Monday, November 15, 2010

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Happy Monday!

There's another week ahead of us... and it's gonna be a busy week for a lot of students - teachers/professors are squeezing in midterms and exams before Thanksgiving (at least mine are...). So, I'm gonna have to do a lot of studying this week and next week, but I will most definitely take some time to do some blogging (I need it to keep me sane, haha!).

A lot of celebrities got engaged these past months. Let's have a look at their engagement rings, shall we? :D

1. Vanessa Minillo - Nick Lachey proposed with a $125,000, 4-carat Bader & Garrin ring.

I am not Vanessa Minillo's biggest fan, but I am happy they finally got engaged. I hope this one lasts. :)

2. Megan Fox - She actually lost the ring, now-husband, Brian Austin Green gave her. She replaced it with this $80,000, 3-carat radiant-cut diamond ring.

She looked beautiful on her wedding day. I'm thinking I'll do a separate post on that.

3. Maria Sharapova - She received this 9-carat cushion-cut stone from L.A. Laker Sasha Vujacic. The ring is said to be worth about $250,000.

4. Hilary Duff - I think her ring is the granddaddy of all engagement rings. Now-husband Mike Comrie gave Hilary this 14-carat radiant-cut diamond ring. Estimated worth? $1 million!

Her wedding was beautiful too. I really should do a wedding post. :)

5. Kristen Bell - Her ring is simple and beautiful - just like her! Dax Shepard proposed to Kristen with this 3-carat emerald-cut Neil Lane ring.

6. Calista Flockhart - Her long-time partner (now-husband) Harrison Ford gave her this 5-carat emerald-cut diamond ring. It is estimated to be worth about $125,000.

7. America Ferrera - Her fiance Ryan Piers Williams popped the question with this $70,000 4-carat round-cut diamond ring.

I think she is going to be a beautiful bride. :)

8. Katy Perry - Katy's now-husband, Russell Brand, gave her a 5-carat pink diamond Cartier ring... but she changed it into this $120,000 3-carat ring (still from Cartier).

*all images and details from*

Jessica Simpson also recently got engaged to boyfriend of 5 months, Eric Johnson.

He gave her this 3-stone Neil Lane ring. The center rock is a ruby, flanked by two diamonds.

*image and detail from*

Which ring(s) did you like the most?


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  1. I think I like the cushion cut best, it is really pretty.
    Wedding post! Do it!!!

    What are you studying by the way?

  2. J simp getting engaged RIIIIIIIGHT after her ex makes me I don't think her current bf is what she needs right now. He's such a moocher! Who quits school/football to follow their SO around?? *sigh*

  3. Lisa-- i definitely will make a wedding post. :D

    N-- i knooow, i was thinking that too, it's kinda fishy that she got engaged right after nick lachey did. and yeah, that guy does seem like a moocher to me. :/

  4. Their rings are gorgeous! You should really do a wedding post! It would be interesting to read.

  5. I can't stand Calist F. but her ring is GORGEOUS!! I chose dropped hints to my fiance about how I wanted my ring when i saw Rachel Bilson's. ( she's no longer engaged... hope its not a curse! ahahah)

  6. OH MY GOSH! i love Hilary Duff's ring. But i don't think i want it. it's worth so much i'd be pressured not to lose it. hahaha.


  7. Leenda-- i will! :D

    Daniela-- same here, i don't like her that much either! and yeah, it's sad that she's no longer engaged, and i don't think there's a curse. ;)

    Carrie-- me too! it's huuuuuge and sooo beautiful, but i don't know...

  8. I love Megan Fox, Hillary Duff and Maria Sharapova. I guess I like big shiny things. LOL.

  9. I love unique and different things so I'd say Kristen and Jessica's but love Hillary's too!



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  10. This is such a cool post! Hilary's is DEFINITELY the granddaddy, I would love hers the best if it was a wee bit smaller :)


  11. OMG - I love love love this post. I think Maria Sharapova's ring is my fave among the bunch and her fiance is quite the catch too! Such a hottie! Of course Hillary's is INCREDIBLE. And also Calista's picture looks like an oval, not like an emerald? I'm glad they got engaged/married.

    xx Vivian @

  12. I love looking at celebrity wedding rings:)

  13. Hi Mimi,

    The rings are gorgeous. Nice to look at! I like your post.
    Thank you anyways..


