Tuesday, January 11, 2011

01.11.11 :D

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
It's 01.11.11! ;)

Just wanted to share some things with you guys.

It's Tuesday, so Pizza Hut has $10 pastas:

I was on Photobucket looking for a new wallpaper for my computer. I saw these cute and colorful photos:

On another note, www.freebeautyevents.com will be giving away 10 prizes. Each prize will consist of Venus Embrace Razor Kit and Revlon Expert Shapers Emery Boards. The contest will run until the 31st of January, and winners will be notified by the 15th of February.

Check out www.freebeautyevents.com to see if L'Oreal will be at your local Rite Aid - they will be promoting their True Match line, and they will hand out samples and coupons. Click the link to the site to find out more about makeovers, spa open houses, and sampling events in your area. :)

Lastly, don't forget to check out my previous posts if you haven't already. ;)



  1. OOOO love the paper clip and color pencil photo. FUN colors!!!

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I am your newest follower now!
    Accessories Please.blogspot

  2. Ohh thanks sweetie for all the cool info and I love those colourful photos:) Hugs and kisses

    ps: I am hosting a sweet necklace GIVEAWAY, later today :) ... Please, join in!

  3. The pencils and the buttons = fun pics!

    Thanks for the heads up for freebeautyevents :)


  4. Wooow so bright! I love funky pictures like that =]

    Hope u had a good day <3

  5. hi everyone! thanks for dropping by! :D

  6. Love the bright beautiful photos! Nothing brightens my day like some color! :)

    Love your blog!

    <3 sadie

  7. hi mimi, thanks for stopping by my blog! i just scrolled through your blog - it's so fun! i used to live in san francisco, so i can say for sure that it was not just you. summer is THE COLDEST part of the year in san francisco. we could always tell the tourists because they would wear SF sweatshirts that they bought on their first day in town with their shorts and sandals. poor things! :)

  8. sadie-- thank you!

    Kimbirdy-- aww, thank you! and yeah, i think my mom did wear her SF sweatshirt, haha! ;)

  9. Today is a 50c Wing Wednesday! :) Oh! That cake looks so yummy! When I was little, we always had "rainbow bread" at parties. It's like the typical loaf bread but it's colored like a rainbow. :)

  10. Toni-- ooh, i didn't know that. thanks for telling me! ;)

    SassyAgapi-- :D

  11. so colorful!(:

    Happy Wednesday!


  12. Bree-- i hope you had a good wednesday!

  13. i love these photos! I'm all about colors.


  14. Have fun in San Francisco! Dress warm. The weatherman is usually always wrong :)

    Just Better Together is having a $25 gift certificate giveaway!

  15. Justine-- haha, thanks for the tip!

  16. LOL I love that piece of cake! Makes me want to make one now 8)

  17. I want that cake!:D

    ***** Marie *****