Wednesday, July 21, 2010

N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Stick in Big Apple Blush Review

Among the beauty items I got for my birthday, this one is the product that most of my blogger friends have been most interested in. And now that I've had two weeks to use it, I can see why. It's a really great product, and very affordable too! :D


Give a natural flush to your cheeks in one quick step!

This lightweight formula blends effortlessly to provide sheer, all-over color as well as subtle, shimmering accents, contours and dynamic highlights to your cheeks.

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First off, I regret that I am not able to show you guys a swatch, I didn't have time to take a picture, but this one might help a little:

Big Apple Blush (645)

I've heard so many good things about cream blushes, but I've never really thought of actually buying one for myself. So, a big thanks again to my sister and brother-in-law for their wonderful gifts. :D

Okay, now on to the actual review:

I love this cream stick because it really gives a natural looking blush. It blends in well to my skin. I've always had a tendency to put more blush than needed. With this, I feel that I don't do that anymore because once I apply the blush onto my cheeks, I can easily see if I put it on evenly.

How do I put it on?

I smile like how we're supposed to when we put blush on. I swipe/ dab the blush onto the bottom of/ near the apples of my cheek.

*The package said put it on the apples of your cheek, but I find that once I dab/ spread it, the blush goes to the side of my nose = not good. Haha.*

Putting the blush near or at the bottom of the apples of my cheek gives me a much better result. I dab the blush around first, and then spread it a little using my hands to cover the cheek area I want to cover. You can also use a brush if you want. I do that after using my hands to make sure I spread it evenly. Yesterday, I also tried to put a little bit of my light powder blush on top. It came out well. Just the cream blush itself lasts for a long time, but I find that it lasts so much longer when I put a tad of powder blush on top. I guess that's like "setting" it. :D

Last night at about 11pm when I was about to wash my face, I noticed that my blush still looks fresh. I kinda didn't want to wash it off. Haha! ;)

Another good thing is that it is super affordable. I think it's about $3.99, definitely somewhere in that area. It is also available in a lot of stores like Ulta, Rite Aid, CVS, Walmart, Target, etc.

At first, it was a little bit hard to swipe it on my cheeks. I guess it's because it's new, and I kinda had to "break it in". But now it glides on easily. :)

Here are other shades available:

Plaza Pink (644)

South Street Seashell (647)

Urban Spice (646)

Mauvin' Uptown (648)

Berry New Yorker (649)

*all from*

Have you tried this blushable creme stick? What do you think? Which shade/s is/are your favorite/s?

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  1. cool. i've always wanted to try this:D thanks for the review.

  2. Oh awesome! I've never seen this product but now I really want to try it after reading your review! Haha.

  3. Carrie-- you're welcome! :)

    Bee-- aww, i hope you like it as much as i do! :)

  4. I love my creme blush... I got it at the drugstore by maybeline... its awesome... I love how natural it looks and is not cakey at all. Only thing I find is you have to make sure you rub it in very well or it can be noticable.


  5. too bad you didn't get to take a picture of the swatch but other than that, u did an awesome review!! I've been wanting to try cream blushes but I'm iffy about the application... what if it feels too sticky?? what better way to find out if it'll work for me than getting a cheap version first... I've got my eyes on the Plaza Pink but I wanna wait for a sale... LOL...

  6. Thanks so much for following my blog. Goodluck with my giveaway!
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future

  7. Jessie-- i agree - it looks so natural and yup, you have to rub it in really well. :)

    AnNeTtEe-- aww, thanks! it's not sticky at all. and yup, that's true, it's a good idea to try out an affordable version first. :)

    FunnyFaceBeauty-- thanks! and you're welcome! :D

  8. pretty!!! Gotta check these blushes out!! Great review!

  9. I love these cream blush sticks. I actually own the same color and I adore it! The only problem was that it took me a while to find the product. But I did and now I love it!

