Friday, August 20, 2010

Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Cleansing Cloths Review

It's Friday once again, my dear friends! I hope everyone had a lovely week! :D

Because our daily lives are often packed and busy - with long days spent at work or school, a night of going out and hanging out with friends, or going on a date night with your special someone - it is no surprise that we come home tired and just ready to go to bed. While most of us absolutely cannot sleep without washing our face, there are also some who are just so tired that they sometimes just go straight to bed.

Fortunately, we now have cleansing cloths to keep us from sleeping with makeup still on our face. I use Olay Daily Facials Express Wet Cleansing Cloths before I wash my face. You can definitely use just the cleansing cloth, it takes out my makeup and cleans my face, but I still do wash my face to be sure.


Daily Facials Express Wet Cleansing Cloths thoroughly cleanse skin with a “lift and lock” texture that holds onto dirt and make-up—even waterproof mascara. At the same time, it leaves skin feeling touchably soft with light Olay moisture and vitamin E.

Add them to your skin care routine to:
• Thoroughly cleanse and soften skin, all in one easy step
• Remove make-up—including waterproof mascara

For Use On All Skin Types. Ophthalmologist Tested. Dermatologist Tested.


I use this cleansing cloth to take off my makeup before I wash my face. I love how the size of the cloth is big enough to cover my whole face. It is thick enough that the dirt and makeup do not seep into the other side. I use the other side to wipe the foundation off my neck. It smells great, and it leaves my face feeling soft and clean.

It does leave a somewhat slippery/oily feeling though, but it's not such a big problem for me since I wash my face after anyways. It's not that greasy, so it's good - I'm guessing moisture and Vitamin E from the cloth can account for the slippery feeling. I also recommend using it everytime we have the chance because they do dry out. Besides that, I didn't find any big problems with it.

Have you tried this particular type and brand of cleansing cloth? What do you think of it? What is your favorite brand?

I was also going through my photos, and I found pictures of the little gift I got from Sephora for my birthday. Sephora gives cute, little birthday gifts to their "Beauty Insider"s. I think it's great, and every year I look forward to what I'm going to get.

This year I received an eyeshadow, eyeliner, and a mascara. :D

Are you a Sephora Beauty Insider too?

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend! :D


  1. I haven't used these but I think I'm going to try. They would save me so much time! Sometimes I'm so tired I practically fall asleep as I'm washing my face in the sink late at night!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of Olay, actually my skin isn't
    I liked Neutrogena ones,I quite liked it. Now I'm up to Korres ones heard so much good about them
    Happy belated/early birthday
    I love sephora's gifts
    last year I got on my birthday Sephora perfume sampler, so after I made my pick I came to Sephora got the full sized perfume and their gift and left the store without paying anything. that was nice ;)

  3. I havent use them before but i sometimes use the johnsons facial wipes and there quite similar like the "slippery" feeling afterwards. It also does a gd job of removing makeup but i agrre, its best to cleanse aftrwards aswell! =] xx

  4. i love those cloths, they smell so good!
    i also got the little insider birthday thing in June, i was surprised that i liked the mascara

  5. will need to give these a try...perfect for travel and perfect for nights when you just want to get the make up off fast so you can go to bed!

  6. Yes, I am!:D I got the lip kit this year.:D

    I use MAC wipes and I've used this brand before and I agree, these do dry up. What I like about my MAC wipes is that it has a nice cover, keeps everything moist inside.:D

    Have a wonderful weekend too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. Marie Z.-- aw, i think this would be perfect for you. :)

    Renee-- ooh, wow, that's amazing!

    xWHLo-- yup!

    SassyAgapi-- yup, the mascara is great!

    style'n-- yup, it's definitely perfect for travel!

    Marie-- yeah, that's the bad thing, it dries up after some time. :/

  8. i always get some from my sister when i need wipes:D omg, i am a beauty insider. but i forgot to get my gift this year though:(


  9. I love the Olay Cleansing Cloths, it removes every thing for me, but like you said I still have to wash my face afterwards.
    I'm actually not a Sephora Beauty Insider, how do you become one? I heard of it before but wasn’t too sure about it.

  10. i love the olay ones but my skin is allergic to them. at first its fine but then give it an hr and pow my skin get sucks cuz i like them..

