Thursday, November 4, 2010

My recent purchase: Old Navy (and some showbiz gossip)

Hi, everyone!

I am back! Yay, it feels so good to have some time to spend here on Blogger. :D

This week felt like it was going on forever, and yet it came by quickly. Did that make sense, or am I being totally weird right now? Haha. ;)

To celebrate my being back, I thought I'd share with you some of the items I got from Old Navy. It's been a little over a month since I bought these, so I really can't remember how much they were. :/

But anyways, here are photos:


Yellow dress - Isn't the color just the most amazing bright yellow ever? I love it! I wore this during the summer. And on a cold day this past September, I wore this with shorts, a gray cardigan, and my new bright yellow ballet flats (that I will share on a different post). I tucked it in, and it worked perfectly. :D


Green button-down polo - Almost everyone has one, so I had to get one for myself. ;) I haven't worn this though, I'm thinking I'll wear it on Sunday.


Blue with pink vertical stipes button-down polo - Another one. Haha, I just couldn't help it. ;)

How should I wear my button-down polos?


These look really great when worn. They are also comfortable. It's like wearing flip flops, but they're not flip flops. ;)

All these items are under $10 each. When you find yourself at Old Navy, you should definitely check out their sale racks. You will surely find a lot of items you will love. They also lower the price - really really good bargains!

I will be looking through later to see what I can get. I will definitely share with you guys my picks - and I might need help. :)

In other news, I was reading showbiz news on my E! online app, and I saw two headlines that caught my eye.

Jake Gyllenhall and Taylor Swift???

Jake (who's 29 years old) and Taylor (20) apparently spent the weekend together, and went out for ice cream. I don't think the age gap is bad, but is it just me or does Taylor seem to have a lotttt of guys?

I think they look cute together, but I just hope that if they really are together, Taylor takes it seriously. Jake seems like a keeper. What do you think?

Next: Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively???

Leonardo (35) and Blake (23, and newly-single) were seen having dinner together. But they said it was just for a movie. Blake might play Daisy Buchanan opposite Leo's Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.

I think she looks perfect for the role. Do you guys think they look good together?

That's it for today. I will now go visit everyone's blogs. :D


  1. I think Taylor and Jake look cute together! And great deals on your haul :D

  2. I love that yellow dress! I think Taylor and Jake would make a great couple! And they'd make GORGEOUS babies ; )

  3. I had no idea Blake and Penn broke up...makes me sad! I loved them together for some reason!

  4. Edwina-- i think so too! :)

    Marie-- haha, they would make gorgeous kids!

    Marie-- i loved them too! it is sad that they broke up. :(

    Michelle Chic-- thanks!

  5. I like the yellow dress. I think it looks casual but fashionable.
    I am totally not in the loop of gossips! I didn't know Leonardo is only 35! oppsss

  6. Hey Mimi

    If you have a chance, please check out my 'Dare to Wear' challenge for AIDS Charity. For everyone who recreates a look posted on my blog, my parents and I will donate money to The Stephen Lewis Foundation.
    You can check it out here:


  7. That yellow is so refreshing!!! I love how a pop of color can just transform a whole day =)

  8. ok what is with Taylor Swift dating olddddder guys????! John Mayer is pretty old for her too & i guess they dated..weird i think her & Jake are a bad couple too

  9. ashura-- haha, i didn't know it either - i had to google that. ;)

    Alicia-- that is such a nice you're doing! i will definitely check that out. :)

    Lisa-- same here! :)

    SassyAgapi-- i know - she's a serial dater - and she loves older men. i think they look cute together, but i don't think it's gonna work. :/

  10. Loving the yellow dress! I adore the bright hue. I'm absolutely sure you'll look good on it. :)

  11. I love the yellow top Mimi. :D

    The Leo & Blake "dating" shocked me. =)) hmmm I'm not really updated with showbizz but I thought it's Jake and Reese?! lol! and Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift? haha

  12. I looove the yellow blouse Mimi! And really, Taylor and, no comment on that one lol.

  13. whattt when did Leo turn 35!? Jeez! I'm so out of the loop with celeb gosh.

