Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Review

Happy Wednesday, my dear friends! :D

About two months ago, I was lucky enough to win a Perricone MD giveaway hosted by!


The skincare product I received was the

Perricone MD Cold Plasma.


Cold Plasma represents Dr. Perricone's most comprehensive and efficacious work to date.

Through Dr. Perricone's patented delivery system, Cold Plasma offers the skin all it needs for optimal health. Cold Plasma helps correct the ten most visible signs of aging: wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, redness, discoloration, uneven skin tone, impurities, loss of firmness, loss of smoothness, and loss of radiance.

Whatever your age or skin type, Cold Plasma delivers extraordinary results.


After reading that great description, of course I was soooo excited to use this moisturizer. It came at a perfect time because I was in need of a new face cream - and I've heard that once you enter your twenties, you should start really taking care of your skin and thinking about wrinkles... By the way, would you say that that is true?

Anyway, it sounded promising and I was really hoping it would make my skin better - fresh, beautiful, radiant... you get the idea.

And that is why I was sad that it made my face itch. :(


It made my skin really itchy - especially my jawline. I thought maybe it was really supposed to do that and maybe my skin was just adjusting to this new cream... but, I asked my sisters (who also used it) if they were having the same reaction, and they said they weren't.

My sister, Belle, said that it makes her skin tingle and itch just a little bit, but then it goes away. Ann, my other sister, said her skin didn't itch at all. So I guess, it was just me. The Cold Plasma cream just didn't work out for me. :(


I stopped using the cream after a week of applying it twice a day (a week of super itchy skin, I should say). And yeah, guess what, the itchiness went away... permanently.

To be really honest, I have no idea why it works for my sisters and not for me. I have combination skin, but so does Ann - so I don't think skin type has anything to do with it. I am at a loss...

I wouldn't tell you to just take a risk and see for yourself because this moisturizer costs $150. If it works well, I would say it's pretty much worth it because a little goes a long way - it would probably last you around 5 or 6 months. But if it doesn't, you just kissed $150 goodbye. And we don't want that.

I know a couple months back, Perricone MD offered free samples of this Cold Plasma cream. If you are interested in trying it, maybe they can work something out for you. :)



- lightweight

- not greasy

- moisturizes and smoothens skin

- blends well

- will last long

- has a cute little spoon (seen in the photo above) so we don't have to dip our fingers in the cream

- The package came right on time - they give you a tracking number.

- I still use a little bit of the cream to put around my eye area - kind of like an eye cream. It works pretty well for me like that. I've noticed that my eyebags are now smaller and not as dark as before.


- Many reviews I've read pointed out the smell. Some said it smelled like spoiled fish and that it made them puke. I didn't think so, though. It doesn't have the best scent, but it's tolerable.

- the price: $150 for 1 oz./ 30mL

For more reviews, click here.

Have you tried Perricone MD Cold Plasma? How did/ does it work for you? Are you thinking of trying this cream?


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  1. Everyone is winning this product and I need to get on the band wagon asap! Great reveiw ;) xo

  2. Thanks for the review! Ew...spotted fish? That sounds so gross already much less to smell it. hahaha Thank goodness it doesn't smell like it to you.

  3. Curves ahead makeup-- my sisters said it's pretty good.

    Taj-- let us know how it works for you!

    Leenda-- yup, it does sound gross, but it doesn't smell like that.

  4. How come you always win in giveaways Mimi? Lucky! Hehe.

  5. I have super sensitive skin and itching is always the first things that happens when I'm not going to mesh well with a product! So bummed for means there is something better out there. Can't wait to see that post! XO

  6. Awww, how horrible! But look at the bright side, you didn't love and and want to buy more at it's unreasonable price.

  7. I have always wanted to try that!!

  8. Hi Mimi! It's been a while :D I missed reading your posts. :( I was in need of a new laptop charger and been caught up with school & work. BUT I'M BACK! haha

    anyway, isn't it "frustrating" that there's a new face cream that you wanted to try out but it never worked out? I've had that feeling before too. but look at the bright side, at least your face did not burn or you did not get any major break outs. :D

  9. Awee I'm sorry it didn't work out for you! Don't you hate it when something that expensive doesn't work the way you wanted?? :/ Thank you for the review on the other hand :]

  10. I just started using vanishing cream by Lush and I have to say I am loving it and it isn't expensive at all.

  11. Sorry it didn't work on your skin. I find skincare products to be very tricky. It works wonder on one person but totally fail on another so I find it hard to go by the reviews because everyone is so different.

    Stop by and enter my "Dior & Urban Decay - Glam those eyes" giveaway if you are interested :)

  12. Thanks for that review. i wanted to try it and didnt because of its price. You helped me make up my mind XOXO

  13. well done Mimi, glad you won as you are so sweet :) wow that sounds amazing. Enjoy it hunni xxx

  14. So nice to see a review of the stuff! I always see giveaways, but never hear anything after that. I'm a drugstore kind of gal though.

  15. Dianne-- i really don't know... but i'm happy i'm lucky with giveaways. :D

    Kelly-- yup, i can't wait to find the perfect moisturizer!

    Lisa-- yeah, that's the good thing - at least i didn't buy it!

    Krystal-- let me know if you do!

    Em-- hey! don't worry about it, life comes first. ;) and yeah, i'm really thankful that it wasn't any worse than that.

    SiSi-- oh yeah, definitely! i'm lucky though that i won it. :)

    Sunny & star-- oooh, i want to try that. :)

    Nelah-- oh yeah, i agree with you!

    Venus in Virgo-- i'm glad i did. :)

    Vintage and Cake-- aww, thanks!

    Nikki-- yeah, i really like to share how products work out for me, and i also like to thank the blogs from whom i won giveaways. :D

  16. Sorry to hear that it made your skin itchy! That's no good:-) But hey, you won!!! Congrats:-)

  17. I'm glad I read this review, I've been wanting to try this but I may hold off now. :) And thanks for the tip on the mascara giveaway!

  18. Tamara Nicole-- yup, i am very happy i won! :)

    Natalie-- you're welcome! :)

  19. What a fabulous review, Mimi! Perricone products are fantastic!! :)

  20. That sucks that it didn't work for you :( Good thing you won it and didn't buy it.

  21. Great post!!
    I love your blog:)
    Have a nice weekend
    xx Mary
    Enter my Chanel Giveaway

  22. Erika-- thanks! :D

    Leeann-- yes, most definitely thank you for that! haha. ;)

    Mary-- thank youuuu! :D

  23. Never heard of it! But it sure costs a lot! Glad you won it! ;)


  24. Even though you and your sister have combination type skin, your skin is still very different from hers and the other way around. Her skin could have been more tolerant to product, or you could off been slightly allergic to one or more of the ingredients within that product. There really is an endless possibility on why the product worked for her and not for you, I don’t have enough info to conclude why or to really know what your skin really looks like, but those are just my guesses. I hope you understand now that products that may work for your sister my not work or you.
    Great review BTW! Your honesty is refreshing 8)

  25. Caro-- yup, thank God i did. :)

    Dizzy-- thanks for the input! :D

  26. Thanks for the honest review and sorry about the product not working for you.

    I agree about the anti-aging thing, prevention is key!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  27. Marie-- yeah, i'm glad it works for my sisters though, and it's free!

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