Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wedding: Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

Hi, everyone!

How are you coping after Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

I hope you're all doing well. We'll go back to our usual routine of school and work, but no worries, Christmas is almost here. :D

A few weeks back, I made a post on celebrity engagement rings, and some of you have told me that you'd like to see a post on celebrity weddings. I am happy to finally find some time to make one. :)

For today's wedding post, let's take a look at Hilary Duff's wedding to hockey player Mike Comrie.

I love her updo! I'm not sure if it would look good on me, but it looks great on Hilary.

Can you see her huge 1 million dollar engagement ring?

Her bouquet was made up of blush dahlias, tied with a linen ribbon.

Look how beautiful the train is on her mermaid-style Vera Wang wedding dress!

Hilary with her sister and maid-of-honor, Haylie Duff.

I would love to be her bridesmaid! They all wore Vera Wang, and Hilary gave them diamond bangles as thank-you gifts.

Mike Comrie wore Tom Ford, and his groomsmen wore Gucci.

They wed at a private estate in Santa Barbara, California in front of about 100 guests.

They danced their first dance to Stand by Me.

Some more details:

They wanted a rustic, organic, and classic feel.

their wedding favors

The cake:

Hilary chose to not frost her wedding cake because she wanted it to have a "vintage home-made look" to go with the "warm and fuzzy feeling of the wedding".

Personally, I think I want frosting, but she got the feel she was going for, so it's all good. And I love the flowers - on the cake and all over the table. :D

***To see more photos and read more details, check out***

I think it was a beautiful wedding. What do you think?

I wish everyone a relaxing Saturday night and a peaceful Sunday! :)


  1. beautiful wedding!!! beautiful dress!! umm . . . the cake ??? not so much lol But hey it's not my wedding so I don't really mind if it's frosted or not.

  2. Hell Notes for Beauty-- i agree!

    Diana-- hahaha, i totally agree!

  3. very beautiful! she looks happy too :)

  4. OK, why did I not know she finally got married?! Well, Hilary looks so chic and fantastic - and the hair and makeup gives her a chic '60s vibe, love it!

  5. Bree-- yes, she does!

    Lisa-- haha, she got married back in august. :)

    Michelle Chic-- yup!

  6. She's amazingly gorgeous! ;) I hope thatI could have that kind of wedding someday! *wishful thinking* =D

  7. I hadn't seen any of these! Her dress was gorgeous!

  8. breath taking wedding makes me want to get married again !!! great post !!

  9. I love her dress. Its a really fancier version than mine. Its to die for. Love all the pictures <3

  10. Normally, not into celebrity weddings, but I quite liked this one.

    Thanks for sharing it with us Mimi!


  11. She looks amazing as usual, so classy and elegant! Love the updo on her and even the cake, not sure if it would be my style but it goes with the look she was going for!

    Charlene xxxxx

  12. she looks amazing!! hahah i remember her when she played a part as lizzie Mc GUIRE :D hahah she was so young :)

  13. She looks lovely but I am not really into mermaid dresses! Love the hair though :)

  14. She looks so beautiful!

  15. awww gorgeous. I always thought she is super cute.

  16. OMG I love every detail of her wedding, Thank you so much for shearing this, I'v never seen these pictures before!! I'm loving her cake and I'm going to copy that idea for mew own wedding(when ever it may be) lol.

  17. Her hair looks great... interesting not to ice the cake. Not sure I would do that!

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  18. This is the first time I've seen these pictures! She looks beautiful!

  19. Love it!

    She just moved to my city .. in a neighborhood about 20 minutes from me (her husband plays for our hockey team Pittsburgh Penguins). Pretty cool. I like Hilary duff.

    She looks so beautiful and I love her ring!

  20. She looks gorgeous, looks like she cant really move in that dress, but its beautiful!


  21. hilary looks absolutely gorgeous!

