Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Movie: Eat Pray Love

I was really planning to write this post on Eat Pray Love earlier today; however, it was so hot that it was just hard to sit in front of the computer. After visiting blogs and reading my fellow bloggers' posts, I just really had to get up and do something to fight the heat. So I went for a swim - and here I am now, all full from eating my chicken sandwich, cooled from my swim and shower, and all ready to share my thoughts - here's hoping I don't forget anything. ;)

I'm pretty sure most of us have seen the movie's trailer, but here it is anyway:

Liz Gilbert had everything a modern woman is supposed to dream of having -- a husband, a house, a successful career -- yet like so many others, she found herself lost, confused, and searching for what she really wanted in life. Newly divorced and at a crossroads, Gilbert steps out of her comfort zone, risking everything to change her life, embarking on a journey around the world that becomes a quest for self-discovery. In her travels, she discovers the true pleasure of nourishment by eating in Italy; the power of prayer in India, and, finally and unexpectedly, the inner peace and balance of true love in Bali.
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First off, I regret to say that I did not finish reading the book before I watched the movie. I do feel that I cheated myself a bit because of that. I was really planning to finish the book before seeing the movie, but my best friend called and I was just like, "Okay, let's go see Eat Pray Love!" Part of me wished that she had talked me out of it and made me watch Inception instead, but oh well. Haha. ;)

That being said, this review of mine will be more about the movie and what I thought of it since I really can't compare it with the book. I am thinking, however, that I will write a "comparison/review" once I finish the book.

The movie's poster:

I went into the movie with really really high expectations since my sister has raved about the book - as did many other bloggers - and I actually really liked what I have read so far. My first impression of the movie was that it started out slow. I didn't really feel the excitement until around the time where she decided to take the year to "Eat, Pray, and Love".

We are taken straight into her asking for a divorce, offering everything she owns just so her husband (played by Billy Crudup) would sign the divorce papers. We weren't given much of a background story as to why she just didn't want to do it anymore. Maybe it was because I didn't read the book - but I'm sure many people who saw or will see it hasn't read it - so I hope they would've explained it a bit more. It was just so sudden, and I actually kinda felt sorry for her husband, and there's a part where I was just like "Why are you leaving him when he seems so intent on saving your marriage?!" But I'm only 20 years old, so I guess I really won't understand, so I will just move on from here. ;)

Another thing that was kinda off for me was that she jumped into a relationship with a younger man, an actor named David (James Franco, who rocked that messy, goofy and yet kinda cute look) even before the divorce papers are finalized. And then she leaves him to go on her year-long journey to find balance and inner peace in her life.

And from here is where I found the movie picking up the pace. There were still some parts that felt like it was dragging too long, but at least we were going somewhere.

She arrives in Italy, meets new lovely friends, and eats and eats and eats. It was a serious food trip! I wanted to eat everything she ate. Like Letters to Juliet, this made me crave Italian food - pasta, pizza, gelato, everything!

It also made me want to learn how to speak Italian. Her stay in Italy was an enjoyable one for me to watch. There are many cute moments that just made everyone in the theater laugh. I'm not saying what they are, but yeah, they're there. :)

And then, after four months in Italy, Liz goes to India to stay in an ashram and pray. Not as many light-hearted moments as in Italy, but this is where deep, intimate bonds were formed. We see a bit more into Liz's past, and we see her struggle and come out from the experience changed.

She travels to Bali, Indonesia happier and livelier (thank God!). She comes to see the Balinese healer/palm reader Ketut - a very loveable person. This is the part where I really felt that Liz has come to terms with herself and is finally giving herself a chance to start over. She makes friends, and meets Felipe (Javier Bardem), who later on becomes her lover, and then husband. We still see her struggle, but she gets to a good place in her life eventually. There's also a lot of chuckling done by everyone in the theater during her stay in Bali. And the house she stayed at is just beautiful! (I wish I found a picture...)

I have no complains about the acting. Julia Roberts, Javier Bardem, James Franco, Billy Crudup, and basically everyone in the movie, did a good job. There are quite a few touching and emotional scenes with Julia - she really is a brilliant actress. No question about that.

