter used to be one of my favorites. Haha. And I am also not that familiar with Andrew Jenks and his films, so that's a big reason why I don't think I'll be watching this.

4. No Ordinary Family (ABC) -

Mom works 80 hours a week, Dad hates his office job, and the kids are convinced their parents are Twitter-spying. The Powells are pretty much your average dysfunctional family - that is, until a near-death experience leaves each with a superpower: to run fast, catch speeding bullets, read minds, or solve quadratic formulas. Will they find harmony and save the world?

For fans of: The Incredibles and Heroes

I loved The Incredibles, and I know a lot of people loved Heroes, so I think this show has a big chance of becoming a hit. I think I'm gonna check out the pilot episode of this show, and if I like it, I'm definitely going to TiVo it. I also just realized that Kay Panabaker (another Disney Channel alum) plays the daughter. :)

5. Running Wilde (Fox) -

Arrested Development's Will Arnett stars as Steve Wilde, an emotionally stunted playboy who attempts to win back his do-gooder childhood crush (Keri Russell) by feigning interest in - and maybe learning to love - her twelve-year old daughter, Puddle (Stefania Owen). Now a new generation can fall for Felicity's leading lady in Russell's hilarious return to prime time.

For fans of: Two and a Half Men

Okay, I don't really watch Arrested Development (but I heard it's really funny - I would think so since Jason Bateman is in it, haha), and I only know Will Arnett as the guy from SNL and as Amy Poehler's husband, but I am sure this new show is going to be hilarious. And even though I'm too young to remember Keri Russell in Felicity, I still love her, as I'm sure true Felicity fans do. I think I'll try to watch this show as well. Hopefully, I'll like it enough to watch all the episodes.

Which of these 5 shows do you think you are going to watch this Fall?

*images from Google and description from Teen Vogue (September 2010 issue)*


  1. These all look really great! (:

  2. Reyna-- yup! these new shows are exciting! :)

  3. I think I'm most excited for Hellcats! On another note.. I'm super excited for Vampire Diaries and 90210 to come back!

  4. i kind of want to see all of these especially hellcats. My husband rolls his eyes everytime the hellcats commercial comes on because he knows he's going to have to devote 2 nights a week to seeing it lol. He told me I have to choose between the new season of America's next top model or hellcats. I chose ANTM but we will see who gets to watch wat when the time comes...hehe *that was an evil hehe*

    As for Rue 21, I absolutly love the clothes they have because everything is sooooo inexpensive! You can go buy the hottest looks for such a small price. The quality isn't great but I dont really care because most of their stuff is trend wear which means I'd through it out at the end of the season anyway. You should check one out!


  5. Sammie-- i've actually wanted to watch the vampire diaries, but i never got around to it. and i watched the first season of 90210, but lost track of it. that's a bummer, but maybe i'll try watching it again. :)

    Anya-- thanks for sharing rue21 with me, i really should check it out! and haha, that's funny, you will probably win, anyways, haha. at least that's what my sister says, she always wins over my brother-in-law. ;)

  6. wow excellent review---did this take you a long time? I love Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, and Modern Family. But I might have to check out some of these other recommendations of yours.

  7. this shows sound interesting! I think I'll be watching Hellcats, My Generation, and No Ordinary Family.

    I also can't wait for Gossip Girl, 90210, Greek, Grey's Anatomy, and the new show Melissa and Joey! :D

  8. naina-- thanks! hmm, it took me about an hour or so to make the post because i had to copy the description from teen vogue, and type my own thoughts. but it's all good, haha. ;)

    Breee-- i'll be watching those shows too! and i think melissa and joey would be funny too! :)

  9. I just wish I could get addicted to night time television, unfortunately I work 11am til 11pm and cannot watch any of them :/

    xo Lynzy

  10. i'm really looking forward to HellCats! and ofcourse, Glee's coming back! gaaah, can't wait:D


  11. I think I am going to check out My Generation. I graduated in 2001 so I'm sure the references will be pretty relevant to "my generation" lol ;)

    Can't wait for the old shows to come back, too! So many cliffhangers! Vamp Diaries, Gossip Girl, House, Fringe, Glee =)

  12. Hellcats i'll watch, but i'm not an Ashley Tisdale fan at all.

    I can't wait for Vampire Diaries & 90210 either!! Oh & Sons of Anarchy

  13. Lynzy-- oh wow, i admire you for working 12 hours! :)

    megan chloe-- it sure looks interesting!