  22. She looks stunning! Beautiful everything (apart from the cake, I'm not too keen on that).

  23. I forgot that she was married! I liked seeing her wedding :)

  24. wow, I didn't even know she got married.
    the dress is gorgeous, and I like the bold choice of the unfrosted cake.

    Chic on the Cheap

  25. Gorgeous dress and wedding...I hadn't seen any pics yet! I'm pretty sure I need frosting on my cake though! lol!

  26. Her wedding was gorgeous! Esp. her bridesmaid dresses, and bouquet, loved them:-)

  27. Oh how beautiful! I adore the up-do. And the dress? Absolutely stunning.


  28. I can't believe they only had 100 people. I think she looks gorgeous! I hope they're very happy together.

  29. Mitchelli-- me too!

    Katie-- i looove her dress!

    Curves ahead makeup-- thanks, i'm glad you liked it!

    Keirasluckycharm-- i'm sure yours looked great as well!

    shopgirl-- you're welcome, i had fun making this post!

    Charlene-- i totally agree! i think i would want frosting for my cake too, but that look worked for her wedding.

    the solar flare-- omg, i loooved lizzie mcguire!

    Signe-- her hair looks great!

    Emilie-- yup, she does!

    Ansa-- :D

    Edwina-- me too!

    Sia-- aww, you're welcome! i'm glad you guys liked it!

    Melanie-- haha, yeah, me too.

    Marie a la mode-- i'm glad i decided to do a post on her wedding - i didn't know a lot of other bloggers have never seen these photos. ;)

    Lindsie Lee-- oooh, that's cool!

    Marietta-- haha, true!

    Tara-- loove her dress too!

    Vera-- i agree!

    Cafe Bellini-- hahaha, me either!

    Krystal-- yeah, it was way back in august, people must've forgotten by now. ;)

    LyddieGal-- it's definitely a bold choice!

    Marie-- hahaha, same!

    Tamara Nicole-- her bridesmaids' dresses are simple and elegant. :)

    Rachael-- definitely agree!

    Nikki-- i hope so too. and yeah, i thought they invited more.

  30. Her hair, dress, makeup... just perfect!Everything looks elegant and classy!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  31. She looks gorgeous and everything is so pretty and rustic.

  32. Mermaid dresses are my favorites! I loved the Christina Aguilera one (:

  33. Happy Monday Mimi Girl! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    What a gorgeous wedding! I like her style!
    I don't think I would want a million dollar ring, that is a lil nuts! I would take a half million one tho', ah ha ha!
    Have a great day!
    love ya
    gi gi

  34. What a gorgeous wedding! I'm not feeling her dress so much, it looks like it is really hard to walk in! The cake, however, looks heavenly!

  35. She looked beautiful and so did everything at her wedding, wish her luck :)
    I think I had too much cocktails over the holiday but other than that I survived it, lol! Hope you are doing great XOXO

  36. Scientific Housewife-- yup!

    Marisa-- i've never actually seen christina aguilera's gown. must google that. ;)

    gi gi-- haha, me too! it's a beautiful ring, but one million? woah. ;)

    SiSi-- yeah, it looks hard to walk in, but i think it's beautiful. :)

    Venus in Virgo-- haha, hope you're doing great too!

  37. What a beautiful wedding.
    I would be seriously worried about wearing (or rather losing) that wedding ring!

  38. I love Hilary! I've watched her since Wendy and Casper! She looked so beautiful and what a classy wedding! <3

    I wish her all the best. ;)

  39. Dizzy-- it is! :)

    Toni-- i do too! :)

  40. what an elegant wedding, she looked so pretty and the cake is the most unique wedding cake i ever seen.

  41. i cant believe i missed this!! NOW I KNOW exactly what I wanna wear on my wedding day ;) muahahahahhha
    LOL =) thanks for posting

  42. Alexandra-- it definitely is unique. :)

    Rinz-- you're welcome! her dress is amazing!

  43. Gorgeous dress, such a beautiful wedding!! Wish her all the best :) !!!