Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tagged by Charming Vanity and icosmeticRN! And some funny pictures. :D

I hope everyone had a lovely Saturday. Since it's been a laidback day for me, I thought I'd do two tags from two lovely bloggers: Charming Vanity and icosmeticRN. Thanks for the tags, girls! :D

These questions are from Charming Vanity:

1. What's the one thing u wanna change if u can turn back time? -
I would say nothing, but really thinking about it, I guess I wouldn't do things that I know now resulted in negative things. Haha, I hope that made sense.

2. If you can only choose one make up product, what would that be? -
Concealer. :)

3. What's ur greatest pet peeve? -
I hate it when things stick out of drawers, and when my siblings open a new tube of toothpaste without finishing the other one completely.

4. The one thing that u can't live without? -
Hmmm, technically speaking, I would say food and water. Haha, but I definitely cannot leave the house without my phone.

5. Iphone or Blackberry? -
This is actually difficult to answer because I had a Blackberry for two years, and I loved it. Now, I have an iPhone, and I love it too. ;)

6. If you have a million dollars, what will you do with it? -
I would take care of our bills, donate to charity, treat my family to dinner and shopping, and put the rest in the bank. :)

7. What's the first thing that u do every morning? -
I check my phone for any calls or text messages, and then I check my email.

8. Flats or heels? -
For the longest time now, I've loved wearing flats, but I now try to wear heels whenever I can - and I am loving it! :)

These next questions are from icosmeticRN:

What's your favorite make up look? -
neutral eyeshadow, blush, and lipgloss

Do you have a beauty vice? -
Hmmm, I don't really know. I don't think so...

What part of your body do you love? -
I love my shoulders. Haha. ;)

Who is your beauty icon? -
I don't think I have a beauty icon...

What beauty product makes you feel instantly good? -
My concealer, and recently - red lipstick.

How do you look after your skin? -
I make sure to take off all traces of makeup, wash my face, use toner, and moisturize. I also try to remember to use facial masks every other day.

What is your signature scent? -
Daisy by Marc Jacobs

What are your hair care secrets? -
I shampoo my hair every other day because washing it everyday dries it up. And I really try to remember to put olive oil or coconut oil on the tips of my hair.

How do you pamper yourself? -
I pamper myself with a "beauty day" - facial mask, mani and pedi, cucumber/tea bag in my eyes...

What is your beauty pet peeve? -
I can't really think of any.

What would your desert island must haves be? -
Water, food, my family, lip balm, a change of clothes, a book... I should stop now, otherwise, I'd be listing everything in my house, haha. ;)

Finally, do you have a beauty philosophy? -
Sometimes less is really more. And if it makes you feel beautiful and confident, go for it!

Thanks again to Charming Vanity and icosmeticRN for tagging me! :D

And because
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ~e.e. cummings
here are some funny signs from

Funny Sign Pictures, Images and Photos

Funny Sign Pictures, Images and Photos

Funny sign Pictures, Images and Photos

funny sign Pictures, Images and Photos

Funny Sign Pictures, Images and Photos

Funny Sign Pictures, Images and Photos


Have a wonderful Sunday! :)


  1. Hahaha I was cracking up with these photos, especially the second one. As Angelinos we know what traffic is like ;)

    And I am the same way with my phone. As soon as I wake up I check my emails. Even if I am running late! It's a crazy habit!

  2. Join the Gossip-- haha, oh yes we do! you know that saying "don't be at the 405 at 4:05"??? haha, so true! and checking my phone first thing in the morning really is a crazy habit, but it's just the way it is. haha.

  3. hahahah thanks for those pictures!!! really made me laugh! so sharing this with my friends!

  4. Renee-- you're welcome! i'm glad they made you laugh! :)

  5. I LOVE the signs! made me LOL :D

  6. Haha i love all the signs! they are hilarious!!!

  7. Interesting answers :-)

    Loved the signs! Especially the pool and film ones haha

  8. Congrats on the tags! Love those signs, especially the highway one, too cute! XX!

  9. Haha the pictures are so funny! x

  10. haha funny pet peeves! cute post!

    Have a Twitter? Follow me!


  11. oh my gosh! funny! i was in texas for a mission trip and i actually saw those no tresspassing signs! it FREAKED me out!! =)

  12. I love the funny pictures! Thanks for sharing. :]


  13. Hi dear, you're the winner of MY WAY giveaway..congrats!!!! lovely blog :))

  14. My mouth dropped on that no trespassing sign, quite brutal! no one would even dare to trespass then! i think ill put that sign on my bedroom door! lol =D


  15. lmao those are hilarious
    i like the pool one "there's no P let's keep it that way" hahaha

    and how it says you'll never get to work on time.. so mean but so funny hehehe

    p.s i did a review on the clinique mascara, you can check it out if you like :)

  16. Interesting questions! :D

    I love the pictures! so funny especially the "Harry Potter Knocked Up Evan Almighty" :D

  17. When you win the million, can I go shopping with you too?

    I'm definitely among those who checks their iPhone for email first thing in the morning. It serves as my alarm clock, so it's already in hand, it would be hard not to!

    Chic on the Cheap

  18. ahhahaa. that's so funny! i loved every pic:D
    I would also choose concealer. it's like my baby. haha:D


  19. mimi-- haha, they're really funny!

    Ariel-- hahaha!

    Keirasluckycharm-- i totally agree!

    Laura-- the pool one is probably my fave!

    shari-- thanks!

    xWHLo-- :D

    Claudia-- thanks! unfortunately, i don't have a twitter account. :(

    megan chloe-- i saw a lot of those in texas too! haha.

    Jamie-- no prob!

    Carlotta-- how exciting! thanks for this wonderful news!

    shineyglam-- haha, i knoooow!

    Beauty Style Addict-- haha, that's my fave! and of course, i'd love to check out your review!

    Breee-- haha, i was afraid that one wouldn't be too funny. glad it made you laugh!

    LyddieGal-- yes, of course! haha, i use my iphone as an alarm too!

    Carrie-- concealer is a miracle!

  20. lol!! those pics were to funny!!! I am loving red lips too! thanks for doing the tag!! I appreciate it!

  21. HAHA how funny I also tagged you on my latest post, check it out 8D

  22. icosmeticRN-- you're welcome! :D

    Dizzy-- really?! haha, thanks! :D

  23. Love your answers Mimi - so honest and straightforward!

    p.s. thanks for sharing these awesome photos! I love signs like these!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  24. I tagged you for an award by the way :-)

  25. Hahah I love it!


  26. i hate when things stick out of drawers too, lol.

    oh and i love flats but am getting more into heels myself. :)

  27. hehe what you do first thing in morning is what I do too. and yeah I like blackberries as well!

  28. I can relate myself to many of your answers. I enjoy reading this kind of post that reveal a bit more personal thought on different subjects.

    Those signs are hilarious!

  29. shopgirl-- you're welcome! and thanks, i'm glad you liked my post!

    Laura-- thanks!

    Scientific Housewife-- :D

    Alexandra-- i'm glad you do!

    Cheryl-- we're alike!

    Pop Champagne-- i'm happy to know i'm not the only one who does that! haha.

    Nelah-- same here, i like reading posts like this! :)

  30. you made my day with those crazy signs! :)

  31. Bunny Ears-- aw, that makes me happy!

  32. Love the signs! Fav is the movie titles. And it was fun to get to know you a little more too!