Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Polyvore: Disneyland outfit and Aveeno contest :D

My family and I are planning to go to Disneyland sometime this summer. The last time I went was over a year ago for Grad Nite, May of my senior year. :D

I made a Polyvore outfit of what I would love to wear when we do go to Disneyland this summer.

I would most definitely wear shorts because of the weather, and it is easier to move and walk around when wearing shorts than jeans. A tank top is a must because we don't want any sleeves tan line. ;) I would wear a cute bikini top to add fun to the outfit. Sneakers are comfy. A sling bag is ideal to carry around your essentials. The only piece of jewelry I would wear are probably earrings. :D

What do you think of this outfit? What is your ideal "Disneyland" or theme park outfit?

Another thing, check out http://www.freebeautyevents.com/ to enter a contest and get a chance to win Aveeno Lifting & Firming Cream, Night Cream, and Daily moisturizer with SPF 30. You have until July 31st to enter.

They also have free beauty events and product reviews. :)

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! :D
Oh, and I've also noticed that many of your comments and my replies have disappeared from my blog. Hopefully, they come back soon.



    + i love your polyvore stufffff

    follow me back???


  2. Claudia-- awww, thanks! and of course, i will follow you back. :)

  3. You're going to Disneyland? Can you say jealous much!

  4. That outfit is gorgeous and perfect for disneyland. I want to go see the new Harry Porter theme park in Orlando. xx

  5. Adorable outfit, and it matches your blog! XO!

  6. Random Rawr-- hopefully i get to go! :D

    Ansa-- omg, yes, i want to go there too! if only it didn't involve money to go there. haha. ;)

  7. shari-- thanks! my favorite color is yellow. ;)

  8. Love the new look of your blog. I noticed my comments were looking funny too. It says 6 comments in total and when I go to read them there are 25 comments!! Strange.

  9. MarchMusings-- thanks, glad you love it! i knoow, it's so strange. i really hope those missing comments come back soon. ;)

  10. i love this! its so bright and fun:D

  11. Cute Disneyland outfit! I still want that MJ bag! I would just suggest a hoodie or cardi for the night time as it can get cool really fast here in SoCal and we've been experiencing abnormal lows. It was even raining today! Hope you have so much fun!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  12. Love the bikini top!! Have fun in disneyland, I'm jealous! x

  13. you're so lucky to get to go to disneyland. i haven't gone in years and am longing to. hehe... hopefully soon, i will again. :D

    that would make a really nice disneyland outfit. first of all, yellow is a happy color and disneyland is pretty much the happiest place here in california. :D plus, everything put together looks so cute, comfy, and very easy to move around in. my favorite part of the outfit are the earrings and the bikini top. :D

    thanks for the compliment on my makeup collection, btw. :D

    have fun on your disneyland trip. looking forward to some pictures when you guys go. take care. :D

  14. Hi, I have an award for you! Hope you understand that I didn't give you my second award because it was the sunshine award, which you already have! I was waiting until I got an award that you didn't have already - not easy, may I add!

  15. Lovely Disneyland outfit. I hope you will have great fun there.

    LOVE from Germany, minnja


  16. That would be the perfect outfit for Disney! I've never been to either location. How sad is that. But if I were going, you and I would run into each other and say "Nice outfit" because we might look like twins....

  17. I think the outfit is adorable and perfect for Disneyland. Have a great time!!

  18. Love the outfit. Love Disney!!!! :)

  19. cute outfit. shorts for summer is def a great idea! It's so much more breezy and unlike skirts you don't have to worry about the wind!

  20. I really love the Polyvore outfit, causal but bright, like me HAHA!

  21. Very cute! Disney is so fun!


  22. Carrie-- glad you like it!

    DiamondsandTulle-- that's a really good idea, i forgot to add a sweater. ;)

    Ariel-- thanks! i hope i get to go. :)

    Jannie-- aww, thanks soo much! and of course i will post pictures if we do go. keeping my fingers crossed! :)

    Cafe Bellini-- thank you sooo much! i really appreciate it! :D

    minnja-- thank you!!

    Lisa Lisa Lisa-- that made me laugh! :)

    Tayebug-- thanks! :)

    Cat-- :D

    Pop Champagne-- that is sooo true! ;)

    Dizzy-- i'm happy you love it!

    Jessie-- yup it is. :)

  23. <3 your polyvore set, but for me, I'd wear jeans and add a cardigan.:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  24. Marie-- thanks and that sounds like a great outfit too! :)