Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Woah, is it really November already?! :O

Hi, everyone! Happy November! :D

It's really crazy how time flies by - two more months left of 2010?! Wow.

I'm sorry I missed celebrating Halloween with you guys here in the blog world. I hope you all had a great Halloween. What did you dress up as? :)

I haven't been on for quite some time now because it's been pretty hectic at home and in school. Besides all my Math homework, I have pages and pages and pages of Sociology reading to do - it's pretty sad especially since what I really want to read are your blog posts!

But no worries, I plan to finish everything this week and set aside 2 hours or more for blogging and visiting your lovely blogs. :) I've also been planning what my posts are gonna be for the coming days. I have new beauty products to share with everyone, another travel destination post, wedding fashion post, and movie reviews. :D

Oh, and another good news: I won a $100 giftcard to http://www.shopbop.com/! I am so excited to finally take some time, check out what they have, and actually get to buy something. :D I will definitely share with you guys what I'll end up getting. :)

What have you been busy with these days? What are you most excited about this November?

This will be it for now. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I promise regular posting will resume soon. I miss you all! :D

I wish everyone a happy November!


  1. Happy November to you too! Yes, time goes by rather quickly!

  2. school has been keeping me busy too. but i can't wait until Thanksgiving! :)

  3. No worries, we'll still be here =) Good luck on all your studies!

  4. I totally understand!!! I need that time machine that stops time...wouldn't that be lovely in a pinch?! Glad to hear your still above water...better than I'm doing :) XOXO

  5. Hi Mimi Girl! Time flies when your having fun :)
    I can't believe it is Nov. either!
    Hope you find time to relax!
    gi gi

  6. Congrats that you won. Happy November.

  7. Happy November, Mimi!:D & Congratulations, what an amazing prize!:D

    I just stayed in and watched scary movies / shows.:D

    Have a happy week!;D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. Hi Mimi! Take your time and always remember: real life First! ;D I'm not so jealous in the maths homework but I am for the prize!!! Congrats :)

    I've lost all motivation these days since I'm waiting for the results of my exams. Not so good. I'm currently living holidays a little too much. Oopsi.

    Have a nice week :)

  9. Happy November Mimi!

    yeah I feel you about being busy. :( semester's almost over so all the crazy school work and non-stop reviewing all our notes is keeping us too busy to blog. :( haha

    I didn't dress up for Halloween. I wanted to be Tinkerbell again but my costume was over at my parents' and I don't wanna spend anymore money on a once a year dress up.

  10. Happy November!!!

    By the way I am tagging you on my blog award:) I know it's not much but i really enjoy reading your blog.. xoxo


  11. miss ya!! and congrats on your gift card win, that is awesome!

  12. It's crazy how time flies. Have a great week Mimi!

  13. Yeah, you're back Mimi! Happy November :D


  14. glad your back! and congrats on your giftcard :) tell us what you get! <33

  15. Happy November! I knowww i really can't believe how time flies so quickly. kinda scares me!! =.="

    Miss reading ur posts! School work is always more important though. I understand how u feel lol


  16. Congrats on winning <3 lucky girl! show us what you end up getting :-)

  17. Hey wow congrats on winning! Glad to hear you're doing well. I can't believe it either! November already? It really is CRAZY!

  18. its crazy that there's only 2 months left! i havent thought of it like that! hopefully school will be getting better for you though :)

  19. hi everyone! happy november!!! :D

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