In the end, I left the theater somewhat entertained and feeling like I traveled to those places too. I also had the feeling of really wanting to read the book in order to really understand and feel connected to the story. The movie didn't leave such a big impact in my life - I'm not a changed person or anything like that. It was just simply a movie to be watched, and I think it will affect different people in different ways.

Is this a movie that you should see? I say yes if you read the book and if you've been really thinking about seeing it. If you want to be really entertained and be laughing every second of the movie, then this is not the best choice. That being said, I don't regret seeing this movie at all. Despite its low points, I thought it was still worth the time and the $11.50. :)

I also just gotta say that I love Julia Roberts' aviator shades (seen in the last photo above and in the one below) and her sandals. :D

Have you seen Eat Pray Love? Are you gonna see it sometime soon? Have you read the book? What did you think of the movie?

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  1. Thanks so much Mimi for this great review. Ive been thinking of watching it so this helps.


  2. Awwww i might watch this movie too.

  3. I loved the book and am so excited to see the movie. :)

  4. I had read the book before I saw it and obviously, it wasn't as good as the book, but it had it's moments. I loved Javier Bardem and thought some parts were great and some were boring. Overall, it was okay in my opinion.

  5. you should still see Inception..that was an amazing movie and Leo is just amazing in it!!
    Thanks so much for the review..would you say it is more of chick flick movie?? I don't think my bf would want to see it with me..lol..but I do want to see it..maybe I should just read the book first like you suggested but I ALWAYS find that when I read the books first, the movie is NEVER as good...eh..what r u gonna do..LOL


  6. I wanna see it, but I'm not all that excited for it. I might wait until it comes out on video and then have like a girls night :)



  7. What a great review. I absolutely love the book, and have been dying to see the movie. My bff saw it and said that she regretted it.. everyone seems to have mixed reviews. Maybe I will just have to check it out and drag the boy.


  8. I read the book over 2 years ago and I loved it. I guess I found it in the right moment in my life and I felt it playing on my inner strings.
    I totally agree - it's not a life changing book in any way but get you into its mood easily.
    Totally have to see a movie and thank you for your review.

  9. Did see it yesterday :D I love her aviator shades and those sandals as well :D

    I found the movie dragging also, it's too long that it had become really uncomfy for me to stay seated =)) but far as the acting goes?*clap clap* they're all bril! even that naked dude in Bali (when they were partying? haha)

  10. Great review! As you know I read the book and saw the film and enjoyed the book more. I totally agree with you that it's a "movie to be watched." I didn't feel like it was an excellent, life-changing movie it was just...good. And you're right, the beginning was soooo slow!

  11. I really want to see this movie!

  12. I have yet to see the movie but I love the book!:D

    Thanks for the review, Mimi!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  13. wow-quite the review here! I saw it and really felt like you couldn't go in with high expectations. it was an ok movie and I appreciated Julia in the movie as well as the scenery but that's about it! And I agree with you-it is still worth seeing.

  14. Great review! Thanks for sharing doll ;)

  15. Great review :D I'm gonna get the book but not sure about the film hmmm

  16. I definitely want to see this although I haven't read the book. I prefer to read the book after seeing the film otherwise during the film I just sit there feeling bored because I know exactly what's going to happen.
    The films you wrote about on your previous post all look great too though I think the UK release dates will be behind. I'm going to see Step Up 3 and Inception this week :-)

  17. shineyglam-- you're very welcome!

    Ms. Chyme-- i hope you like it!

    Ansa-- i really should read the book. haha!

    Scientific Housewife-- yeah, javier bardem was good! and it's true that the book is almost always better than the movie.

    icosmeticRN-- yeah, the book is usually always better. but i guess it wouldn't be that much of a difference if we read the book before the movie or not. haha. i'm thinking the movie would be the same either way. ;)

    love jenny xoxo-- yeah, it's not one of those movies that we really really have to see in the theater, so i think your plan should be fine.

    Fashion Meets Food-- yeah, it will definitely be different for everyone. i suggest if you really want to see it, you should. :)

    Renee-- you're welcome! and i totally agree with what you said!

    Emmaleigh-- bahaha, yes, the naked dude got a lot of laughs! and yeah, i also find myself fidgeting quite a few times during the movie.

