Friday, August 6, 2010

Forever21: Back to School

Happy Friday, everyone! How are you all planning to spend the weekend?

As for me, spending it with the fam of course, and hoping to squeeze in some beach time as summer is about to end, and yes, it's back to school for all students! Sad and exciting at the same time, huh?

One definite exciting thing about going back to school? Shopping for new clothes and school supplies!

As I mentioned on my post the other day, Forever21 has:

You'll get free shipping for orders over $40 by entering the code "STANDOUT". Valid until August 13th. Check out for more details.

These are the items that caught my eye, and they are all well over $40... now if only I didn't spend my allotted shopping money two weekends ago. Haha. But anyways, it doesn't hurt to "window-shop", right? :D

Tree Locket Necklace ($4.80)

Striped Slub Cardigan ($22.80)

Draped Collar Dress ($22.80)

Sheer Woven Top ($22.80)

Metallic Rose Scarf ($8.80)

Foliate Print Silk Dress ($29.80)

Foliate Filigree Silk Top ($29.80)

Silk Muted Tribal Print Top ($29.80)

Ribbed Crochet Cardigan ($27.80)

Breezy Chiffon Top ($27.80)

Aaaah, the joys of shopping! What do you think of these "new arrivals"?

Happy weekend, my dear friends! :D

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  1. I love that draped color dress. That is perfect for fall. =)

  2. ChinkyGirLMeL-- isn't it soo pretty??? :D

  3. I love all those clothes,so pretty!:)

  4. that draped collar dress is a beauty!

  5. great pics. unfortunately I can't buy something from forever 21 or are they also selling in Europe?! don't know :-/

    vicky from Hot Gossip
    follow me

  6. i love the tribal inspired top and the chiffon top. soooo gorgeous! :D

  7. These dresses are so pretty that i wanted to buy all. wish i can :)

  8. I'm spending my weekend studying my butt off :(
    these are great picks!!


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  10. Thankyou for following my Blog! appreciate it alot! :)! Love your Blog:)


  11. I really love the tribal print top, so cool!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. My Forever 21 Wish List seems to grow by the second - what stunning new arrivals these all are! I'm especially smitten with that Ribbed Crochet Cardigan!! :)

  13. Thank you dear for such an amzing comment you left me! Means a lot to me :)
    Great picks from F21!!


  14. ahhhh! I want this! :D

    I'm loving the blue silk dress!

    happy weekend!

  15. Thanks for the code, Mimi!:D

    Lovely picks, the last one really caught my eye!:D

    Happy Saturday!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  16. Michelle Chic-- i love it too!

    Mundiiiiiis-- same here!

    Lucky Sixteen Blog-- that dress is one of my favorites!

    Hot Gossip-- hi! i've heard a while back that they are openiing the first forever21 store in london. hopefully they open stores throughout europe. for now, maybe online shopping? :)

    mimi-- aw, i knoooow. they are so cute!

    Ms. Chyme-- me too! how i wish i can just get all the clothes i want, haha.

    Lily-- thanks! hope the studying goes well!

    CosmeticsChloe-- thanks and you're welcome!

    LyddieGal-- me too! it's so perfect!

    Erika-- my list goes on and on too! ;)

    Tayebug-- it's so cute!

    Kasia_B-- you're very welcome!

    Breee-- oh yeah, i remember your favorite color is blue!

    Marie-- you're welcome! that pink top is really pretty! happy saturday!

  17. Great picks! To bad there isn't a Forever 21 where I live :-(

    Enjoy your weekend!

  18. I love them!! thanks for following the blog btw :) I wish at highschool in the UK you didnt have to wear uniform as a purple and black striped tie isn't the best fashion statement ever ;)
    Aly xx

  19. I've never been a XXI fan, but that scarf & the crocheted sweater might change my mind! I absolutely love fall clothes.

  20. that collar dress is wonderful. loving it!

  21. Love your picks! Back to school is the best reason to shop!! haha!

  22. Love the grey dress! Thanks for the code! XO!

  23. Lovin the cardigan & chiffon top for sure! Hmmm I might gave to stop in atthe mall soon... ;) have a fantastic weekend love!

  24. omg i wish we had forever 21 in my country!! I love them.!

  25. The dress is lovely and its color is perfect:)
    I will check out this webpage Mimi:)

  26. I really enjoy forever21 sometimes. I will definitely be checking out their items today :)

    xo Lynzy
    Don't forget to enter my giveaway, ends today!

  27. I just spent way too much at Forever 21 last week but I'm not going back to school, lol.

    Thanks for entering my giveaway and I like your blog!

  28. Going back to school really is exciting and sad at the same time. But, I'm mostly excited for a new year with new blessings.

    And you're totally right. It never hurts to window-shop!!!! I love that Draped Collar Dress. It's definitely going on my wishlist!


  29. wow love that shade of pink for the chiffon top! That locket is a bargain too!

    Jenna xx

  30. Emy-- aw, i hope they open one there soon!

    Aly-- yeah, i actually wore a uniform to school for 12 years! haha.

    Clare Lennon-- i'm sure you'll find a lot of items you'll like! :)

    Cheryl-- a lot of other bloggers love that too! :)

    Marie-- thanks and yup, i agree with you!

    shari-- no prob!

    andrea-- hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    Bunny Ears-- i hope they open one over there soon!

    pelininstyle-- :D

    Lynzy-- hope you found some nice items!

    Scientific Housewife-- thanks! i'm glad you like my blog!

    Z-- :D

    jenna-- that chiffon top is very cute and delicate. :)

    Dizzy-- me too! :)

  31. ugh, i have one more week till school starts. not really looking forward to it:( but i do like these clothes especially the Brezzy Chiffon top:D


  32. Carrie-- haha, aw, i hope you enjoy your last week!

  33. I can't believe that tree locket was only 4 bucks - so cute!

  34. A Perfect Peach-- i knooooww! ;)