  11. I have to try those wipes! I already bought the dry shampoo u recommended and I love it!! I got the sephoria gift and I liked the white shadow for the inner corner of my eyes and the mascera was not bad

  12. I have been meaning to write a review on this product for some time now and kept forgetting. These wipes are some of the best I have ever used. I didn't think that it left my face oily, my skin may be drier than yours though. I especially love to use these after I work out, and as a quick refresher if I'm going somewhere after work and I don't have time to refresh my makeup. Cool thing about Olay products too, you can ALWAYS find coupons!

  13. Great post - I like using cleansing wipes too but I haven't tried the Olay ones! Looks promising :)

    I've been a beauty insider for years at sephora but have never claimed my birthday present =( never get around to it or I plain forget! I'm gonna try to remember this year though =D

  14. I did not make up every day so far, because it does not want me to destroy complexion, but when I begin this robic this surely I will be this to use ;]]

    I invite on my blog,
    I greet, Poppy < 33

  15. Does it sting? I mean the Olay? Cause I have the eye makeup remover of the same brand and I really didn't like it after applying the first time cause it stings like crazy! hehe.

  16. I use the Balea brand of facial cleansing cloths available at Shoppers Drug Mart which is a Canadian drug store. They are perfect!

  17. I completely forgot to go pick up my beauty insider gift this year - bummer!

  18. Fabulous review! I find that the only brnd of cleansing cloths I can use is Neutrogena. I'm kind of obsessed with Neutrogena, to be honest! Happy, Happy Weekend, my love!! :)

  19. Thanks for the review..have not tried Olay product before. I love the cleanser by Philosophy fm Sephora though~

  20. i like those olay wipes. i should get them! and i am a sephora beauty insider too.

  21. i reeeallly need to get those wipes.
    and i love getting cute little things from sephora!

  22. I use Olay make-up remover too. It works well. I agree about the oily feeling it leaves that's why I wash my face too.

    I am a beauty insider! I can't wait for my gift on December!

    Happy Weekend!

  23. all my skin products are from Olay, its one of the few products that dont irritate my skin

  24. Olay is pretty nice for my skin I find :D and hehe Im a sephora insider too!

  25. I'm not a big fan of Olay products, but I do always like to keep up with what's new at Sephora. Also, I like your blog-cool background!

  26. Carrie-- aw, i hope you don't forget next year!

    Dizzy-- i sent you an email telling you how to become a beauty insider. :)

    AnieLii-- aw, that sucks. i guess we just all get allergic to different brands. :/

    icosmeticRN-- i'm really glad you liked the dry shampoo!

    Dina's Days-- i've heard from others too that it's really great for after working out, never tried it though, but i trust your word. :)

    Alexa P.-- i hope you get your gift for your next birthday!

    Poppy-- thanks for visiting!

    Candid Phobic-- hi! nope, it doesn't sting when used on your cheeks and neck, but it does a little bit when used around the eye area.

    Faiza-- i'm gonna check if we have that here in the states. :)

    Ashleigh-- aw, next time then! :)

    Erika-- neutrogena is good too! hope you're having an awesome weekend!

    Len<3reNeverM<3re-- i heard many good things about philosophy too!

    Cheryl-- yay! :)

    julianne-- these wipes are great!

    Breee-- ooh, yay, your birthday is almost here!

    Ivania-- :D

    Pop Champagne-- yay for our similarities! :)

    Orgo Cosmetics-- aw, thanks!

  27. Great review! I have not tried this Olay product, however, I've used two different Olay facial wash in foam before. The last that I tried, 7 cleansing benefits in 1 did not really work. It gave me a very oily skin, I stopped using Olay products since then. :)

    Join our giveaway to win a fabulous dress. :)

  28. gleenn-- oh, that sucks, sorry about that. and thanks for warning me about that. :/

  29. Olay cloths are great! (^_^)

  30. Hey Mimi,

    I'm laughing now out of jealously lol I've been a beauty insider for like 4 years now! ... NO gift:(!!! lol

    hahaha Happy Belated Birthday!!

    I like how they didn't cheap out; they gave you full size items!!

    Great blog!!



  31. Kailey-- hey! you should pick up your gift. :) and i just realized that the pictures make them look bigger than their actual size. they are actually smaller. ;)