Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long-overdue giveaway thank yous. :D

Hi, everyone! :)

As the title says, I have some long-overdue giveaway thank yous to do. Over the past 8 months that I've been blogging, I've been fortunate enough to "meet" a lot of great blogger friends, and a plus to the fun of blogging, I've also been lucky to win quite a few giveaways. :D

Thank you to Carlotta and Foxy Originals for this jewelry set.





They have many other beautiful jewelry sets and different collections. :)

Next one: Many thanks to Helena from A Diary of Lovely and Rachel from Elephantine for this very beautiful eastern holiday necklace.


Look how cute the box is! :D




This has definitely become one of my absolute favorite necklaces. Check out Rachel's etsy shop!

I would also like to say thanks to Taylor from for this wonderful collection of beauty samples.



I am having a blast trying everything out! :D

Last, but definitely not the least, thanks to Melanie from Unravelled Threads for this very cute headband and accessories.



Thanks to all bloggers (and etsy shop owners) who are so generous!

I hope to be having a giveaway sometime this week or early next week - just gotta get that post ready to go.

Other posts coming up:

My recent purchases: Ross, H&M, Bath and Body Works, Gossip, and Forever21

Designer Spotlight, Travel posts, Beauty product haul and reviews...

Here are links to my previous posts:

Movie: Remember Me
Shopbop picks!
Old Navy Haul

The song that's stuck in my head? Rihanna's Only Girl (In The World).

Which song is stuck in your head?


  1. Pink's Raise you glass is in my head---prob because I have listened to it like 10 times today :-)

    You are super lucky to win all of those giveaway! wow!

  2. Congratulations Mimi! Those prizes look amazing :)

  3. Mere-- that song has been going on and off in my head. ;)

    Alexa-- thanks! :)

  4. You got some great stuff! How fun!

  5. Katie-- thanks to fellow bloggers. :D

  6. Wow...those are really great stuff! So happy for u for getting them... =D


  7. Charming Vanity-- they really are. thanks! :)

  8. "Like a G 6". That song is in my head like an earworm.

  9. Congrats :)
    Everything is so cute :)

    Have a good one :)

  10. Some great prices there and I LOVE that Rihanna song :)

  11. That is such a cool post! Like opening mail day... Nice!

  12. Wow! Congrats Mimi! :) You got some great stuff!
    I'm currently humming Katy Perry's Firework all day! :D
    Looking foward to your giveaway


  13. WOOOWWW!! Mimi, you're soo lucky to have all those items. I heard that song and I've downloaded it already.thanks to you. well, actully, the song that keeps on playing in my itunes and is stucked in my head is the king of anything by sara bareilles. :) GOOD SONG! nice post!

  14. Look at all that swag, I love it! And I haven't heard this Rihanna song, I like it a lot :)

  15. wow awesome prizes! they're all lovely! I agree, this song is stuck in my head too

  16. aw, wow you won some terrific stuff! :) congrats. hmmm....i have a really stupid song stuck in my head. "pizza hut combination taco bell" by das racist. it's really silly but it gets stuck in there for days!

  17. Hi Darling!
    Aww.. how lovely giveaways.. And i love that Rihanna song, play it all day at the office ;)
    Wanna be followers? Let me know..
    Love from Stockholm..

  18. All of Taylor Swift's new songs are stuck in my head!

  19. Yayy! I'm so glad you got everything (though you did tell me before). I hope you like it all!

    I've had Disney songs stuck in my head lately... lol, Little Mermaid, anyone?

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  20. wow lucky you congrats on all of your winnings
    thats so exciting

  21. Yay love that! I seriously am obsessed with Drake and Rihanna's new song "say my name".. It's becoming a problem!
    xox tash

  22. Hello Mimi!
    Thank you for following me :))
    &thank you for the sweet comment, I love messing around with makeup ;D
    cute jewelry! and headbands♥
    i'm loving Rhianna's new hair color! I've been wanting to dye my hair a bright color for some time now, but i'm still deciding lol
    as far as a song, I know it's kinda early...
    but "Last Christmas" is stuck in my head! hehe :D
    hope you have a good day!

  23. you've won some great things this year, especially that first jewelry set. love it!

  24. First time I've heard this song in full and no wonder it's stuck in your head now. Wow- Rihanna pulls off red hair so well

  25. Hey there Mimi Girl! Yay for all your giveaway winnings! I won a giveaway not too long ago, my first and only! So excited!
    Hope all is well in your world!
    gi gi

  26. Lots of giveaways prizes! Congrats and enjoy (=

  27. Congrats on winning!! Blog giveaways are the best, you've gotten some really lovely things.

    Chic on the Cheap

  28. what fun stuff! blog giveaways are so much fun :) we all love the blogging community!


  29. Lucky girl, you've won some wonderful things!

  30. ladnie tu u cb ;**
    zapraszam do mnie :>
    +follow me ;>? (jak chcesz dodaj do obserwowanych)

  31. oh the necklace was so cute, I loved it (:

  32. WOW, how lucky are you?
    you got some great stuff

  33. Yamilette27-- that song has been long-running in my mind for about a month now. ;)

    AnieLii-- thanks!

    Signe-- :D

    Beauty Addict-- haha, thanks!

    hiven-- yes, i would love to enter your giveaway!

    Caro-- that song is good too! :D

    karla camille-- i should listen to that song again. :)

    Krystal-- glad you like it too!

    Scientific Housewife-- thanks!

    Pretty Wonderful-- yay, i'm not alone! ;)

    Jessica-- haha, i haven't heard of that song. maybe i should (or shouldn't?) check it out. ;)

    Emma-- yes, i would love to follow your blog. :D

    Regan0-- taylor's song back to december is stuck in my head right now.

    Melanie-- haha, oh my gosh, little mermaid. and yup, i love them all! :D

    Sunny&Star-- :D

    Twinn-- thank you!

    tash-- i heard that song last night!

    Lily Leaf-- i'm gonna start listening to christmas songs too! ;)

    Cheryl-- i really have, i feel so lucky. :)

    MarchMusings-- she really does!

    gi gi-- hi!!! thanks! hope you're doing well too!

    Gaby-- thanks!

    LyddieGal-- i agree, they are the best!

    Chelsea Lane-- yes, we do!

    kawaiikao-- :D

    Cafe Bellini-- :D

    cuuks-- yeah, i'd love to follow you!

    Marisa-- it really is. :)

    D-- very lucky. i'm really thankful. :D

  34. Congratulations for all the gifts, you are very lucky!

    I love the song, I heard before but didn't know it was Rihanna.


  35. Tendencia Propia-- thanks! kisses! :D

  36. You are one lucky girl when it comes to giveaways!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  37. Marie-- thanks! and yeah, i feel soooo lucky! :)