Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol Season 10 :)

Happy Thursday!

Were you able to watch the season 11 premiere of American Idol last night?

I know most people are a bit skeptical about whether or not American Idol can still stay on air -- Simon left, Ellen being a judge didn't work out too well, Kara left too, and I have to admit, last season wasn't all that great. But, it seems like this new season will be better.

It does feel weird to not have Simon and his snarky comments. The show is more light-hearted, easy going, and fun. I think the new judges, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, are good choices to go along with American Idol veterans Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest.
It's fun to watch Jennifer Lopez slowly learning how to say no. And, watch out for Steven Tyler's facial expressions and reactions. ;)

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler know what they are talking about, not like Ellen (I love her, but really, she seemed so lost last season).

I've read that ratings went down, but I'm really hoping that this season won't disappoint.

Another thing that I will be looking forward to (besides the changes in the show) is Jennifer's outfits and looks, of course! She looks so beautiful and her clothes, accessories, and makeup are perfect!

I think by the end of this season, I will definitely make a post on Jennifer's American Idol outfits. :D
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I hope you had or are having a good Thursday! :D


  1. Wow, sounds really exciting. x

  2. I totally forgot that it was coming on last night! I will definitely be watching!

  3. Sia-- yup!

    Evie-- it's on tonight as well. :D

  4. Usually I really like Jennifer's looks and outfits! This time we'll see what wear!!!:)
    Ps:I like your blog and I added it to my blogroll to follow you better;)

  5. I dont watch it, but I normally get the highlights on Entertainment Tonight! haha


  6. Didn't see the premiere, and not expecting much from the new judges. But I've read a few very good reviews today, so hopefully, ratings will pick up!


  7. I used to be an American Idol fanatic, until season 4 when I was convinced that I loved a contestant (Anthony Fedorov)... I stopped watching the day he was kicked off. Hahahah

    Since then I've only watched it whenever I catch it on. :)

    Ps- I gave you an award on my blog! :)
    Happy Thursday!(almost Friday! yay!)

  8. I'm loving idol this season! I think JLO and Steven are perfect for the job!!

  9. I was just watching the show here in NZ. J Lo looks gorgeous in every shot. Yeah, it was funny watching her struggle to say 'no' to a contestant!

  10. Yah the new judge lineup is so interesting!

  11. Lovely Judges :D but I miss Simon Cowell thou.
    I am missing the brutally honest criticisms.
    However, it's good to try something new :)))

  12. I love love love aerosmith's songs. omg. so naturally I'm a fan of Steven Tyler. and JLo- so she's a diva but gosh she always has the best shoes lol

  13. Oddly enough, I have never seen a single episode of American Idol - crazy, I know! :P

  14. oohh! i meant to watch it but forgot! it does look really interesting though, but i think i would miss simon's smartass remarks. jennifer looks beautiful as always.

  15. Ooh I didn't know they changed up the judges. I might actually watch it now.

  16. I think that I will start watching this season. I love J. Lo!

  17. I didnt watch it yet but I have it pre-recorded so Im planning to catch up on it tonight. Hugs and kisses,sweetie

  18. I just posted about Steven earlier, so fascinated by him. I'm actually really enjoying this season w/out the meanness. I think the shocking look on their faces is more entertaining anyway!

  19. Thanks for the info and photos :)
    I stopped watching Idol awhile back so I don't keep up with it now, but will get the juicy gossip from you now :) Have a great weekend XOXO

  20. Always enjoy your post !!! This is actually the first tine. See this show jlo is awesome !!!

  21. The first shows have started in Australia and JLO looks great!

  22. I'm actually interested to watch because now I feel like all the judges have legitimate musical talent and have some place to come from in terms of criticisms. I'll wait until they start narrowing down to watch though. I can't stand all the auditions.

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  23. I totally missed it, but I'm interested in watching how J.Lo & Steven judge so I might catch a future episode.

  24. I watched it earlier actually :D just like the last 30minutes because my soccer/football game was on :D I am loving JLo's look. She's so pretty. And I saw that one 15y.o boy...voice is pretty good. :D Reminds me of the Biebs tho :P


  25. I've not watched American Idol in years. But I'm very interested in how this season will shape up with all of the changes.

  26. Jessie-- getting the highlights is good enough. :)

    miz-- yup, hopefully!

    Marley-- thanks for the award!

    Marie-- i think so too!

    MarchMusings-- haha, yeah, it was funny!

    Krystal-- yup!

    TheWildChild-- it is definitely weird that simon's not there.

    Pop Champagne-- she so does have the best shoes!

    Erika-- wow, really? ;)

    Jessica-- yup, it's on wednesdays and thursdays. :)

    Nikki-- let me know what you think!

    kendall k.-- i think you're gonna love it!

    Diana-- it was good!

    Ashleigh-- yup, i definitely agree!

    Venus In Virgo-- haha, yes, i will provide you with american idol info. :)

    Curves ahead makeup-- she really is!

    Flourishing Networks-- she does!

    Melanie-- yeah, i agree, they all know what they are talking about. :)

    Audrey-- i hope you do! :)

    a!k0-- haha, which one is that? i think i missed that part with the biebs look-a-like. ;)

    Sunny&Star-- it is really interesting. :)

  27. hoping it will be a hit again! I love Jennifer Lopez's outfits too especially the one she was wearing in ur last photo.


  28. Bree-- ah, yes, i love it too!

  29. It was fun and refreshing to see the new judges -loving Jennifer's outfits too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  30. Marie-- it's definitely fun and refreshing!

  31. I love American Idol! who doesn't right?
    Hopefully, this season would be better. I miss simon though. :(


  32. Carrie-- yeah, it's weird without him but i am also liking the nice and kind atmosphere. ;)