Friday, January 28, 2011

Travel Destination: Puerto Rico

Happy Friday!

Let's go somewhere for the weekend! How does Puerto Rico sound to you? :)

On my last Travel Destination post, fellow blogger, SiSi requested that we go to Puerto Rico, so here we are!

I've actually never been there, so I am going along information I read online. If you've been there, please share with us by leaving a comment! :D

Okay... let's go!

El Morro in Old San Juan:

Garita at fort San Felipe del Morro:

They have really beautiful beaches:

Corcho Beach in Vieques:

Isn't the water gorgeous?

Puerto Plata:

We can also go to Puerto Rico's rainforests and see such natural beauty as this waterfall:

Just a few of the activities we can do:


whale watching

We can also visit historical places like the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista:

Okay, now, what about food?!

Puerto Rico's cuisine is known as Cocina Criolla - African, Amerindian, and Spanish influences.

Alcapurrias - mixture of yautia, ground squash, plantains, green banana, filled with ground meat or seafood and deep fried in oil

Does anyone know what the name of this dish is?

What about this one?

This next one is Mofongo - made from fried green plantains or fried yuca, seasoned with garlic, olive oil, and pork cracklings... usually served with fried meat and chicken broth soup.

Plantain "araƱitas" and "tostones rellenos"... looks really yummy!

So, that's about it for our little trip to Puerto Rico. I'm sure I missed tons of spots to go to, places to shop at, activities to do, and food to eat, etc. Please feel free to share!

What other spots should we visit? What else should we do while in Puerto Rico?

*If you have a travel destination request, please tell me in your comment! :D*

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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

***photos from Google***
***information from Wikipedia***


  1. Ahh seeing them pictures makes me wanna go away to a really gorgeous sunny place even more!! Uk is just too depressing and cold =[

    Hurry up summer! Lol

    Hope you have a gd weekend!!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it!
    Really wish I was going to one of those places!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. xWHLo-- hahah, aww, that's ok, spring and summer will be here before you know it. ;)

    Fashionaddict-- you're welcome! i hope you have a good weekend too! :D

  4. A beach getaway sounds good to me :)

  5. Hi Mimi, thanks for stopping and following! I'm loving your blog.

    P.S. I'm following ;)


  6. Katie-- yay! :D

    Tamuna-- you're welcome and thank you too! :D

  7. Great destination. Quite a few models/actors come from there too.

  8. I was born and partly raised there. It is an island full of nice people and of course there are the good and the bad like any other country. I was there May 2010 after 15 years which it was really hard getting around and remembering where I grew up. I lost 10 pounds in 5 days because I was stressed. I get home sick so that makes it hard to travel, but hopefully I can go back and actually enjoy it next time.

  9. Please take me to Puerto Rico with you! It looks beautiful. I haven't been there but my husband has and he loved it.

  10. it's really gorgeous! great pictures!

  11. please !!! don't make me dream!!!! oh, i wish i was there for a few days x

  12. thank you for your sweet comment :-) follow each other?<3

  13. Wow. I'll definitely head over to Puerto Rico. It looks gorgeous.

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  14. Gorgeous shots. Definitely loving Puerto Rico after this post! LOL. ;)

  15. Ah, these posts kill me. I totes need a vacation right now!! :)

  16. great idea. i've been to puerto rico, and it really does look just like the photos. and the food is great, of course. next time i'd like to do some whale watching and waterfalls!

    Oh to Be a Muse

  17. omg I love these pictures! I can't decide between the waterfall or the food pictures best...nom nom!

  18. Kavery-- haha, yup! ;)

    Angelys-- aww, sorry to hear that. i hope the next time you go there, it will be a good one! :)

    Keirasluckycharm-- haha, yes, let's go! ;)

    Nazli-- :D

    Fanny-- it's fun to dream! :D

    julia-- oh, yeah, definitely! i'm gonna follow your blog. :)

    Melanie-- :D

    raeny-- :D

    Fashezine-- :D

    Erika-- me too! ;)

    Cheryl-- oooh, thanks for sharing! :)

    She is Sara-- me too! but i think i'm gonna have to go with the food. ;)

    Sia-- :D

  19. Gorgeous waters! Wish we could really go! lol!

  20. Im ready to go!


  21. beautiful!! but i dont speak spanish!! I will have a problem communication if i get lost =/

  22. I've spent lots of time in Old San favorite place to go was Barrachina, a cute little outdoor restaurant where they invented the Pina Colada. They were incredible!

  23. The beach looks absolutely gorgeous - the water is such a lovely color!

  24. awesome!check my blog out! now following

  25. Great post! I happen to be from Puerto Rico; I only moved to the U.S. back in June. My son and I are actually flying down to Puerto Rico next weekend!

    Old San Juan is so beautiful; I used to live like 5 minutes away from El Morro at walking distance.

    If you're into beaches and surfing then the town of Rincon is ideal for that; my surfer friends love it.

    Never shop in Old San Juan because everything is expensive. For good shopping there is Plaza las Americas[biggest shopping center in the Caribbean} and Prime Outlets {Barceloneta}

    The rain forest is known as El Yunque and it has an awesome waterfall for which people walk so much to get to. No matter what time of year you go the water is always going to be super cold.

    The 2nd dish is arroz con habicuelas y tostones.

    The 3rd dish is basically the same as the second only that the rice is known as "arroz colorao" because it's cooked with sazon {red seasoning] and you can add stuff to the rice while it's in the cooking process.

  26. What a stunning place and I always wanted to do whale watching:) Happy Monday, darling

  27. I love this style of posts and the destination looks gorgeous. It is incredible how stunning the beach and the water is.

  28. Wait! We didn't have any rum! That food looks so yummy and those beaches...oh I'm craving sun!

  29. Oh that looks lovely! The food photos are making me want to reach out into the screen with a fork and fiesta! I'll be dreaming about this while were hit with another snowstorm tomorrow XOXO

  30. wow looks like a great vacation destination! I would loveeee to go there...

  31. hi everyone! thanks for your comments and one day, we'll all go to puerto rico! ;)

  32. Wow, these images are so beautiful and dreamy!

    ... and the food -- looks delicious!:D

    Great post, Mimi!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  33. Puerto Rico is so beautiful! i would love to go one day.

  34. I have actually been to Puerto Rico twice and I must say - it has the best snorkeling!!
    El Yunque (sp?) rainforest is also fascinating - the hubby swam in a waterfall!

  35. Marie-- they sure look delicious! :)

    Dizzy-- me too!

    Ashleigh-- yup, i think that's how it's spelled. :) wow, i would love to go swimming in a waterfall. :)

  36. I don't need any more convincing - anything to get me out of this cold!

    Chic on the Cheap

  37. LyddieGal-- haha, let's go! ;)

  38. I've never been to Puerto Rico! But these pictures looks so beautiful. It's definitely on my list of places to visit. :D

    Please do one on GREECE! :D


  39. Carrie-- ooh, that's a great idea! greece it is next time!

  40. You HAVE to go. You hit the nail right on the head. The beaches, the temperatures, the food! Ayiyiyiyi!