    Carrie-- yes, glee!!! i can't believe i didn't mention that up there. haha. :D

    Join the Gossip-- ooh, yeah, that's really cool! it'd almost be like your class. :D

  14. SassyAgapi-- yeah, i'm not a fan of ashley tisdale's either. i actually hated high school musical (peace to all HSM fans! lol). but the show sounds interesting.

  15. Ohh great post! I am thinking I might check out "My Generation" because I love "Modern Family" so much! Thanks for visiting my blog and following! I appreciate it :) I'll definitely do the same. In fact, I will be your 500th follower! Congrats girl, that's great! xx

  16. Lindsay-- aww, thank you so so much! and you're very welcome. i think your blog is amazing! :D

  17. Very informative post!

    I'd definitely check out No Ordinary Family because I loved Heroes and I'd also watch because I love Keri Russell, especially in the movie Waitress

  18. wow it will be looking great and also getting feel that it will be like high school musical will surely looking forward to it.. well i love to Watch Dollhouse

  19. Running Wilde, My Generation and Hellcats sound good. I hope they'll be broadcast in the UK at some point :-)
    Oh and I don't know when the next season will be shown but I always look forward to The Apprentice (UK) :-)

  20. Gosh I haven't had cable for so long, I forgot what it's like to watch shows! Following you now, please stop by Dina's Days!

  21. Just found your blog...super cute:)

  22. I am really excited about the fall line-up too! I just started the Bachelor Pad and am LOVING IT! I am a reality show junkie.

    xo M

  23. Great Blog, I love it! Thanks for following me ;)

    The Clueless Glamour Girl

  24. I'll be checking out hellcats and my generation!

  25. wow I hadn't even heard of half of these! Thanks for sharing doll ;)

  26. Emy-- oh yeah, waitress was a good movie!

    Emma-- hopefully, it doesn't turn out to be like high school musical, haha.

    Laura-- they do show american shows in the uk, right? i'd love to watch shows you guys watch over there!

    Dina's Days-- thanks for following!

    Collette Osuna-- thanks, glad you like my blog!

    Marcie-- i should check that show out. :)

    Clueless Glamour-- you're welcome!

    Kaitlyn-- same here!

    Taj Acosta-- no prob! :)

  27. I am really looking forward to these shows! I'm especially looking forward to My Generation and No Ordinary Family.

    I'm an '02 grad so it will be really interesting to see MG. I can't believe so much has happened in the past ten years! High school seems so very, very far away even though it wasn't THAT long ago. :S

    And I saw the previews for No Ordinary Family and thought they looked promising. It looks like a show that couldn't ever be boring.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that these shows are good! :)

  28. I'm excited for some of these! Not sure about hellcats though. :)

  29. Jennifer Fabulous-- i definitely agree that so much has happened in ten years - and in the past year alone. i am mentally preparing myself for when my 10th yr high school reunion comes around in 9 years. haha. ;)

    Susan-- i'm really hoping hellcats turns out okay. :)

  30. I’m excited for the new shows, but other than that IDK of anything else I’ll watch?

  31. i don't watch very much tv (except for "project runway" and yes, "icarly." LOL.), but that "hellcats" show looks like it's really nice. i've been a fan of the "bring it on" movies and i'm sure i'll like this one if i get a chance to watch it. it's also nice to see felicity (kerri russell) and job from "arrested development" again on primetime. :D

    MAC eyeshadows sure are worth the try. if you are into neutral colors, they have a nice selection of them. :D

  32. Dizzy-- me too, i kinda feel like i don't watch as much TV as i used to, even though i still have quite a few shows i watch. haha, hope that made sense. ;)

    Jannie-- thanks for your recommendation! i think i am gonna go for neutrals. i watch icarly whenever my sisters watch it. haha. ;)