Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Monday :D

Happy Monday, everyone!

We are now on the last week of the first month of 2011. Wow. :O

This post's title is Movie Monday because I just recently saw three much talked about movies:

127 Hours -

Haha, I know, I tend to see movies later than most. ;)

Anyways, James Franco was really really good! He actually reminded me a bit of Tom Hanks in Castaway. Aron Ralston's story is such an amazing one - after I got over the whole "Why didn't you tell anyone where you were going?!" part. It really is "a triumphant true story". A triumph of my own? I was able to live through the arm cutting scene. Haha. ;P

Black Swan -

Okay, now this movie... it was good and intense, but also dark and kind of weird. I'm glad I saw it, but I don't know if I'm all for watching it again. That being said, I thought Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis were perfect for their respective roles.

The King's Speech -

It was a beautiful story. The actors were all amazing. Colin Firth was absolutely brilliant! I'm really hoping he wins an Academy Award - he deserves it. :D Geoffrey Rush was amazing too. And it was so good to see Helena Bonham Carter playing a good character - a nice rest from being Bellatrix Lestrange and the Red Queen.

Have you seen these movies? What did you think of them?

A few months ago, fellow blogger Emy informed me that I won her L'Bri giveaway. I promised her a review, and after months of using the four products I got, I am now ready to make my reviews. Watch out for them in the coming days! :D

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Have a fantastic week!


  1. That's a fantastic giveaway! You should definitely do a review on that. That's a lot of stuff, Mimi! Lucky you!

    The only one I saw was The Green Hornet. My sister in law saw Black Swan and said that she's scarred for life. lol.

    P.S. Come on over and join my giveaway! :)

  2. I saw King's Speech and it was amazing! One of the best this year! xo

  3. Absolutely LOVED Black Swan - easily in my top 3 movie of 2010, probably top 20 all time.

    Want to see King's Speech, have only heard good things about it!


  4. I really wanna watch the kings speech and 127 hours!! Haven't got round to it yet =[

    Yeh I watched Black Swan, it was pretty weird. Bit disturbing to be honest.. lol =.=" But true i thought Natalie and Mila did really well =]


  5. Toni-- haha, i think i know what scarred your sister-in-law for life. i think it kinda scarred me too. haha. i will definitely hop on over to your blog. :D

    Taj-- i absolutely agree!

    miz-- i hope you get to see it, it's amazing!

    xWHLo-- i hope you get to see those two movies. and disturbing is such a good word to describe black swan. haha. ;)

  6. I didn't like Black Swan :( Maybe becuase it was over hyped? I just didn't get what all of the talk was about...

    I really want to see The King's Speech. A bit nervous to see the arm cutting in 127 Hours hehe :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for the Coco comments - it means A LOT!

  7. Leeann-- you know what, i don't get what all the hype was about either. i mean, it was good, natalie and mila were good, but it's not as fantastic as the king's speech (which i really hope you get to see). hoping coco recovers soon! :D

  8. Thanks for the reviews.

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  9. I want to see black swan sooo bad!


  10. thanks for the movie reviews. i'm gonna watch the black swan soon, hope its still showing in the cinemas this weekend! :-)


  11. I saw Black Swan too. A bit scary for me but it was an amazing film. I was also confused too!

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  12. I haven't seen any of those movies yet. But I am dying to see 127 hours :D

  13. How divine is Black Swan? Natalie Portman has done an amazing job..
    Love, love, love..
    lee x

  14. I have seen the King's Speech and I thought it was a great movie. Much better than I thought it would be. So many people love that movie.

  15. Brilliant choices and reviews on the movies! I've yet to see any of them, but waiting with anticipation.

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  16. I am absolutely dying to see "Black Swan." It looks positively fantastic - great review!! :)

  17. I loved The King's Speech and Black Swan but didn't see 127 hours yet.

  18. I've only seen "Black Swan" out of the three of these and I loved it! Super-intense and thrilling. I hope Natalie Portman wins the Oscar this year!

  19. sbot-- no prob!

    Jessie-- i hope you get to see it soon!

    Babi-- i'm pretty sure it will still be playing this weekend. fingers crossed! :)

    Justine-- haha, you and me both!

    Diana-- hope you get to see it sometime soon!

    Lee-- yeah, she did a good job!

    Imogen-- it was really amazing!

    shopgirl-- i hope you have a lovely day too!

    Erika-- :D

    Scientific Housewife-- hope you get to see 127 hours!

    Marie-- it really was intense!

  20. I haven't seen any of these movies yet! lol I'm even further behind! They all looked really interesting though. I don't know about the whole lesbian scene though with Natalie portman and mila, is it runchy?

  21. I saw Black Swan and I I loved it and I really want to see both the King's Speech and 127 Hours!

  22. Tasha-- that's okay, i usually don't see movies until after they're on dvd. ;) that scene was just weird and quite uncomfortable...

    Nnenna-- i definitely recommend both. ;)

  23. I have yet to see Black Swan but Im dying too! I will stay tuned for your review and good luck in my giveaway XOXO

  24. Man, time flies!
    I've see 2/3 of those movies! The arm scene for 127 hours definitely made me cringe, especially when he was hitting the nerve... it struck a nerve with me too. haha! And Black Swan... it was a good movie, very twisted but like you, i probably wouldn't watch it again. I don't want to darken my mind so much. haha!

  25. Venus In Virgo-- thank you! :)

    Kym-- omg, yeah, that nerve! :O hahaha, me either, it was a bit too dark for me. ;)

  26. I wanted to see Black Swan, but a friend of mine spoiled it by saying everything that happens. I recently rented Dinner for Schmucks and it was hilarious and I also liked The Kids are All Right.

  27. I am going to watch 127 hours soon. I am not sure about black swan. :-)

  28. Emy-- i will add those to my movies to watch list. :)

    Keirasluckycharm-- haha, yeah, i just watched it because everyone was talking about it so i wanted to see what it was all about. ;)

  29. I should go see 127 Hours but I'm too scared!

  30. ohhhh, after reading this post I MUST see the King's Speech. I heart Colin Firth.
    btw, I'm hosting a $100 shopbop giveaway on my blog, come check it out.

  31. WendyB-- i was too, but it's okay, you'll be fine! :D

    Lisa-- i hope you get to see it! i love colin firth too! :D

  32. nice movie choices!(: I saw Black Swan too and very weird movie. I mean it was great and was produced very well, but the story was a little messy. I liked it tho, but it's not for everyone.

    I like that it was artsy and dark.

    Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis were great!(:

    I should see 127 Hours and King's Speech too.

    Happy Wednesday!

  33. I am so behind on my movies..these are like the top 3 movies I want to see! Uh so much catching up to do.

  34. I just saw The King's Speech last night and enjoyed it much more than I thought I would :-)

  35. Bree-- yes, i do hope you get to see those other two movies!

    style'n-- i hope you find some time to relax and watch movies!

    Laura-- i enjoyed it more than i thought i would too!

  36. Definitely want to see King's Speech and Black Swan not sure about 127 Days...

  37. Fifi Flowers-- yes, definitely see the king's speech, it's amazing! :)

  38. The King's Speech was amazing. Black Swan was good. 127 Hours was a little boring but I did like it too.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  39. I'm so behind on movies! i haven't seen any of these movies yet.

  40. Marie-- yeah, i agree, that 127 hours was a bit boring in some parts.

    Dizzy-- i hope you get to see them soon. :)

  41. Out of all of these movies, I've only seen 127 hours. It was really really good! James Franco is a cutie. :D

    Still going to see Black Swan.


  42. Carrie-- let me know what you think of black swan!