Saturday, January 8, 2011

Travel Destination: San Francisco

Happy Saturday, dear friends! :D

As I was thinking of what my post for today will be, I suddenly realized that it has been so long since I last did a Travel Destination post.

Let's go to San Francisco, shall we? :)

The last time I've been to San Francisco was over 7 years ago. Isn't that weird? It's just in California, but we haven't been back in years. It's a pretty long road trip compared to the 5 hours or so it takes to go to Las Vegas. I'm really hoping to go to San Francisco sometime this year, though. :)

I think the Golden Gate Bridge is the quintessential San Francisco landmark.

The San Mateo-Hayward Bridge is one of the longest bridges in the world.

San Francisco has other bridges besides these two such as the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, and Dumbarton Bridge.

San Francisco Trolley

One thing I want to do when we go back to San Francisco is take a trip to Alcatraz Island.

This prison is legendary. I think J.K. Rowling's Azkaban Prison was modeled after this. ;)

Something I've noticed about San Francisco is that it is almost always cold. We went there in the summer. It was July 4th (my birthday) - around that time, Los Angeles is usually enjoying hot weather, but in San Francisco, it was freezing (but then again, maybe that's just me talking). We were going to have a picnic by the bay, but it was so cold, we ended up eating inside the car. Haha. :)

The Palace of Fine Arts

Another place we have to go to is Lombard Street (aka Crooked Street).

I don't know if I can ever drive up or down that street. It's crazy! ;)

These San Francisco houses look so cute. They remind me of Charmed!

The Transamerica Pyramid can apparently be seen from virtually everywhere in San Francisco. However, a fellow blogger, AmberLights, said that it can only be seen downtown because of the hills. Thanks for sharing that info!

Hungry? Let's go to the Fisherman's Wharf! :D

Or Chinatown!

Have you been to San Francisco? Where else should we go?

I haven't been there in so long, I probably missed out quite a few places to visit. ;P

Some of my favorite movies were also set in San Francisco:

The Wedding Planner

Just Like Heaven

Oh, and The Sweetest Thing!

Can you think of other movies set in San Francisco?

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! :D

*all images from Google*


  1. I was supposed to drive there when my mom visited me but I was getting married a week after so she told me that she doesn't want me anywhere near possible danger. :)) lol.

    I want to drive up AND down that curvy hill! I told my husband that we should go there since it's like, 5 hours away. We go to Vegas so why not San Francisco, right? :)

  2. It looks amazing. Thank you so much for shearing, I was thinking of where I would like to holiday this year, today. Love Sia

  3. I love this:) I want to go to San Fransisco, I made it in to my new year resolution hoping I will go some time this year.

  4. Id love to go to San Francisco!

  5. Im from SF, and its about 50-60 degrees year round. Also, you can ONLY see the transamerica building while downtown because of the steep hills. And, while SF is known for its victorian houses, you can only find them in a select few neighborhoods. hope that helps..

  6. It reminds me of Full House, I will definitely have to travel there one day.

  7. Toni-- yes, exactly, why not?! ;)

    Sia-- you're welcome! i hope you can come visit san francisco!

    AnieLii and Katie-- me too! i'd love to go there this year! :)

    AmberLights-- oooh, thanks for all that info!!! glad to know that. i guess the stuff i read online weren't exactly right.

    Cait-- oh yeah, full house!

  8. That's so funny that you decided to do a post on San Fran :D I'm hopefully going there this summer and I am so excited :D So thank you so much for posting all of their great landmarks, no when I go I will be looking out for them :D xoxo Diana

  9. I love SF! I have been there three times, my most recent trip being about a year ago. It's just so incredibly different than it is in southern Ca isn't it? Almost day and night! There is so much to see and do!

  10. Awee I love San Francisco! I visited it once when I was 12 years old and we went to Alcatraz! Freaky, I can tell you that...I was scared for no reason...but then again I was a kid and we watched "the rock" (hey another movie) prior to leaving for the island! :D

    I wanna go back and ride the cable car! Great post! Brings back good meories!


  11. Beautygirl24-- yes, it is soooo incredibly different! i really really want to go vacation there. :)

  12. Caro-- heeey! i really want to go to alcatraz and scare myself for no reason, haha! and i should check out that movie. :)

  13. Was in San Fran 5 years ago - such a beautiful city. Saw everything from your list... except the movies!


  14. Wow, it looks amazing. Never been to SF but definitely want to go there...looks beautiful!

  15. Oh wow I haven't been there since i was 13! It was so pretty! I'm fascinated with prisons for some reason and Alcatraz is so cool!

  16. I love San Fran I go every yearvfor valentines day we always look forward on going great post I loved it

  17. It looks amazing there, I want to go! And those movies are great, I love them! (:

  18. Great post! I grew up near SF and now I live on the other side of the San Mateo bridge...I never knew it was one of the longest bridges in the world LOL, no wonder though, takes like 10 minutes to cross that thing!

    Anyhoo, if you head up here be sure to eat at Ghiradeli (however you spell that) Square and get any ice cream with hot fudge on it...The fudge is to die for! My guy and I are foodies so if you wanna know some other places to eat let me know!

