Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shopbop picks! :D

How was your weekend, dear friends?! :D

Daylight saving time always gets me all disoriented. I feel like I should be doing my homework because it's already late, but I look and it's only 9pm. I'm gonna blog first, haha!

You might remember from my previous posts that I won a $100 giftcard for I need your help... I don't know what to get.

I'm thinking of getting something for Fall/Winter weather. I could really use a new jacket/coat/cardigan.

BB Dakota Bayfield Jacket, $66.50

BB Dakota Lamarr Coat, $84

BB Dakota Bracken Jacket, $77

BB Dakota Miner Jacket, $91

Free People Far Away Cardigan, $75.60

Free People Poofs Cardigan, $75.60

Plastic Island Remix Sheer Panel Pullover, $61.60

Plastic Island Net Worth Tunic Sweater, $89.60

This next one would be cute with tights and ballet flats. :D

Joie Ibiza Dress, $68.40

These are great basics. Kinda like the shirts I got from the Gap.

Bop Basics Cotton Slub Raglan Tee, $27.50

*also available in white*

I like these ones too:

Blank Denim Pull On Denim Leggings, $39

Splendid Linen Pants, $92.40
*also available in white*

There's a lot more that I saw, but I forced myself to stop. Haha.

Which one/s do you think I should get?

Have a great week, everyone! :D


  1. My picks for Los Angeles fall / winter weather:

    #3 is polished and sleek. #4 is practical & stylish.:D

    Have a wonderful week, Mimi!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. when I saw the pullover from the front I was like..uhh its a sweatshirt >_> but the the back is all unique ^_^ I love clothes that have a twist like that~

  3. they're all so cute! But i think i would pick #7, 8, or 9. I love them all.


  4. Marie-- thanks for the input! i'm actually really considering those two. :)

    InsideOut Elle-- i was thinking the same thing! :)

    Carrie-- the sheer back of the pullover sweater really got me. :D

  5. Oh what an amazing price!!! Those items are super adorable. Its hard to make a decision!!!

    #7 is my favorite for knitwear. I love the detailing on the back and the colour.

    #3 is the choise for a new jacket. I love the style. Well you can never do anything wrong with a jacket. Its essential for the cold months! I'm haunting for a lovely blue jacket like that for my own ;D

    Tell me which one you will choose!

    Happy new week my dear :)

  6. I LOVE your choices that you picked out! I really like that first of the cardigans!

  7. I love the cream cardigan!! I actually love everything in this post! Its simple, classy yet edgy :)

  8. Those linen pants look good. Um how often would you actually wear a coat in California?!! The miner one is cute sloppy chic :-)

  9. Ooo i like the miner jacket. Super cute =] but they all are.. lol. x

  10. Loving your picks. I think my wallet is currently hiding from your site, because I want everything lol


  11. I like the miner jacket but not sure if it is appropriate for the weather in the state where you live.

  12. I really like the BB Dakota Lamarr Coat - it is stunning! And congratulations on winning the gift card!! :)

  13. Love Shopbop! One of my favorite websites :)

  14. i think my fave piece is the Free People Far Away Cardigan

  15. Susi-- yeah, i agree, i'm gonna need a good jacket no matter what. i will definitely tell you which one i will choose. :)

    Krystal-- the cardigans are adorable, aren't they? ;)

    makeup, hauls...-- thanks! glad you like them all!

    Signe-- i think that's the number 1 on my list. ;)

    Cafe Bellini-- it does get chilly here especially in december/january. haha, it might not be that cold for others, but for us here in california it definitely is. ;)

    xWHLo-- i'm glad many people are liking the miner jacket. :)

    Fashion Meets Food-- aww, haha. i'm hiding mine too. ;)

    Nelah-- i like that one too! hmmm, i'm pretty sure i'll be able to use it either way. :)

    Erika-- thanks! :D

    Katie-- it is amazing. :)

    Amber Blue Bird-- it's so simple and chic, huh? :)

  16. ahhhhh cute and sleek!! i like the first cardigan!! I am still not sure what to get for fall since ive been looking at too many catalogs LOL and makes me wanna get them all! =P

    Rinz @

  17. omg did you see the free people gift wrap...there's a pic on their facebook fing cute!!! Thanks for the follow :)

  18. Rinz-- me too! i want to get them all!

    Christa-- nope, i haven't but i will check it out. you're welcome! :)

  19. I'm a cardigan addict, I love them! That Free People Far Away cardigan is definitely my favorite!

    <3 thanks for following my blog!
    I'm following yours now too :]

  20. Thanks for following ♥ I'm following you too.
    I love the Joie Ibiza Dress .. super cute!

  21. I definitely vote for #7! So cute!

  22. I love all of those pieces! amaaazin :)

  23. love the picks- i especially love the Free People cardigans!

  24. Hi! great taste;) I like the jackets. Thanks for following

  25. LOVE shopbop!

  26. The tunic sweater, bracken jacket and white dress are my favourites. Casually stylish :-)

  27. Love the third jacket! You should definitely get one of the Plastic Island pieces because their stuff is really good, the quality is amazing. :)

  28. I am crazy about that Miner Jacket!

  29. BB Dakota Lamarr Coat it's gorgeous!! My favorite one!

  30. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I love the BB Dakota miner jacket,I just think it'll be perfect for winter time and warm.

    I follow you!


  31. The BB Dakota Bracken Jacket is gorgeous!
    Thanks for following ♥ Your blog is great, I will follow you as soon as my Friend Connect is working again. :)

  32. Daylight savings does that to me too! But now our days are so long the sun never seems to set. I can get a lot more done than before.

  33. there are too many great options to choose from! my personal faves are the bayfield jacket and poofs cardigan, but any of these will work!

  34. I love the fur trim coat! too cute! xoxo

  35. Marley-- you're welcome and thanks! i am a cardigan addict too! :)

    Lindsie-- you're welcome and thanks for following back!

    Whitney-- thanks for the input!

    Natalie-- if only we get them all! ;)

    BenchesandChandeliers-- those are really cute. :)

    Melissa Joy-- thanks and you're welcome!

    Brittany Powers-- :D

    Guyomar-- thanks for the input! :D

    CC-- thanks for the tip! i've never tried anything from them before.

    sweetsue-- me too!

    Marisa-- that one was high on my list too.

    Tendencia Propia-- i think so too!

    Gudrun-- thanks and you're welcome!

    MarchMusings-- true!

    Cheryl-- yup, they are all great pieces. :)

    Taj-- :D

  36. Love the Free People and Plastic Island sweaters!
    Please check out/follow my blog! Love yours.


  37. Meera-- thanks! i will definitely visit yours too!