Monday, January 10, 2011

CSN Store: Shoes Got Sole

Happy Monday! :D

I hope you had a good start to your week.

I'm happy to finally find some time to go back to my normal posting routine. ;)

I'm sure we are all familiar with CSN and their over 200 stores. I was given an opportunity to purchase something from their online stores and make a review on it. I seriously couldn't make up my mind - there were so many things to choose from!

I ended up sticking to, and got their Peace Moccasins Kristina Booties. It was the perfect choice because I have a couple of boots, but only one pair of moccasins. And we all know moccasins are really really really comfy, perfect for cold weather, and not to mention, stylish. :D

The Peace Moccasins Kristina Booties are available in 4 colors.




and Black:

I got mine in Brown.

My CSN package!!! :D

Their customer service is very good, and my package arrived on time. After placing your order, you will get an order confirmation e-mail. And once your order has been prepared and shipped, you will get an e-mail with a tracking number.


My moccasin booties were on sale for $47. And shipping? Free! :D

The thing I like about CSN (besides their generosity to bloggers like us) is that they have tons of products to choose from, and many of them have free shipping.

So, about my new moccasins... here they are:


My shoe size plays around 6 and 6 and a half (sometimes 7). Since I get my boots in 6 and a half, I decided to get my moccasins in the same size. When I first opened the box, my initial reaction was that the moccasins are too small. But then when I tried them on, they were a good fit - perfectly snug.


It has that really cute peace sign. :D

I don't know if you can really notice it from that photo, but the soles are leather too - the exact material of the rest of the moccasins. I wasn't entirely sure if they can be worn outside since it doesn't really have "soles". I decided to go for it though, and it worked out well. Just avoid wearing them when it's raining. And the color seems way darker in person than in the photos, but I think it will lighten with time.

There is also a little note about the leather:


When I first wore them, the color went a bit on my feet, but it's no big deal, it washes off in the shower. And it does diminish over time.

I love my new moccasins and have gotten compliments when I wore them. :D

I think the price is pretty reasonable - most good quality moccasins are around that price range, some even more expensive.

I suggest that you be absolutely certain about the size you are going to get. I don't know anything about CSN's return policy so I can't say how returning/exchanging would go. Do you know anything about their return policy?

So yup, I am definitely thinking of purchasing shoes and other stuff from CSN again. :D

Have you purchased anything from any of CSN's online stores? What did you get?


  1. Oh my gosh, Mimi! It's so adorable how you have tiny feet! lol. I know what you mean about getting some of the shoes' color on your feet. It happens depending on the material so that's normal. :) I like the tan ones!

    I got the coffee maker I won from your giveaway then I purchased measuring spoons, cups and baking sheets from CSN at another occasion. Good quality!

    You love CSN, eh?

  2. Those are so cute! Love CSN.

  3. Wow these shoes are interesting I have to check this we'd site out great post !!

  4. OMG MIMI I LOVE THESE!! I JUST cashed in 2 gift certificates and am so bummed I didn't see this store!! How do you see the list of their stores?? WAH!!

    Okay try your luck again: I have an $85 Gift Certificate up for grabs at CSN...more shoes in your future?


  5. Toni-- haha, thanks! and i really do want to get some baking stuff next time. good to hear they're good quality! :D

    Katie-- :D

    Curves ahead makeup-- i'm sure you'll find something you love! :)

    Carrie-- oooh, yay a csn giveaway, thanks for telling me! i was just clicking stuff on their website, and i think there is a link that shows a list of their stores, and i saw this. ;)

  6. AHHH I love them! The black is my fav. Thx for sharing, I will check out this site!

  7. Great shoes! I would have went with the brown as well.

    I have bought many gifts for my nephew from CSN Stores; but have never bought anything for myself from there! :)

  8. Those are sooo cute...I'd have to get the grey ones!

  9. Oooh I want some, too! They look too cute!

  10. So cute. Are they as comfy as they look?

  11. That's so cool that you got to pick something! Lovely pick as well :)

  12. cute cute!! I like the reddish tan ones!

  13. Dizzy-- you're welcome! i am happy to share! :)

    Erika-- aww, i hope you get to buy something for yourself sometime soon!

    Nikki-- same here!

    Krystal-- i was thinking of getting the gray one too!

    Gaby-- :D

    Sunny&Star-- the material is not as soft as it looks, but it is definitely comfy. :)

    The Many Colours of Happiness-- :D

    akaCola-- :D

  14. I Love moccasins and yours are great! I will check out the site where you found them and see what I can find! And thank you for visting my blog! I am so happy to have a new friend! xo Samantha

  15. Samantha-- you're very welcome! thanks for visiting my blog too! :)

  16. too cute!(: that peace sign just makes it more special and adorable lol

    I love CSN too. So many cute things to buy!
    nice review!

    Happy Wednesday!

  17. Bree-- i knew you would like the peace sign. ;)

  18. these are really cute! I want to get a pair next time. :D


  19. Carrie-- i'm sure you'll love it!

  20. Love the shoes you got!

    I made an order early Dec 2010 for a backpack for my nephew, I still haven't gotten it yet. They said it'll be here before Dec 24th. 2 weeks ago, they sent me an email saying that it will arrive AFTER June 27th. UGHH! Poor kid. That was his Christmas 2010 present too!

    Just Better Together is having a $25 gift certificate giveaway!

  21. Justine-- oh my gosh, what?! that really really sucks! :( i hope you get it soon!

  22. Good pick, looks cute and comfy!:D

    I did, I got a pillow.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  23. Marie-- it's definitely comfy! :)