Friday, November 26, 2010

My recent purchase: Bath&Body Works (and an Award!)

Happy Friday, everyone! Or should I say Happy Black Friday?! :D

Are you finished with your Black Friday shopping?

For today, I just want to share with you what I bought from Bath&Body Works.


I love Bath&Body Works because they have tons of scents to choose from. They also have an assortment of items - from fragrance mists, cologne, eau de toilette, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body butter, to home items such as candles and plug-in home fragrance sets. They also have amazing deals, especially today because it's Black Friday. :)

One of my all-time favorite fragrances from them is White Citrus.


Lavishly spritz our refreshing Fragrance Mist all over your body to leave skin lightly scented with our exclusive White Citrus, a fresh, modern interpretation of classic citrus.

Fragrance Top Notes: Lemon Zest, Sparkling Grapefruit NP, Juicy Tangerine
Fragrance Mid Notes: Mandarin NP, Ginger Flower, Waterlily, Apricot Nectar, Lily of the Valley, Freesia
Fragrance Base Notes: Clean Woods, Sheer Musk (Captive)


They have a 3 for $10 deal on their travel-size items.


I got the fragrance mist and 2 of the body lotion.

It's perfect to bring to school - fits in my bag, doesn't take too much space. I really love this because sometimes I'm in a hurry and I forget to spray some cologne/perfume - but since I have this in my school bag, I don't need to worry. The lotion comes in handy, especially now that we have to constantly moisturize.

This is also good for all you travelers out there because this 3oz. bottle is TSA compliant for carry-on luggage. :D

What's your favorite Bath&Body Works fragrance?


I also have an award to pass on today.

The rules:

1. Thank the blogger/s who gave you this award

A big thank you to Pretty Wonderful and Katie for giving me this award! :)

2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experiences using five words.

- Oh my gosh, this is difficult. Can I not follow the 5 words rule?

My philosophy: I just like blogging about interesting topics - movies, food, shopping, makeup, beauty stuff, wedding-related posts... Topics that are not only entertaining, but also informative.

My motivation: I am motivated by knowing that I have blogger friends who take the time to read my posts.

My experience: This, I can do in one word: rewarding! :D

3. Pass on to ten other bloggers.

I pass this on to:

I have more shopping posts coming soon! And also some more awards to pass on.

Have a great weekend, everyone! December is fast approaching! :D


  1. Great buys!

    Congrats! BTW, I have a Tweezerman giveaway going on.

  2. I LOVE Bath & Body works! I would spend all my money on it when I lived in the US! Unfortunately we don't have Bath & Bodyworks in has been a long time since I got to buy one of their products!

    Thanks so much for the award, Mimi !! Very appreciated! I like your answers to philosophy & motivation! :)


  3. I love Bath and Body Works! I haven't tried White Citrus...

  4. have you tried their new scent secret wonderland? I love it!

  5. Nice, I'm a big fan of green tea scents!

  6. Amber Blue Bird-- you're welcome!

    charmed-chick-- thanks!

    Emy-- ooh, thanks for telling me!

    Caro-- aww, i'm sure you miss it! :( you're welcome, btw!

    Marie-- it's a great scent!

    Meghan-- nope, but i have smelled it, and it smells great!

    ABIGAIL-- :D

  7. Congrats Mimi! You deserve it :D

    I like alot of scents from Bath and Body, esp the Apple one!

  8. nice items and congrats to the bloggers who won the award. :)

  9. Nice swag! I love TSA compliant travel size items. I do worry sometimes with their bottles though. I've experienced the shampoo bottles exploding in my carry on.
    I like the sensual candles from B&BWs!

  10. SiSi-- thanks, you're so sweet!

    Ellen-- yup, congrats to them!

    Lisa-- ooh, really? thanks for that warning, now i know to be extra careful!

  11. YAY for awards! :) I wish they have bath and body works here, I think I'd go crazy! :D


  12. Great deals! I haven't tried out that scent!

  13. I have to wait for our own black Friday/boxing day and hoping that we have some awesome deals this year.

    Holiday is over. Back to our normal (a.k.a) busy lives next week. :D

    Have a great week, Mimi!

  14. B&BW is great.. minus their prices lol

    congrats on the award!

  15. Well you'll definitely smelling like roses... And congratulations on your award. I'm having my first ever giveaway on my blog if you want to stop by. Pruxxx

  16. Gonrats for award!Your shoppings looks so nice.
    Hugs from Morocco<3


  17. I LOVE Bath and Body works!
    I forget the name of my favorite scent :(


  18. Congrats for your award!I like your blog! I'm anew follower too! :)

  19. Between Bath & Body Works fragrances and Victoria's Secret , I much prefer Bath & Body Works. =) Have a happy weekend and congrats o the award!

  20. beautifull post :D i'm new on blogger :D if you want to follow me i'll follow you back:D xoxo

  21. I have an award for you check it out!

  22. I love bath and body works! I am hopefully going to get there today and pick up some more body washes :) Midnight Pomegranate is my favourite.

    Thank you for the award! My first one, how exciting! :) Means alot!
    Have a great weekend grocery shopping and seeing Harry Potter! haha

  23. I LOVE Bath & Body Works. Warm Vanilla Sugar is my favorite fragrance! :)

  24. bath and body works always has really good Black Friday deals. glad you got something. and congrats on your blog award dear!

  25. Congrats on the award, Mimi!! I wanted to go to B&BW so bad yesterday because of the awesome sales but the line was almost out of the store! It was ridiculous. Forever Sunshine and Twilight Woods are my favorites from there though :)

  26. I didn't bought anything \:
    Love that scent, great buys!!

  27. a!k0-- aww, i really think you would love it!

    Katie-- it smells awesome!

    Em-- yup, back to school! have a great week!

    SassyAgapi-- thanks! good thing they have great deals.

    Pru-- thanks for letting me know!

    Nuheila-- :D

    Marietta-- i'm sure your favorite scent smells great!

    ChanelDiva-- thanks!

    ChinkyGirLMel-- thanks! and i love victoria's secret too, but b&bw have more scents to choose from.

    the solar flare-- sure, i'll follow you!

    Living My Life-- aww, thanks!

    Marley-- yay, i'm happy to give you your first award! :D

    Erika-- my sister loves that!

    Cheryl-- thank you!

    Brittnee-- yes, there are a lotttt of people! :O

    Marisa-- aw, i'm sure you'll be able to buy some before christmas. :)

    Ansa-- thanks!

    Signe-- thanks!

  28. Ooh la la! Thank you for the award! This is my first one for Perpetually Engaged!

    I hope you had fun shopping. I did hit the mall on black friday but made the mistake of going to hot yoga before hand and was so dehydrated I lacked focus for shopping. I walked away with one gift and nothing for myself. Boo!

    Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  29. Nikki-- you're welcome, i love your blog! :D and that's okay, there's still a lot more time to shop. :)

  30. I love their warm scents!:D

    White Citrus is a good pick, fresh and clean.:D

    Congratulations on your award!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  31. Marie- thanks! white citrus is definitely fresh and clean. :D

  32. Thanks for the award! You're so sweet! Sorry I have been MIA. Going on vacation but i'LL DO THIS WHEN i GET BACK :) Oops sorry for caps lol!

    P.S. Sensual Amber is my FAV scent (caps intended ;)

  33. You are so so sweet! Thank you for mentioning my blog!

  34. Love the scent of white citrus!

    Congrats on the award!

  35. Leeann-- you're welcome! i hope you have a good vacation!

    Natalie-- you're welcome!

    Dizzy-- thanks!