    One of my fave shows was Charmed and it was supposed to be filmed in SF but was actually filmed in LA! Ive only been to LA a couple times, I used to live in SD. Usually I go to Anaheim for Disneyland but I always wanted to explore LA. Can you believe Ive never been to Hollywood??? I wanna go so bad!

    Anyhoo, love your blog, and enjoy being a follower!

  19. nice pictures! the Palace of Fine Arts has lovely arcitecture!

  20. Oh I'd love to go there, and when I do I definitely want to visit Crooked Street!

  21. Thanks for this post Mimi! My bf and I are going to SF in June during our USA trip. Your post really helped me to plan :)

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  22. You make me want to go visit SF, I have a friend who lives there too :]

    Let's go to Puerto Rico next!

  23. Gah! I'm so glad that you had a good time, my love! San Francisco is literally one of my top five favorite cities on the planet - everything is so eclectic and interesting. J'adore!! :)

  24. I love San Fransisco! I've been there 4 times and my cousin lives in San Rafael, right outside of S.F. I really enjoyed going to Alcatraz although it was very eerie!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  25. Ahhh, San Fransisco is so gorgeous! I haven't been there in YEARS, sadly :(

  26. Went here a couple of years ago, and I loved it!

  27. Loved the tour! I've actually never even been to California, but am dying to go soon!!

  28. It looks so pretty! I love the houses and the crooked streets :)

  29. Those houses that remind you of Charmed remind me of the opening credits to Full House!

  30. Oh i love san francisco! although i haven't been there since i was like 10. I loooove the crooked street. and those houses remind me of Full House. haha. :D


  31. Love that city! When I visited, I stayed on a boat in the harbor! XX!

  32. I've been to all those places. I remember freezing at Alcatraz. I love San Fran but its way too cold for me. I would never survive lol. Great post <3

  33. Oh San Fran *sigh* I'd love to go too :D Maybe one day? A lady could hope right? :P I think the place just overwhelms you with places to visit and all the places to see ...I think I could just go ga-ga over San Francisco ^^ hehe. Great post!


  34. I get to go in June and I'm so excited!

  35. That city is totally amazing!!! I cant wait to visit again:) I can almost feel the warm breeze:) Hmm
    Happy Monday,sweetie and thank you for the lovely daydreaming

  36. Wonderful! Never been there but will add it to my list of travel places. XOXO

  37. That street looks cute but impossible to drive.

  38. I've only been to San Fran once, and I'm dying to go back as an adult. One of my Boston blogger friends just moved there, so now at least I have an excuse!

  39. Diana-- oooh, that's exciting, yay!

    miz-- haha, the movies are pretty good. :)

    Lilly-- hope you get to go!

    Ivonne-- ooh, i really want to visit alcatraz!

    Curves ahead makeup-- glad you loved it!

    Reyna-- love them too!

    Leah-- hi! thanks for that tip! i will definitely email you or ask you on your blog if i do end up going to san francisco. :)

    SassyAgapi-- it does!

    Laura-- haha, crooked street is fascinating!

    Marcela-- it really makes me happy to hear that this post helped you! i hope you have an amazing time when you come visit!

    Rapunzelgorg-- it is! haha.

    SiSi-- oooh, puerto rico sounds good! okay, that will be next on our list! :D

    Erika-- i really really want to go on vacation! haha.

    Marie-- i will really make sure i get to go to alcatraz. i've heard tons of eerie stuff about it. ;)

    Susie-- same here!

    VildesVerden-- glad you loved it!

    Marie-- :D i hope you get to come visit california soon!

    The Many Colours of Happiness-- :D

    Sunny & Star-- yeaaahhhh! haha.

    Carrie-- haha, yeah, a lot of people mentioned full house too. ;)

    shari-- that sounds sooo cool!

    Keirasluckycharm-- haha, it is cold up there!

    a!k0-- yes, of course, we can hope!

    Scientific Housewife-- oooh, that's great! i hope you have a fantastic time!

    Diana-- happy monday!

    Venus In Virgo-- i hope you get to come visit!

    Trendy Feeling-- haha, it does, huh? but tons of people drive through it everyday. ;)

    Marissa-- yay for that reason to visit! :D

  40. I've been there once in the summer and I absolutely loved it! xo

  41. I love San Fran!! I went there 3 times only and i loved driving on those crazy roads LOL

  42. I've been dying to go to San Fransisco and you've only made me want to go more!

  43. Rinz-- haha. :)

    Kristin-- awww, sorry about that. i hope you get to go soon!

  44. I saw San Francisco in the title and I was like, "Yes!" lol I love San Fran! Everything about it is beautiful to me and love the weather even tho it gets gloomy sometimes.

    Love the bridges, the cute restaurants, and the nice people. (:

  45. Bree-- they do have such cute restaurants, huh?

  46. Fun post, Mimi!:D

    This gave me flashbacks. The good and the not so good -- my siblings would know what I mean.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  47. Marie-- haha, i'm sure that's an interesting story! ;)