  14. Both couples look def. good together. Aw, and Jake is such a sweety - Taylor gets them all, isn't it!? :D

  15. Love your yellow top - very cute!
    And Jake is most defiantly a keeper, I would hang on to him if I were Taylor :)

  16. 1. love the yellow dress!
    2. the polos are great items to keep in your closet! i always love them with skinny jeans and flats or even boots now!
    3. jake and taylor...i really hope they arent together. it would just give me another reason to be jealous of her!
    4. blake lively would be perfect in the great gatsby! they would make an awesome pair for that movie...just not real life!

  17. The yellow top is very cute! Um I thought Leo was with Bar Rafaeli. Blake would be his type of girl, though - she has such a great figure - because he only dates models, it seems.

  18. great purchases! i wonder who leo will end up marrying....

  19. yay! im glad you're back! at least its almost the weekend, right? :)

    that yellow dress is so sweet! perfect spring color and definitely can be worn during fall. i'm actually surprised you found that at old navy!


  20. But jake gylenhaal is MY boyfriend!

  21. I like the button up tops you got. They look like what I would buy and wear! =D I didn't know Jake and Taylor were seeing each other! Whoaaaa. I don't know if they really match or not. Taylor is too young and experimenting to be with Jake who is like ready to settle. haha

  22. Mimi, you are one busy girl! I'm glad you were able to post this week.:D

    The yellow dress is perfect and the button-down polos? So many possibilities! You can wear them with shorts with tights, with jeans, and even with a dress!:D

    So funny, I think Jake might be a 'song' a few months from now. Ha!

    Have a happy weekend, Mimi!;D

    ***** Marie *****

  23. that yellow dress is so sweet like a lemon ice cream...i think i want something sweet:D

  24. Maria-- thanks, you're so sweet!

    Em-- haha, leo and blake are not really dating. and reese and jake broke up probably over a year ago. taylor and taylor, hmmm i think that one was just one of swift's flings. ;)

    Dianne-- haha, i think everyone just thinks jake is wayyy too good for taylor. at least i think so.

    InsideOut Elle-- haha, i don't know either, i had to google it. ;)

    Susi-- yes, she does! why does taylor swift have everything? haha.

    Signe-- me too! jake is such a keeper!

    Shelley Ann-- i agree with number 3 and 4! and thanks for the tips! :)

    Cafe Bellini-- i thought so too then i saw that they're not really dating. ;)

    mr. pineapple man-- i wonder that too. hmmm...

    Jessica-- i was surprised too! i rarely see any yellow like that.

    Krystal-- hahaha, go get him back from taylor! ;P

    Leenda-- yeah, i agree, it seems like jake is ready to get married and taylor is still too young.

    Marie-- haha, i was thinking the same thing! maybe taylor dates around to get song inspirations, haha. thanks for the outfit tips!

    sibelle-- thanks! lemon ice cream sounds good!

  25. Love your little mini Old Navy haul! (: They have awesome basics! And OMG, I had no idea about the whole "Taylor+Jake" fiasco! I also heard that Blake Lively might be linked to Ben Affleck! =0


  26. Wow! Look at all that colour! Loving the yellow. Making me want Spring to hurry up!

  27. Oh I love the yellow dress so cute, I want summer back here again it is getting bloody cold :)

  28. runawayinla-- oh my gosh, i really hope blake is not having an affair with ben affleck! i love violet and seraphina!

    Angelica-- haha, yup, gotta go through winter first though.

    Vintage and Cake-- it's starting to get cold here in LA too!

  29. OH MY GOSH!! I freakkkin love all your buys! Gaahhh I want some!

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  31. I think Taylor and Jake make a great couple. I hope it doesn't end in a bad break up. Taylor deserves the best!

  32. i love the new sandals!

  33. Lindsie-- thanks for letting me know!

    Emma-- yeah, if they really are together, i hope it works out.

    Cheryl-- :D

  34. Cool finds, I LOVE sale rack of Old Navy, although it's very hard to find sizes sometimes.

    I'm a new follower:]

  35. this is so cute!