  14. Hm, I like them but I hope my boyfriend will go for a classic Tiffany ring when he´ll once ask me :) I don´t like it too big as long as I still have to hoover on my own ;-)

  15. wow they are all so blingy! I think i like katy's the most because it has quite a plain band
    Rianna xxx

  16. I love Calista's ring- it's so elegant!

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  18. Ok I want Hilary's ring, of course. Uh why did Katy downgrade her ring? And I didn't even know Maria Sharapova had gotten engaged... ps I saw her play in Wimbledon the year she won!

  19. I am so not up on my celeb gossip, jessica is ENGAGED?! whoa. I like Calista's :)

  20. I didn't know Jessica got engaged? I even read people but missed that!!!

  21. What a fun post, of course, love all the rings! which girl doesn't love diamonds??

  22. I didnt know half these people were engaged haha!

    Love the post!


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  24. Definitely should do a wedding post or posts ;) hehe. Oh I thought Nick and Vanessa got engaged a loooong time ago o.O apparently not :P
    I'd have to say my fave is Kristen Bell's ring, simple and elegant :D


  25. I love Calista's ring! It's very different.

    Mike Comrie is from the same city I live in, his family is quite wealthy here so I'm not surprised the ring he bought cost that much!

  26. Celebs rings are hella huge!! I like that Jessica's is ruby, I'm a big fan of 'other than diamond' engagement rings, mine is a sapphire!

  27. i think i like Maria's the best, but Hilary's ring is stunning too.

    good luck with your exams!

    Be sure to enter my Jewelry & Makeup Holiday Giveaway!

  28. I didn't like any of them, LOL! who am I to be picky hehehe. But Hilly's had the biggest and nicest one out of the bunch. XOXO

  29. I like Vanessa Minillos, Hillary Duffs, and Katy Perrys..

  30. Katy Perry changed her ring??? LOL And Megan Fox lost hers??? What's up with these Ladies? Crazy :D
    Jessica Simpson looks like she had some kind of surgery done...
    Very entertaining post, Mimi! :) Good luck on your exams!! ;)


  31. Hilary Duff's ring is really lovely and HUGE!:D

    Why would Megan Fox lose hers? That is crazy and careless!

    ***** Marie *****

  32. oh goodness I love Hilary Duff, lol Mike Comrie gave her a 1 mil engagement ring so it better look fab! hahaha. and I'm happy for nick and vanessa, though nick most likely bought that with Jessica's no-prenup money lol

  33. Angelys-- i do too!

    20 YORK STREET-- kristen's is definitely unique. :)

    Chelsea Lane-- it really is! haha. yeah, me too!

    Vivian-- yeah, hilary's is incredible. and yup, calista's does look like an oval, hmmm...

    Katie-- me too!

    Ginger-- hi! thanks!

    Marcela-- of course, a classic tiffany solitaire is good!

    Rianna-- katy's has a classic, old-time look.

    Signe-- :D it's actually kinda sad that the picture isn't clear enough.

    gleenn-- thanks for the links!

    Cafe Bellini-- hilary's ring is just so beautiful! and i was thinking the same thing about katy! i wouldn't change a 5-carat pink diamond ring! haha. ;)

    Krystal-- yup, she is!

    style'n-- haha, i guess not everyone saw that. ;) i heard about it 2 days ago.

    Scientific Housewife-- i definitely won't say no to any of those rocks, haha!

    SiSi-- exactly!

    Jessie-- haha! i love reading ;)

    Finder-- thanks for the comment!

    a!k0-- yup, i will definitely make a wedding post soon!

    Marie-- ooh, cool! yeah, i read that he comes from an oiler family, so no surprise there.

    Ashleigh-- i bet yours is beautiful! i think i want a yellow diamond. :D

    Cheryl-- thanks! :D

    Venus in Virgo-- yeah, her's is definitely something else.

    Lynnette-- :D

    Caro-- i knooowww, what's up with them??? thanks, btw!

    Marie-- i was thinking the same thing! who does that?!

    Pop Champagne-- hahahha, yeah, most probably!

  34. wow! so many rings!! i feel like my fingers are wayyy less sparkly now.

    i thought it was super funny that jessica simpson AND nick lachey are both engaged now. crazy weirdness!

  35. I love Calista's Missoni dress!!xx

  36. 3-carat radiant-cut diamond ring is the best looking in my opinion. really stunning.