    I also found that if you put a powder blush over, it lasts longer. Love your blog!

    xo, Natalie

  10. Mimi!:D

    Great review!:D I'm glad you are enjoying this blush and setting it with a powder blush -- makes a world of difference, right?:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  11. I've always been a little hesitant. Honestly, this post really gives me the courage and the want to try it now! I get it looks great on you :)

  12. These are awesome i have plaza pink and I absolutely love it!

  13. Cool Review I like it :D thanks for the comment :) Sarah.0x

  14. Sounds like a good buy! I don't tend to use blusher and I've never tried a creme one but I might be tempted by this :-)

  15. I have two of these blush sticks, and I love them. They are so easy to blend out.

    Cute blog!

    Come check out my fashion blog.

  16. THanks for sharing! I had never heard of this product so next time I go out I'll be on the lookout.

  17. I love the Urban Spice, it looks like the Nars Multiple I have that I love, I am all for cream blush! XO!

  18. I've never worn blush before; but this sounds amazing! I'm not sure what shade I would get though. Great review, my love!! :)

  19. that would be great if it came in a bronzer! some of the colors your posted kind of look like they could pass for that though so i might have to try this out! great review!

  20. wow, wanted to try cream blush but thought it might look weird! They looks like a giant lipstick! Think I'll give it a go now I think!

  21. Jackee-- thanks! hope you get to try it out!

    Natalie-- thank you! and yup, putting powder blush on makes it even better!

    Marie-- yup, it sure does! :)

    Style Attic-- aww, i'm glad this review makes you want to try it. it's very affordable - perfect for just trying it out. :)

    Diana-- i want to try plaza pink too!

    Sarahhh.Fashion-- thanks!

    Laura-- hope you like it! :)

    Chanel Craves-- thanks! i'm thinking of buying another one. :)

    Emy-- you're welcome!

    shari-- after plaza pink, i want to try urban spice too. :)

    Erika-- thanks!!

    Shelley Ann-- thanks! glad you liked it. :)

    jenna-- haha, it really does. ;)

  22. This is really something that I should have:))

  23. Neat product! The first time I ever wore blush it was a creme but it wasn't shaped like a stick. I use powder blush more then anything.

  24. Never tried cream blush....I should try! Have a great evening!

  25. That looks great! Thanks for the review :)

  26. Ohhh, loving this review! I need a new blush because the organic one I use isn't cutting it anymore and I've never tried a creme blush before! (:


  27. pelininstyle-- yup! :)

    Ashley-- it's good to have this for a change. :)

    Frenchy-- hope you have a great evening too! :)

    Katie-- you're welcome! :)

    Cheyne-- i think this would work okay for you. :)

  28. Hey Mimi girl! Thank you for always leaving me such sweet comments, your such a doll!
    I hope you are having a lovely week!
    I love cream blush! I will keep this in mind! I enjoy your reviews!

  29. georgia~gigi-- you're welcome! i absolutely love going to your blog! hope you have a lovely friday! thanks!! :D

  30. This looks so good!! I've never used a creme stick blush before, but I've always been tempted. Thanks for sharing your review!

  31. This looks so good!! I've never used a creme stick blush before, but I've always been tempted. Thanks for sharing your review!

  32. I am kind of loving that and think I need it in my life asap!


  33. Great review! I really would like to try this!

    <3 Kelly

  34. I love these, I have the two limited edition shades! they're gorgeous!

  35. I've wondered how the creme blushes looked on! I'm going to have try this too!!

  36. Jesson and Rey Ann-- you're welcome! :)

    Fashion Meets Food-- haha, it's a really good product. :)

    Kelly-- thanks! hope you get to try it! :)

    Caitlin-- i want to buy another one. :)

  37. Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess-- it's really good. ;)

  38. Elle Sees-- you're welcome! hope you like it too. :D

  39. Thanks for the review. I Love NYC products.

  40. Dizzy-- you're welcome! :D

  41. Nadalyn Margaret-- hope you like it! :)

  42. OMG...i'm dying to get this blush and the NYC matte bronzer..too bad it's not available in the country i'm in..i can't seem to find it on any online store as well..u've got any idea where to get it online? =)

  43. Charming Vanity-- you can always try hopefully, they ship anywhere. good luck! :)