Friday, January 14, 2011

Weddings and Movies

Happy Friday, everyone!

Is it just me or did this week go by ever so slowly?
Have you guys read about the new zodiac sign?

Haha, sorry, I just had to put that in there...

Anyways, on to my post for the day... I've noticed that a lot of the movies I enjoy watching has a wedding. Come to think of it, there are a lot of wedding movies out there - and I love almost all of them.

Here are my favorite weddings in movies:

1. Bride Wars

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson both wore Vera Wang.

Which dress do you like better?

2. 27 Dresses

According to an article I read, Katherine Heigl's dress was from Amsale.

3. Sex and the City

Sarah Jessica Parker wore this Vivienne Westwood gown for the wedding scene in the movie.

4. Made of Honor

I like the simplicity of this dress, and I love the flower on her hair.

5. Mamma Mia

I love Amanda Seyfried's hair, dress, and headdress! And the wedding in the movie is so laidback and beautiful!

6. Monster-In-Law

It's such a funny movie. The houses and clothes in this movie are just so pretty!

7. The Proposal

Sandra Bullock's dress looked so nice on her. The barn where the wedding was held was really beautiful. :)

8. The Wedding Planner

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras' dress is so poofy and pretty!

I like Jennifer Lopez's cute little pillbox hat and veil. :)

9. A Walk to Remember

One of my all-time favorites... I like Mandy Moore's veil, but I don't think I'd go for that in real life. ;)

I could name more wedding movies, but where's the fun in that?

What is/are your favorite wedding movie/s?

Have a great weekend, my loves!

*all images from Google*


  1. My favourites are definitely the wedding planner & bride wars <3. I never saw monster in law, need to watch it some day.

  2. I LOVE Kate Hudson's dress in Bride Wars! I dream about a dress like that!!

  3. Happy Friday Mimi Girl!
    Oh, such great wedding movies!
    I read about the zodiac changing too! Mine actually stayed the same! Still a leo, rawrrrr, ah ha ha!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet girl!
    gi gi

  4. love this collection!! really nice blog! :)

  5. I love the Brides War ones, but I also love the ones from Sex and the City 1 :)

  6. The dresses in Brides War are TO DIE FOR! :)


  7. a walk to remember is my all time favorite movie too! mandy looks angelic in that veil!

  8. MelissAnne-- it's a good movie to watch. :)

    Julie-- it's absolutely beautiful!

    gi gi-- apparently i am now a gemini. haha. i think i'm gonna stick with being a cancer. ;)

    ola appletea-- thanks!

    Frances-- :D

    miz-- yup!

    Michelle Chic-- yes, she does!

  9. i like
    sex and the city
    mamma mia

    i can remember about the real bird on jessica ;)

  10. 27 Dresses is one of my all time favorites. Heigl is just a hysterical girl to watch!

    I heard about the Zodiac change, but read on twitter than it only applies to people born after 2009?!

    Thanks for joining the book club too, girl! You're more than welcome to share with your followers and friends to get involved too!


    Bloggerista Book Club

  11. M-- yeah, i've heard about that whole zodiac thing. i'm happy to join the bloggerista book club. :D

  12. I like every movie!

  13. I'm not sure what my favorite wedding movie is, but I love the tv show Say Yes to the Dress :)
    And I loved wedding dress shopping with both of my older sisters, it is so fun!
    And thanks for the well-wishes Mimi! My face is the size of a ten-pin bowling ball! Haha
    Happy weekend! :)

  14. Love this post! Thanks for taking me back to all these great movies! I now have the urge to watch 'em all this weekend lol Yes, the dresses and settings are stunning. LOVE Anne Hathaway's dress in this movie!

    Have a great weekend, Mimi!

  15. I definitely loooove A Walk to Remember!!! Its my favorite movie of all-time. :D

    And i love Kate Hudson's dress. sooo pretty!


  16. Hi! I love all these movies))) I can watch them a hundred times!

  17. i love kate's dress, so pretty princess like

  18. I love mermaid dresses! In the movies I think Katherine Heigl's was the best one (:

  19. To be honest, I'm not sure if I have ever seen a wedding movie. I guess they're not my cup of tea? :P

    Happy, Happy Weekend!! :)

  20. I love all these SO much!!! thank you for putting them all in a post:) now I can look here as my "movies to buy" list lol

  21. Thanks for the super sweet comment, and for following! I'm following you now too - and I love all your wedding movie picks!

  22. oh i love everyone of those movies; but yet to watch bride war

  23. I've never seen Mamma Mia or Made of Honor, but the rest of them I love!

  24. I love 27 dresses! specially the bridesmaid dresses they have her wear =)

  25. Marley-- aw, sorry about that, i hope you feel better!

    The Owl's Closet-- i hope you're having a nice weekend too!

    Carrie-- :D

    AnnaMoon-- me too!

    Alexandra-- :D

    Marisa-- mermaid dresses are really pretty!

    Erika-- i hope you're having a great weekend!

    Ivonne-- you're very welcome!

    AmyW-- you're welcome and thanks too! it's a fun movie to watch!

    Emy-- Mamma Mia and Made of Honor are both really good feel-good movies. :)

    Keirasluckycharm-- haha, those dresses are something else. ;)

  26. all these gowns make me wanna get married LOL. i also watch the "say yes to the gown" show on TLC ;)

  27. Rinz-- haha. ;) i watch my fair wedding, but i should watch that show too, a lot of people seem to love it. :)

  28. I like the wedding crashers, have you seen it?

  29. Dizzy-- yup, i've seen it! ;)

  30. yay weddings!

    I prefer Kate Hudson's Vera Wang dress(:

    lovelovelove 27 Dresses!

    I absolute adore Sarah's peacock headpiece.(:

    Lastly, I also like Amanda's dress! too cute.

  31. Bree-- yeah, sjp's headpiece is unique!

  32. I don't have a favorite but I think Mamma Mia was just so fun to watch!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  33. Marie-- i love singing along to the songs!