    Marie Z.-- yup, it was just pretty good. ;)

    Tasha-- let me know what you think of it!

    Marie-- you're welcome! i hope you make a review about both the movie and book. :)

    style'n-- aww, thanks! and yeah, the scenery was awesome!

    Taj Acosta-- you're welcome!

    Sarahhh.Fashion-- yeah, i think it's definitely okay for you to go for the book first, and see the movie later on.

    Laura-- i think i'm gonna see inception sometime this week too! :D

  18. I heard the book is reallyy good, but i always end up wanting to read the book first then watch the movie lol =] xx

  19. I think I may stick to the book, I am not a lover of films like this with the book you can see the people in it how you want to and feel it more. Sometimes in films it comes over so flat, great review BTW. xxxx

  20. Ugh I feel so miserable, dear Mimi, for neither have I read the book nor have I seen the movie. But it's on my to-watch list! Julia cannot go wrong! :)

  21. I've tagged you on my blog. Check it out
    www.fortheloveofallthingsgirly.blogspot.com xoxo

  22. xWHLo-- yeah, the book has received rave reviews. :D

    Vintage and Cake-- thanks! and i agree with the word you used: flat. sometimes movies like these do tend to feel like that in some parts.

    Tamanna-- aw, don't feel bad! and yes, julia is really good!

    Terri-- thanks for the tag!

  23. i really want to go to see it!


  24. Jade-- i think you should see it! it's a good movie despite its low points. :)

  25. Luckily I read the book two years ago so it's been long enough that I don't remember every detail to compare to the movie...but it did leave out a lot of the reasons she left her husband...if you finish the book, you'll understand more...but it's still a little cryptic. Great review!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me too!!!

    xxo Kelly
    Glamourous Spirit

  26. I loved this movie and I too did a post on it! This movie really made me want to travel and see the world!

  27. i haven't seen it! but it looks really fun because of the food and the places she travels too:D


  28. Great review! Both wanting to read the book and movie, need to find the time!

  29. I can't wait to watch the movie but I really want to read the book first. It seems pretty good. Xx

  30. I really need to watch this!! I'm not sure if it'll be as good as the book. But I really think Julia Roberts was a great choice for the role.

    <3 Kelly

  31. Hi Mimi! How are you? Hehe. I'm blogging again my gosh. Anyways, I cannot wait for this movie! It's really a good book and I'm sure Julia Roberts did great with its movie version :-)

  32. i want to read the book first before watching it. haha


  33. I have not read the book, or seen the movie; nevertheless, this post has made me want to do both. Immediately! :)

  34. Kelly Valentine-- thanks and you're welcome! and i am really planning to finish the book sometime soon.

    Sequins and Lace-- same here! and yup, i read your post on it. :)

    Carrie-- totally! :)

    House in Tillford-- i hope you find the time to do both!

    CC-- yup, many people prefer to read the book first.

    Kelly-- i agree that julia is perfect for the role! i can't imagine anyone else playing liz.

    Candid Phobic-- hi!!! i'm doing well! how are you? i've missed you!

    ching-- a lot of people really want to read the book first. :)

    Erika-- :D i hope you like both the book and the movie.

  35. Mimi--I also had mixed feelings about some of the choices she made, like jumping into a relationship with a man before her divorce was finalized. I've already read the book, and love comparing movies to books. I can't wait to see it. And thanks for following my blog. I love yours!


  36. Absolutely excellent review! <3 Your blog is fabulous huni! Thanks for following mine!
    Much love

  37. hiani16-- same here, i love comparing what they left out in the movie and what the differences are. thanks, i'm glad you like my blog!

    scouselovesmakeup-- thank you thank you! i really appreciate it! and you're welcome!

  38. Ahh that sounds like a film I'd like, must see it when its out! I love romantic chick flicks :-) xx

  39. Rebecca-- i hope you enjoy the movie!

  40. I love James Franco! He is such a cutie! Gahhh! :D

    I want to travel too!

    I might see this now :D


  41. Breee-- i've never actually seen james franco as "swoon-worthy", but i must say he has appeal. haha.