Monday, July 12, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Monique Lhuillier

It's been quite a while since my last wedding fashion-related post. I remember fellow blogger Carrie at requesting a post on gowns by Monique Lhuillier. So, Carrie, here it is! :D

I love her designs. They are very pretty and delicate. When I get married in the distant future, I would love to wear one of her gowns. :D

Monique Lhuillier (look at how pretty that dress behind her is!)

Her designs are often described as "mostly sophisticated and fluid". Her collections have "ruffles, bows, and pleats in soft fabric".

I've also noticed that a lot of her gowns have crystals. Here is my personal favorite:

I love this one too:

She adds character to her dresses by adding colored bows/bands like these:

Another thing I love are her Grace Kelly-esque wedding gowns.

Here are two more of her lovely designs:

Numerous celebrities have also chosen to wear Monique Lhuillier for their big day.


Britney Spears
(We always knew it would end in divorce...)

Kevin Costner and wife, Christine Baumgartner

Heidi Montag (Okay, this one really isn't a celebrity, but her dress was pretty. Haha.)

*Carrie Underwood, who got married this past Saturday, also wore a Monique Lhuillier gown. I wonder how it looks like. :)*
Lhuillier also designs evening gowns. Many of her dresses were worn by celebrities on the red carpet.

Teri Hatcher

Debra Messing

Kelly Clarkson and Kate Walsh
*all images are from Google*

Thoughts? Opinions? Which one/s is/are your favorite/s?


  1. I love the one that Pink wore xx

  2. I love her designs! Great post :-)

  3. She makes the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen. I tried on several while shopping for my wedding gown and they couldn't be more beautifully done!


  4. Love the second one, and the one on Debra Messing!!

    <3 Kelly

  5. Your personal favorite is also mine. Gorgeous!!

  6. i love monique's dresses too!
    not sure on a favourite..

    I am Abimarvel.

  7. I love her designs! I wish i could have afforded one of her wedding dressings.

  8. She's a genius!:D

    I love love love love the 5th gown!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  9. her dresses are beautiful! i really love the grace kelly-esque gowns.

  10. Heidi Montag dress she had was so pretty!

  11. I'm so curious to see Carrie Underwood's dress. She always makes fabulous gown choices in my opinion - can't wait to see it!

    Monique also makes gorgeous wedding invitations, some that coordinate with her dresses. Oh, the details!

  12. Gorgeous dresses! Love her designs. xoxo

  13. aww, thanks for doing this post! i really love heidi's dress. it's so pretty. but my favorite ones would be the 2nd and 6th one. they're so pretty.

    btw, i tagged you in my "6 product face" post. come check it out!

  14. Ansa-- i think it's really pretty, but with a rock edge to it. soo pink! :D

    Emy-- thanks! :)

    Nikki-- i totally agree. she has one of the most beautiful dresses ever. :)

    Kelly-- i love the skirt of that second dress! :)

    Tayebug-- i just love it. :)

    iamabimarvel-- :D

    Fashion Meets Food-- i wish i'd be able to afford it too. :)

    Marie-- i agree, she's a genius! :)

    Shelley Ann-- me too! :)

    Dizzy-- yup! :)

    Irene's Beautyblog-- thanks! :)

    Ashleigh-- can't wait to see it too! :D

    Taj Acosta-- :D

    Carrie-- you're welcome! and thanks for the tag! :)

  15. Those dresses are sooo gorgeous! I've never heard of this designer, but now I know. hahah I like the same dresses you do. They're soo pretty.

  16. gorgeous designs, i love the lace gown -- something i'd get married in for sure!

    Chic on the Cheap

  17. the second one is my fave! :D but her designs are jsut stunning.

  18. Leenda-- she's a really good designer. :D

    LyddieGal-- aahh, the lace gown is so beautiful. :D

    Lane :)-- love the skirt on that one! :)

  19. I think I love Pink's the most! How stunning!

  20. georgia~gigi-- it looks really good on her. :D

  21. nice designer ! love it :)
    I've followed ur blog, follow mine please n don't forget to leave me a comment :)


  22. Woa! How talented she is!! I love Pink's gown & the one Terry hatcher wore!!

  23. Wow what stunning gowns! My favorite is the second one! Breathtaking!!

  24. Oh :( i feel so sad to see the wedding gowns they looks so beautiful I'm engage but i can't get married this year i hope i can effort them

  25. Louisa Cindy-- thanks for following! i will for sure visit your blog too! :D

    Melanie's Randomness-- yep, she is sooo talented! :D

    Tasha-- love that one too! :)

    M!Ss N0Na-- aww, sorry about that dear. :(

  26. i always though pink had such a gorgeous wedding dress! ;) I still think its beautiful looking at it again!

  27. Robin-- it's really pretty and perfect for her. :D

  28. my [gay] uncle worked with monique lhuillier back in the day when she resided in the philippines for a bit! when he had told me, i didnt believe him and then he showed me pictures of him and her, i was in shock... to think of the connections.. tsk tsk! hopefully she still remembers my uncle so he could introduce me to her. her wedding gowns/ evening gowns are to die for!

  29. Louela Daniele-- wow, that is really cool! i'm sure she still remembers your uncle. :D

  30. I love the dress behind her ;D

    so cute!

    I want her to make my wedding gown!

  31. Yes, these dresses are lovely and perfection, but that was the one place I skimped. I honestly felt like I was only going to wear this dress once. I actually ordered a few online for $100 but they just didn't fit right so I sent them back. I settled on a $400 David's Bridal dress and it's rolled up in a ball at my mother-in-laws house, stained, torn and dirty at the bottom. Ha ha! Glad I didn't invest too much - the alterations ended up costing almost as much as the damn dress!

  32. Может звезды и одевают одежду с подиума. Но у меня получается шить одежду как на подиуме для себя и моих клиентов. Тоже хочу такое платье как у Тери Хетчер, пусть даже мне некуда будет его одеть.

    Maybe stars dress on fashion dres. But i am do it too. I hand made fashion cloth.
    I wery want Teri Hethcers's dress, but i awent moment in my life fore dress on it. lol

  33. Ally-- yeah, that's the thing about buying a super expensive dress - you'll only wear it for give or take 5 to 6 hours. :/

    Fashion-Guide-- her dress is really pretty! :)

  34. (sighs) The gowns you chose are absolutely stunning! i had a real hard time deciding which one's my favorite lol But if i had to choose I think it would be the Grace Kelly-esque dress. Can we say GoRgEoUs!!!!

  35. Diana-- haha, yes, gorgeous! :D

  36. Mimi, thanks for the add! Loving the blog and the colors! I love this post...I wore Monique for my own wedding and it was a wonderful decision. I still love my dress so so much. And they treat you like a Queen at the salon!

  37. Go. Be. Do-- wow, really?! i want to wear monique too when i get married someday. that's really good to know that they treat you like a queen. :D

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